160-159 God who is annoying to the omniscience and omnipotence class

 I am God.

 The King of God, who rules all, knows all, and is respected and revered by all mortals.

 The strongest, the most powerful, the most omnipotent, the one who owns all virtues and has not one flaw under me.
 That's me.

 Zeus, the God of Heaven.

 Not a single thing in this world has gone against my will.

 We're home.

"Welcome back. I hope I never had to come back.

 What did you say? My son Hermes?

''No. If you think about it, it means you're always out there spreading trouble while you're not here, so I'm glad you came back early. In fact, please don't stay indoors and go out forever. It's for the good of the world.''

 You don't want to be away from your father for a while, do you, handsome, spoiled child?


 Tongue twister?

'By the way, was the purpose of your outing to visit your Uncle Hades? Did we get a good look at him? And did you get a proper reprimand?

 No, I didn't see him.
 He lives in the netherworld, right?
 It's a dark and gloomy place deep underground.

''He dares to live in the sunny realm above ground, where his children, the demons, should live, because he dares to live underground. He's really a generous man. He's the true king of God!

 And at the entrance to the underworld, there's Cerberus, the guard dog.
 He was barking at me and I was too scared to enter.

"So that's why you've come back...

 That was so scary.
 What the hell is that dog? I've been barking with all my might at this omniscient and omnipotent extra. And he was barking at me with all of his hundred heads.
 I'm scared.
 I'm more scared than ever before.
 Even the gods would be scared and run away if it was that, it can't be helped.

The tone of voice may sound like an excuse, but in short, you were scared to death, weren't you, father? You're usually screaming about God and stuff.

 Shut up.
 What the hell is up with that dog?
 I'm a god. He's so great, and he deserves to be loved by everyone, so why is he so hostile?
 I'd rather he wag his tail and come at you, God.

'He's a guard dog guarding the gates of Hell, so it's only natural for him to be hostile to prowlers.

 I hate dogs.
 I hate dogs.
 I wish all the dogs in the world would just go away.

They say there are no bad dog lovers.

 Thanks to that, I didn't even get to see Hades.
 The plan to get Hades to give up half the ground by gobbling up and gobbling it up is also pah.

 Oh, God, it pisses me off.
 I'm so sick of it.

 If I can't control it, then I guess we should just destroy the earth, don't you think?

"That's what people don't like about you.

 No, I wouldn't say that, Mr. Hermes.
 Would you be able to see this?

"Hmm? This is what it looks like on the ground, right? What's wrong with you after all these years of using the perspective technique?''

 Just listen to the conversations of the men in these visions.

'Good to see...? Hmmm, let me guess, some courtroom somewhere in the middle of a trial? And the judge is a demon tribe and the human tribe is on the defendant's seat. .........Perhaps it's the people who lost the war the other day who are being tried for military purposes?

 That's a good point, Hermes.

 Now let's take a look at the military tribunal.


"I, Bishop Sagisi, do hereby apostatize my faith in the heavenly Zeus!


'From now on, I vow to make Hades, the god of the demon race, the only god, and to spread his teachings! I pledge allegiance to the Demon King and will work with all my might, so I ask for your support!

'....No, no. The Demon King grants freedom of religion to the human race, so you don't have to apostatize, okay? Besides, the charges that will be charged in this trial are for ignoring the Demon King's army's request to surrender and fleeing, and for attacking the village during that time...!

'I ask you to acquit me on account of my conversion. For that, I will abandon my faith in Zeus, and I will tell you all the hiding places of my former countrymen! Therefore, you must let me go! We don't mind the death penalty for the rest of them!

...Judgment. The defendant is guilty. Twenty years of forced labor in a prison dungeon. Court is now adjourned. Take them away.

'Wait! Hail to the God of Hades! Hail, Demon King! Zeus is an evil god! Evil Zeus! Please bring the statue of Zeus here and I'll kick it down! I'll stomp on it! I'm going to piss on you! I'll kill any man who believes in the evil god Zeus! I'm innocent of all those loyal to these demons! Not guilty, oh no!

              * * *

"...this is terrible.

 Isn't it?

''I feel sorry for the demon judge who has to face this. I'm worried about him losing his sanity. I'll tell the oracle later and encourage him to "hang in there"...''

 I didn't know people could talk so much about me.
 You hurt me.
 I'm hurt because I've never had anyone speak ill of me except the God King.

"Not all humans are scum like that. Especially when it comes to your father's religious cult, right? It is said that people's personalities are influenced by what they believe in.

 You can't get the ground, and the human race that I created is useless and neglects me...!

 No more.
 Earth will cease to exist.
 Whatever earth I can't control, I'll wipe it out with all those irreverent humans.

Stop. We'll do everything we can to stop it. How can you destroy the earth in the first place? If you do it yourself, you'll be in a stiff war with Uncle Hades and Uncle Poseidon, as expected.''

 You don't understand, my son.

 Aside from the useless humans, I, the Almighty, have one other family member on whom I can rely.

''What? How can there be such a thing? "The only people you put on earth are human beings...

 Are you sure you've forgotten, Hermes?

 The clue is 4,000 years old.

...........no way?''

 Huh? Did you notice?

''But they should have been destroyed by the combined efforts of all the gods of heaven, earth and sea, right? All of God was sent out to clean up Anata's mess. How annoying it was. ........I'm getting angry just thinking about it!''

 Foolishness is the gods, including you.
 Did you think that Zeus, the omniscient and omnipotent king of the gods, was going to give up all his trump cards?

 Just one.

 It's just one piece, but I hid it in the ground in perfect condition!

What? Stop it, evil spirits! If even one of them is unleashed, all life on earth will die, if not the collapse of the earth! You don't really plan to reactivate it, do you, just because it's desperate?

 Yes, that's what I'm going to do!

 Move again to the ground that I have abandoned!