161-160 Angel Advent

 It's another beautiful day.
 I decided to help Lettuce Rate Girl out in her personal field for a long time today.

"Shit! You're late, Ceja!

 Lettuce Rate, a former human country princess and well-brought-up girl, didn't know patience for that, so she was prepped to wait.

'I can't wait to grow a new crop! If you don't do it, you won't get anything done!

 Well, that's true.
 On my farm, all the seeding of crops is done by my 'supreme bearer', so it won't start without me.

 It's no different on my personal farm, which Lettuce Ratechan does.

''That's why I'm sorry. I've been busy these days, welcoming the demon tribe merchants and making natto...!
''It's only natural that you would put me, the princess of the human race, first...! Huh? Oops, dangerous. If you talk so high and mighty, that demon mermaid's punch is going to come flying at you again.......!

 She's finally learned her lesson.
 Yeah, you know, if you're afraid of Platy, you don't have to act all high and mighty about the bloodline.

 Anyway, let's just get on with the breeding.
 I'm in a jam with a lot of other things I have to do.

"So, what do you want to grow next, Lettuce Rate?
Solanum again...

 Lettuce-rate, you love llama beans.
 But I don't think I'd recommend growing too many of the same ones.
 But it's okay. I'm sure you haven't grown enough of them to cause that much damage yet.
 At least one more time...

 ........and that's when I was about to touch the soil in "The Supreme Bearer".


 And the ground shook.

''Cah! What?
An earthquake?

 The ground shook so hard I can't think of anything else to explain it.

 We haven't had an earthquake since we started living on this farm, so I thought it was just that kind of ground...!
 But they say that earthquakes are bigger and more dangerous than the occasional one.
 And then I thought to myself...!

 Zubon! A big hole in the ground?

"ohhhhhhh! My field is aaaaaaaaah!

 The hole in the ground was, of all things, right in the middle of Lettuce Rate's private field.
 It's something on a scale that could be called a fallen board, and there's not a trace of her field to be seen.

 Was this the cause of the earthquake?

 Could this be...?

The mole!
Huh? What does that mean, Ceja?

 The mole is a vermin that farmers hate to eat.
 The mole is known for digging holes in the ground, but the tunnels it digs up damage the roots of the crops, making the ground brittle and destroying the fields.

So you're saying that this is a hole dug by a mole?
It's a bit large for a mole pit, isn't it?

 It's a big enough hole that one person can easily enter and exit it.

 But this is a fantasy alternate world.
 I'm sure there are parts of the world that cannot be deduced from the common sense of the previous world.

 There may even be a giant mole that is as long as a human being in this other world!

 Just as I was thinking that, something popped out of the open hole in the ground with a bang!
 That's about the size of a man.
 It was too fast, though, and all I could see was an afterimage.

"Giaaaaah! What's that this time?
Calm down! I'm sure that was the mole!

 That's who dug this hole!

 If it's a mole in a fantasy otherworldly world, it might even be able to fly, you know?

 And so, something jumped out and floated in the air, clearly exposing its appearance to us.


 It was a beautiful girl with a rather beautiful appearance.
 Shining blonde hair. Her skin was as hard and clear as white porcelain.
 She wore a suit of armor that seemed to be made for battle, and it was all shining like a jewel.

 The most striking thing is a pair of wings spreading out from its back.

I'm not sure if that's the mole, Ceja. I don't think it's the same for all intents and purposes...?
I don't get it yet!

 It's a fantasy alternate universe, after all.
 There might even be a beautiful girl mole!

 To our dismay, the beautiful girl herself didn't seem to know where or what she was looking at.

''........Mana gauge, forced release confirmed. Angel identification number zero-six, Holkosfon. Start restarting.

 What are you mumbling to yourself?

"Synchronization with the outside world begins. It is confirmed that 382 years have passed since it was dormant. Various defects due to aging have been identified. Defects in memory circuits. We've confirmed loss of purpose. Insufficient mana supply from the perpetual motion engine. Difficulty in maintaining the startup state. Icarus' wings have been deactivated in order to secure a minimum amount of mana.
'What? Huh? Eeeeeeeeeeee?!

 After mumbling about various things, the beautiful girl stopped floating and suddenly fell to the ground.
 I didn't even know what was happening anymore, but I ran to the girl anyway.

 When I picked her up, the girl was unconscious and her eyes were closed. Her body temperature is low and her breathing is thin.
 I mean, she's not breathing?

Hey, hey, what's going on with you? Sick? Injury?
I don't know... Maybe because it's a mole, it got sick from the sunlight!

 I couldn't help but think to myself that I should 'get rid of the mole theory' for good, but now I have to deal with this girl's condition.

''Let's carry her inside the house first! And then I'll call Gala Rufa. Dude, someone get in here! Give me a hand!


I have no idea.

 Gara Rufa, who examines beautiful girls, paused to give a hand up.

 He used to be a doctor who belonged to the Mermaid Medical Society and is the best expert in our house, but you think that Gala Rufa can examine her and not know anything?

'The symptoms you're showing don't mesh with my knowledge at all. In the first place, I don't know what kind of race this child is. It's not a human race, a demon race, or a mermaid race. I can't find any of the sub-species derived from them that match the characteristics.

 So we're stuck with it...?

 Because we don't know what species this child is.
 If it's a disease specific to that species or something else, you don't know what to do with it?

'We should at least give him plenty of nutrition to increase his strength. That's the only thing I can think of to do. I'm sorry........!
No, no, thank you.

 Then you should feed them something nutritious anyway.
 Luckily, we have plenty of that on our farm!

My Lord! Use this!

 It was a gobbler, wasn't it?
 He was one of the people who had heard the commotion and was part of a group of onlookers, and he proceeded to come out.

'Here's Natto for you! Nutritious! If it helps with the disease, it's perfect for it!

 He held out a small bowl of fermented soybeans to me.

 It's true that natto is nutritious, and it might make her feel better. If he's in this state, something easier to eat would be better....?

"Yeah, stay!

 No time to get lost.
 I poured the natto, which had already been stirred up gooey by Gobukichi, into the girl's mouth.
 This should make you feel better...!


 The girl stood up while releasing a tremendous and overwhelming feeling.
 What is this! Aura! Spirits!

 Anyway, the girl who was out of breath has fully recovered!

We've confirmed that she's fully functional. Self-diagnosis initiated, mana supplies throughout the body are normal. Self-repair functions-- Normal. Various sensor operations--Normal. Combat Mode Output--Fully open to 70%. Condition Level--Green. Confirmation of return to full strength.
Oh, um...?
Attempting to recover the memory information-- that failed. As a next best thing, we will supplement our actions with new information.

 The girl's gaze turned to me, who was completely incomprehensible and stunned.
 Then she immediately knelt down.

'I see that it was you who restored me from my dysfunctional state. I am a blade made by the will of heaven. Angel Holkosfon. Due to the loss of master information, I am now registering you as a new master.

 The angelic messenger, this kid?

 It's a messenger of the gods with wings.... You're right, she does have wings!

"Give me an order. I will become the master's blade and destroy all of his enemies.