162-161 mythical monster

 Angel Holkosfon.

 And she called herself, but I'm not sure.

 Are there angels in this world, too?
 What kind of species are they, if any?

"Give me an order, Master. What enemy shall we crush?
No shattering.
Then what enemy territory shall we eradicate?
I won't eradicate it.
What would you like us to destroy, then?
I told you we're not going to destroy it!

 I'm afraid of every single thing they say.

 I asked the inhabitants of my farm about such a race of angels, but they had no clue.
 Demons, elves, and mermaids have never heard of the angel race.

              * * * *

'....Angel? No, I don't know.'

 Even my last resort, the no-life king teacher, was no good.
 If even the teacher didn't know about it, then we have no choice but to call it a nightmare.

''I'm sorry I can't help you.......! Even though we've been around for a thousand years, we still have a lot to learn, don't we?
No, no, no, no, no, no!

 Don't be so afraid!
 I'm always aided by your knowledge!

'It occurred to me, why don't you ask the person in question?'
I'm sure that this angel can understand and follow the words of the saint. Then why don't you let her tell you who she is and where she came from?

 I see...you're really smart.
 I mean, are we stupid for not realizing this earlier?

 I asked Holkosfone immediately.

I asked Horcosfon. Who are you? What kind of species are angels?
I am unable to answer that question, Master.

 Why is that?

'Much information is missing from my memory, as well as that required by the Master. I suspect this is due to age-related deterioration.

 It's hard to phrase it, but in short, it's amnesia.
 So, I guess we'll just have to let the mystery remain a mystery...?

"If there's any way to stay, is this it?

 The doctor waved the wand in his hand.

"Honestly, yeah.
"He summoned a god again!

 Attracted by Sensei's magical power, Hades, the god who controls the earth, appeared again.

 It's becoming something of a habit, but don't be so casual about calling God!
 Also, isn't the summoning spell getting more and more appropriate every time you go through it?

''........Unu, saint. You have summoned me well. Will you let me eat good food again?
No, no...! Actually, it's not today...?

 It's true that the God who created the world might not know about it, but...!
 You're afraid to ask a college professor a question just to ask a simple question...?

A question? You're a fearful man who summons the gods just for that.

 Right? I'm still afraid, aren't I?

If you ask me a dumb question, you will be punished by the gods. What the hell do you want to hear?

 Still, Hades God kind to listen to me for a moment.........

'Yes, about this angel...'

 Huh? What?
 ! "Dohyoo" from God!

"He's an angel! Why is she here? ! Why is it here? Didn't you destroy every last one of them 4,000 years ago?
Uh, I don't know if that's a dumb question...?
'No, it's not! Super important! On a level that could determine the fate of the world!

 That's it?

I'm proud of you for informing me! He almost destroyed my world!  You've saved the world, this.'

 It may seem a bit too dramatic to describe God, but the more detailed explanation I received, the more I realized that I wasn't exaggerating.

 An angel was the one who would destroy the earth.

              * * * *

"Frankly speaking, the angels are the spires Zeus has sent to rule the earth.

 And the God of Hades lectures us about angels.

'What? But isn't that a human race thing?

 Zeus, the god of heaven, was not satisfied with the heavenly realm he ruled over and wanted to get the earth, which was also ruled by his brother, the god Hades.

 I have heard that it was for this reason that the human race was created and sent to earth.

''That's right. The angels were sent before that. That's about 4,000 years ago.'
"Four thousand years.... "Four thousand years........then no wonder I don't know about it.

 The teacher added.

"The angels are the masterpieces that Zeus created in earnest to conquer the earth. "The angels are a masterpiece that Zeus has seriously built to conquer the earth.
The first ten angels were created, but their power turned the whole earth into a sea of fire. The earth was split open, the seas were vaporized, and all the life that had been nurtured on it died out, except for the dragons.

 That's a bad idea, Mr. Zeus...?
 You sent angels to rule the earth and they are destroying the earth...?

'The situation is so bad that the world itself could be destroyed if it continues, and all the gods have decided to work together to destroy the angels. We, the gods of the earth, and the sea gods led by Poseidos. With the help of the conscientious gods of heaven and, incidentally, the dragons, we were finally able to destroy all ten angels.'

 After that, the gods Hades and Poseidon jointly rode into the heavenly realm and scolded Zeus with all their might, making him promise never to upset the balance of the world again.

'Well, still unable to give up, Zeus created a race of humans who were greatly inferior in ability to the angels and sent them to earth.
How annoying....

 The God of Hades made a look of heartfelt disgust.

'I didn't expect to see an angel with my own eyes again....... I thought they were annihilated, but the human race was defeated by the demon race, and this is the timing of their appearance. I feel something contrived...''

 A quiet anger tinged the face of the God of Hades as he said.

'Anyway, saint. You did a good job of finding the angels as quickly as possible. In some cases, you could have recreated the great destruction of four thousand years ago.'
No, they just jumped out of our field...

 What does that mean?
 My guess is that angels that escaped destruction in battle 4,000 years ago have been buried in the ground and continue to sleep like fossils?

 And it just happened to be underneath the farm I built?

 Let's not think too much about it.

Anyway, what do I do now?
I know who's behind this. I'll have to punish you severely. Invite Poseidon to join us. And I've promised Tartarus that if he tries anything similar, I'll seal him away. You can be prepared for that........''

 The Hades God turned into an awesome scary smile.
 It was as if the exasperation that had been pent up until now would finally explode.

''........This angel Holkosfon.......?''

 It was the first time I had ever called her name properly.
 She had been at the center of the conversation so far, but she never said anything of her own accord. She only looked up at the God of Hades.


 The God of the Underworld stroked his beard in a serious manner.