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"...angels cannot be left on their own. After all, even one of them could destroy the world.

 Hades, the Dark God, said.

I will destroy that last angel on my own responsibility. Because it is my responsibility as God of the earth to protect the existence of the earth.


 I felt my heart squeak and shrink as he said that.

'You mean, that would shatter and obliterate this Holkosfon?
"I don't see any other point in it, do you?

 He turned back to her.
 The angel Holkosfon was not in the least bit disturbed by the fact that she was told, and only turned her expressionless face to the god.

''No, um, that's as good as it gets...?
''What's the matter, Saint?''
I'll feel bad, I guess...?

 With God's story, we know how extremely dangerous angels can be.
 It would be a natural sense of duty for God to pick out the danger before the world is destroyed.

 But that danger is in the form of a human being.
 And a pretty girl.

 Even though this is the first time I've met her today, I've already moved on and my conscience is tingling, since I've taken the other person as a persona.

''Isn't there any other way? Kill anything... but break? You don't have to do it until...?

 At my difficulty, the God of Hades showed a body of confusion.

''The Lord Saint is kind,''

 The teacher of the No Life King also intercedes.

"The compassion of the saints is precious, but angels are not the life that deserves to be directed at them. Nor is life itself. They are biological weapons invented to satisfy Zeus's private desires. It has no will of its own and has no emotions.
Can't that be...?
"He is merely a being that does nothing but carry out Zeus' orders. You can't even call it life. That's why the saints don't have to be bothered by it.

 You say that, but.........

'Master, this claim of God is quite true.

 Even Holkosfon, who had been silent until then, started to say.

'We angels are weapons manufactured for the purpose of destruction. We have lost our objective and target due to a lack of memory, but we firmly remember that we are the 'destroyers' ourselves.

 She says.

'It is also true that my existence is a danger to this world. Therefore, I consider my annihilation to be necessary for the safety of the world. Master, please instruct me.

 He presses me.

'With the Master's direction, I, the weapon, can make my own decisions without the help of anyone else.

 Holkosfone's unemotional judgment of himself was truly a weapon.
 He could say that if he was a hindrance to the world, he could disappear.
 Without a single bit of sorrow.

 This is an angel.
 This is a weapon of destruction created by God.

 With those words, 'Isn't this guy different from us?' And that's when even I started to think.
 Someone came along to deny it.

''No, it's not!''

 The one who shouted loudly was Lettuce Slate, the former princess of the human nation, who together with me became the first to discover the angel Horcosphone.
 A former princess of the human nation, she and I were the first to discover the Angel Horcosfon.

''No matter what the reason, it shouldn't be okay for people to die for the world!

 He protected Holkosfone as he hugged him.

You may have been a bad guy in the past, but you're not anymore, are you, Hor-chan!
Forgetting the bad mission given to you by God, you are trying to choose your own way of life. You can't take away a kid's future like that! Isn't it!

 Why is Letaslatechan so desperately opposed to the destruction of Holkosfon to this extent?

''I kind of get it, but...''

 At my side, Prathi said.

'Maybe it's because they're just like you?

 Lettuce Ratechan was once required to die for the world.
 When the human nation was destroyed, the bloodline of the human royalty had to be terminated in order to ensure the stability of the new era through the reconciliation of the demon race and the human race.

 It was only because of the pity of Demon King Zedan that she survived it.

 She must be thinking of herself and Horcosfon.

''Any race can live again! Ceja, right? This is a place that allows that sort of thing!

 If you say so, I can't continue to pander to the situation.
 I'm not mentally capable of enduring death that well myself.

God of Hades. What do you think? Will you let me keep the holcosphone?

 God of Hades, I'm not sure I'm willing to look at it.
 But here's one more push........

'Holkosfon seems to have forgotten his first purpose after years of sleep. He also calls me master and follows me. I don't think it will be dangerous by any means.
"We can say that.... I don't care what the saints want, if we make a mistake, the world will fall apart...
I have a new dish to offer.
I admit it.

 God, it's so easy.

Well, it's a relief to God when you're in the hands of a saint like no other. "God will be relieved if you leave them in the care of a saint who has no other choice but to destroy them.
"As you wish.
Well, I guess I'll just go deal with the culprit.

 Saying that, the Hades God began to munch on his temples with his fingers.

''.........Uh, hello, Hermes-kun? You idiots have done it again, haven't you? The story is up. ... what? Have you already tied up his poop so he can't escape? You're a god of wisdom, my friend. Why don't you get this Poseidon guy over there and have him preach to me? 

 He did something telepathic, and when the call ended, he gave a particularly brutal smile.

I'll be leaving then. I'm looking forward to your new meal.

 And God was gone.

The Master.

 Holkosfon said to me.

'What will happen to me?'

 Well, that's the question we all have to ask ourselves, isn't it?

'Why don't you just stay here and live with us all anyway?'

 Just like everyone else, just like everyone else.
 We can grow crops, make things, and live on without destroying anything.

'Yay! Thank God!

 And Lettuce Slate-chan was even more pleased than she was and hugged Holkosfon.

''You can live here too, whoa! We'll be together forever!

 I'm sure she must have been delighted to see that she was doing her best to help Holkosfon.
 This is why we have a new resident on our farm.