164-163 Guardian of elixir

 Well, this is how the angel Holkosfon joined our farm.

''Well what shall we have him do for us?''

 What kind of work should I give them? This means.

 No matter what species you are, you are born with a job to do. So we need Holkosfons to do some kind of work on our farm.

'Then, Master, please give him the order to go to work.
No, no, no...!

 I'm not going out there.
 Didn't I make a proclamation in front of God? No more fights, no more destruction.

You're going to do your job in peace, okay?
Then what am I supposed to do?

 I know.
 I'll just let her do the whole process for now and see what she's good at.
 I don't even have any idea what she's good at yet, though.

I mean, doesn't Horcosfon have wings?

 Can we put it away as a matter of course because he's an angel?

You can fly?

 I mean, it was flying, right? The first one I encountered, for one thing.

'Affirmative. The high-speed flight unit on me, the Wings of Icarus, uses a hybrid output of photon energy and mana to enable a flight speed of about six times the speed of sound. In doing so, the mana field shuts out air resistance and reduces velocity loss to less than one percent.
Oh..., yes...!

 I wasn't sure.
 From afar, the dragon horse Sakamoto was staring at us, looking extremely jealous.

 Don't set up a competition later.

 By the way, by the way, Sakamoto, the dragon horse, has been very useful to me day and night, riding me in and out of the farm at high speed.

 And the genetic source of Sakamoto is just as fiercely rivalrous as his children....

'You said it was an angel! So much for the power to destroy the world! I'm the strongest of my kind, and I'm going to find out!

 And Veerle challenged me in dragon form.

 Hmmm, I'm going to be in a fight soon.
I just promised the god Hades that I wouldn't let him fight Holkosfone.
 We said it was a practice match and watched the battle between Veerle and Horcosfon, or Dragon vs.

 In terms of results, it was a draw.

''Ze, ze........! Really? Who else would be able to push me back besides my master and the corpse-mobile?
''Thank you for giving me hands-on training. Thanks to you, I've been able to grasp my own functional status more precisely.

 And a really cool look on his face.

Main armed with two high mana plasma cannons with an efficiency of 92%. Six sub-armed mana material Vulcans, efficiency of 82%. Continuous use of the proximity-only mana beam saber for 457 seconds, load factor of 2%. Estimates still allow for 756200 seconds of continuous use. We were able to confirm that the performance before entering long-term sleep mode has been maintained.
Oh, hi!

 So I don't know.

 It's been confirmed that a new world class disaster has occurred here, alongside the Dragon and No Life King.
 It's going to be called one of the three worst disasters in the world.

Hmmm, but...!

 What I've learned through all of this is that the Angel Horcosfon is still very useful in battle.

 Is there any other work she can do?

 As I was getting more and more anxious, Holkosfon made a suggestion to me.

''Master, I'd like to check...''
It's about the elixir that brought me back from the brink of scrap.

 An elixir?
 Didn't we have one of those?

'Immediately after I restarted, every part of the aircraft had deteriorated with age and was not in a proper working condition. If that had continued, I have no doubt it would have stopped working.

 I was able to recover from that........

Thanks to Master administering the elixir.
But I don't remember that, I don't remember that at all...

 Wait, what?

 Come to think of it, there was a trigger for the weak Holkosfon to make a full recovery...?
 As I recall, the gobbledygookichi guy came out and said, "Eat this and you'll feel better! Or something like that...?


 You know, I fed natto to Horcosfon.
 And that's when she went from being out of breath to fully energized!

Yes, this Natto is a powerful elixir. It eliminated all the impurities that had accumulated in my system, revitalized my deteriorating cells, and restored my mana.

 You're kidding me?
 You can do that with natto?

It seems to have increased the efficiency of mana circulation in each armament and improved its basic performance, as well as eliminated the bad command memory that had been nesting in my memory field, giving me true freedom. Also, my skin is now glowing.

 Is it enough?
 Natto is the elixir of life!

Natto is the most valuable elixir in the world. We'll need a protector. Would you be willing to entrust me with this task?

 Like a dragon guarding a golden apple?
 Natto is prepared, produced and consumed every day, so there's not much to protect.

Then why don't you try making natto (fermented soybeans) yourself?
Are you sure?

 The angel who comes at me in a rage.
 I've never seen her so excited.

But I'm afraid of that. I am after all a being created to fight and kill. I have no interest in being involved in making life-saving elixirs. I'm sure I'm of no use to you.
No, no, it's easy to make natto. It's one or two of the easiest fermented food systems, and anyone can make it...
"Natto is stupid!

 An angel!
 Why are you so emotional when natto is involved, angel?

I'm sorry for my poor appearance.

 Yeah, and don't get distracted, okay?

I understand. So that's my role in this resurrected world? This Horcosphone. I will be the guardian angel of the supreme elixir, Natto, and I will take care of its production!
Oh, nice to meet you...!

 That's why the production of Natto was entrusted to the angel Holkosfon.

 A biological weapon that had known nothing but warfare would experience the joy of creating things.
 We should be blessed.
 From now on, natto (fermented soybeans) that we eat every morning will become more and more delicious.

'Huh? I won't eat every morning. It makes my mouth smell.
I want something sweeter and fresher than that.

 Prati, Veer.
 I'm trying to get a good story together, so I'm not going to put in a side note.

              * * * *

 As an aside.
 Holkosfon learned the know-how in no time at all, though, and started to complete Natto by herself alone.
 What she finished with her hands was a delicious but very normal natto, and even if she ate it, it didn't fully recover or increase its parameters tenfold or twentyfold.

''It's a failure! What did I do wrong?
No, it's a success story.

 After all, I wonder if the elixir natto I made is influenced by the "supreme bearer".
 It seems to be bad for my health to take something with a dramatic effect on a daily basis, so I will use the fermented soybeans made by Horcosfon to nourish my health every day.