165-164 Things that spring from the basement

 The story goes back and forth a bit.

 The angel Holkosfon was going to live on the farm, and the one who was most happy about it was the former Princess of the Human Nation, Lettuce Rate.

''Yes! Yes! That's good, Hor! I'm so glad!

 She's happy as if it's seriously my own business.
 She was the most protective of Holkosfone in front of the gods, and it seems that she sees herself and her opponent in a superposition, and that's why she seems to be extremely empathetic.

''Good thing! From today you are my sister!

 He likes Holkosfon enough to say.

'If there's anything you don't understand, ask me! I've lived here longer than you have!

 And he's even making me sound like a senior citizen.
 You're the second new face after Holkosfone.

Lettuce Rate Sun, I'm afraid to ask you to be quiet. "Letraslate Sun, I'm afraid to ask you to be quiet.

 It was a peculiar intonation when Horcosfon called the human's name.

'I'm in the middle of learning the ins and outs of making Natto from the master at the moment,'

 Lettuce rate girl. He pulls me in and opens up a little distance.

'Hey? What was that all about? You don't have as much respect for me as I thought you would?
I don't need to be the one to tell you that.
'I appealed to God most desperately to save that boy, you know? I think you should be more overflowing with gratitude and respect, or at least do that, don't you?

 I thought I was being somewhat auspicious, but Lettuce Rate Girl was just Lettuce Rate Girl.

''Good intentions cease to be good when you expect something in return,''

 Maybe it's still better if you don't ask for anything tangible in return.

'Right! If I show you more and more cool things about me, I'm sure you'll eventually have faith in me as your 'big sister'!

 You're trying to be an object of faith.
 As long as you have high hopes, you're free to leave it alone.

Master, I have recorded the distribution rate of the raw material bacteria. I'm requesting the most efficient ratio.
What? You can read that much?

 Horcosfon's abilities are somewhat diverse and amazing.

No, it doesn't even come close to the holy fermented soybeans that the master produces. I'd like to do more and more research in the future.
It's delicious enough as it is. Holkosfone is a hardworking girl.

 He was so good and healthy that I patted Horcosfon's head in admiration.
 Lettuce Rate-chan was staring at it with a dissatisfied expression.

''You came in after me and yet...! Higher rating than me...!


'Hor! Come with me for a minute!

 Lettuce Slate girl takes Holkosfon's hand and pulls him somewhere.

'Which way are you heading? I'd like to hear more about the secrets of making natto from the master?
'I'll show you the fields I'm growing! I'm the sole caretaker! You'll know how great I am when you see it!

 And win the respect of Horcosfon.
 But you know what happened to your private garden?
 Do you remember what happened to your private garden?

              * * *

''This, this........?''


 Because there was not a shadow or shape of a field there.

 Instead, there was a gaping hole so deep, so deep, you couldn't even see the bottom.
 Thanks to that hole, the field is now a mess.

''This hole.........? This hole is.........?''

 ''That's right.
 This hole was made when Horqosfon popped out of the ground.

 It is said that the angel Holkosvon had been sleeping underground for 4,000 years. Of course we have to dig out the soil when it comes out.

 How many hundredths of a percent is the probability that there was Lettuce Rate's private field on it by chance?

"Oh, yeah...! My farm. I forgot all about it........!

 So many things happened right after that.
 A lot of things happened right after that. And now that I remember, the mental damage is doubled.

 The hole that Holkosfone made in order to escape from the ground is not that large in diameter. But to begin with, Lettuce Rate's personal field is a small area of about two tatami mats, so it's large enough to be destroyed.

 It's a cumbersome depth to fill in, so I guess I'll have to rebuild it again somewhere.....

"It looks like I've caused some trouble by my mismanagement.

 Holkosfone says apologetically.

'No, it was a complete coincidence that it happened and it was not your fault...?
'Let's make good use of this hole to at least make amends. Manakanon deployment.

 Saying that, Holkosfone took out a burly cannon from somewhere........where did he really take it out from!
 ...Oh well.
 I aimed the barrel into the hole. I don't know how far down the hole it goes.

Geological analysis complete. Hymana plasma cannon away.

 And he fired.
 He aimed it at the hole and fired his Gonta Beamer.

 What the hell was that!

 And as the ground rumbled, a large amount of water gushed out of the hole at the same time.

"Ooohhhh! What the heck?!
''I have identified a water vein within the formation and shot it out and connected it with a plasma cannon.

 Water veins?
 Underground water?

You said you need a lot of water for your farm work. I hope you will be able to help, Master.

 I see.
 How capable are you of digging a well in one shot, Holkosfone!

 It's just.....
 This gushing groundwater.........

 For an agricultural water source, there's a problem...


 Yes, the groundwater that comes out of the hole is quite warm against human skin. The underground water that gushes out of the hole is quite warm against your skin.
 Or rather, hot water.
 Not water, but hot water.

...Hot water?

 Holkosfon was digging up hot springs, not groundwater!

'What? Eh? This is.........?

 The fact that Holkosfone was just normally disconcerted by the fact.
 Apparently, he's not used to making mistakes.

 And on the other hand.........

''My field ah! There's a hole in the ground and it's flooded!

 Lettuce-rate girl was crying in front of her field, which was now completely doomed.
 To be precise, though, it's not soaked in water, it's soaked in hot water.

''Um....! What are you doing over there too, I'm sorry...!

 And it was Holkosfone who cringed at Lettuce Slatechan as well.

 .........well, that's fine.
 It was right before we planted the crops, so why don't we change the location somewhere and re-establish the field.