166-165 Making a bath

'Let's make a bath, oooooohhhhhh!

 The time has come.
 The time has come.

 I'm going to start making my own bath now.
 I've been trying to do this for a long time, but I couldn't!

 In the first place, we were going to build a mansion on our farm when we built it.

 However, due to the inability to establish a system for boiling water and the obsession with the material used for the bathtub, it was difficult to make progress and was left alone until today.
 This project, which had been half-finished, finally had a breakthrough.

 It was a hot spring that Holkosfone had dug up!

"I didn't expect to find a hot spring...?

 I've heard that hot springs are supposed to come out of volcanic zones.
 There aren't any volcanoes around here, though.

 But! All that matters is the facts in front of you!
 The only thing that matters is the fact that a hot spring has sprung up on our farm!

 There's no need for the hot water heating system that was a problem with the baths, as long as the hot water gushes out of the ground on its own! All at once!

 And then there are the cypresses that were grown in the dungeon orchard during the winter months for the lumber used in the bathrooms.
 That's right, in the mountain dungeon, not only the fruit trees, but also the high-grade lumber was grown in the 'supreme bearer'.

 The conditions are met!

OkCbo! Call the orcs together! Cut the cypresses out of the mountain dungeon!

 Thus, he dispatched a team of orcs in charge of civil engineering.

 Securing and constructing timber.
 Using ceramic pipes to connect the mansions through the hot spring's gushing hole and pour them into the bathtub...

              * * * *

It's done!

 The bath.
 Finally, the bath you've been longing for is complete!

 Made of total hinoki wood, with a unique aroma!

What did you cook this time, sir?
'Not a bite? Then call me when the food is ready.

 Once again, with a unique sense of smell, Prati and Veerle came to me.
 Whenever I create something, they come rushing in with an ability to detect it that can only be considered a sixth sense.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. I know because I've heard the stories.

 And Prati curiously observes the bathtub, which is already full of hot water.

 As soon as I realized that Veerle hadn't made the food, he went away.

You've been talking about it for a while now, mister. You've been saying for a long time that you were going to make a bath. But after all, this is for washing your body, right? Then you could bathe separately, but what difference does it make if it's hot water?

 Maybe it's because this work wasn't about food, but the tension is low.

 Let's have him check it out for himself.
 Let's see how good it feels to have a natural hot spring made entirely of cypress!

              * * * *

 Then, after about an hour or so.


 Prathi, who was fully immersed in the bathtub, let out a heartbreakingly weak roar.


 It was up.


 All he did was raise it up.
 No longer was Prathi completely captivated by the hot spring, and it had become an instrument that made him growl with pleasure.

 The lower half of her body had also returned to mermaid form after a long time and had become a bottomless state of weakness.

''Ahhhhhh~........ Ah.......... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~!
Come on, say something. Give me some feedback.
"Feels so good.... I never knew soaking in hot water could be so good...!

 The greatness of the hot springs was once again proven by the fact that mermaids, who live in seawater all year round, also favored the hot springs.
 Amazing hot springs! Viva hot spring.

Well, I want to get in soon, so can you take over?

 I'm currently looking down at Prati in the bathtub.
 In the same bathroom.
 She is wearing a fish on the lower half of her body and a thin shirt on the upper half of her body, so it's not a problem for me to see her.

 It's not a good idea to take off your clothes and take a bath too, as it would be bad public morals to do so, so in order for me to take a bath, Prati has to come up.

What? A little more. I want to go in a little more~

 This is no good.
 Prathi's spirit has been completely melted by the hot springs.

 I'm glad she's into hot springs, and it's good to have her enjoy it more as she's new to hot springs.

 Meanwhile I'm......................yes!
 How about getting ready for a more pleasant hot spring?

 In other words, moving your body, scratching a lot of sweat, getting the surface of your body slimy, and then taking a bath to feel refreshed and refreshed! That's Soompo!

 Let's get into action and get out there and hoe around!

              * * * *

 I'm sweating all over my body, and I have to take a bath as soon as possible or I'll feel uncomfortable.

I need to take a bath as soon as possible. Come on, let's take a bath and get refreshed!

 As expected, Prathi couldn't continue to take a bath this long.
 This time, he's got to go to the all-hinoki natural hot spring, the one he's always dreamed of!

 ........and just when I thought that, there was a further problem.

 What's going on in the corridor of the mansion, with naked elves and satyr girls in full force?

What is it? What are you guys doing?

 A girl as young as she is imprudent!

 I immediately covered my eyes with my hands, but for a brief moment I could see their cute round butts.
 Force majeure!

Oh, Your Holiness!
Your Majesty, you're just in time! Can't you hear it from your saint?
The kids who came in first, they won't give up their turn!


 It seems that the residents of our farm were the first to take a bath in the completed bath, and they were washing their potatoes.

 Naturally, the bathing girls are completely naked, so I can't look at them directly, but I rush into the bathrooms wearing a blindfold.

"Hey, what's the meaning of this?
What do you think is the meaning of this? I'm going to have to ask you, 'How does it work?

 Is that your voice, Puffa?
 How many people are in the baths now?

"Saints, I'm here, too.
'Ahhhh, that feels good. There's never been anything like this in the woods.
"More ailerons?

 Mermaids, satyrs, and even an elf in a bath!

Wait, Saints, I have a very good reason for this...! Wait, Saints, I have a very good reason for this...!
Batty's voice? You're even in there!

 The bathtub that was set up in the mansion was supposed to have a capacity of at most three people and it would be packed to the brim.
 What the hell is going on inside the bathtub now?
 I can't see because I'm blindfolded!

It's so small. But it's warm and comfortable.

 There's even an earth spirit?

"Mr. Prathi, you see, has been in hot water for so long, he's developed a lot of heat.
'What? Seriously? Are you okay?
''It's okay, I've got a lamp eye loyal to that guy watching. More importantly, the commotion has brought the bath to the attention of everyone...!

 It's a mess.
 That the bathtub was in a state of imo-washing by beautiful women, and even the outside of the bathroom was flooded with them!

'Saints! Please do something!
'I'm going to catch a cold if I wait my turn naked all the time! Tell them to take turns quickly!
'It's too small for all of us to fit in in the first place! Expansion! Modifications so that everyone can get in!

 I'm happy that the bath is a big hit with everyone, but it's a ridiculous situation that demands improvements from the side of completion.

 The story of our farm's hot tub was supposed to be a grand finale, but in the end it was only the first chapter, and the story will continue into the second chapter.

 Chapter 2, the chapter on the creation of a large bathhouse.

 ........before I could even share a bathroom full of girls myself, so I ended up bathing outside with Okubo and Gobukichi and the others.

              * * * *

Hey, master! Unbeknownst to me, that puddle of hot water is very popular! I was the first to discover it! I would have found you with Platy!

 And the guy from Veerle was regretting now that he and Prathi had missed their chance to take the most baths.

 I had noticed it, but this guy misses the big wave with high frequency.