167-166 Large public bath construction

 That's why we decided to build a new, larger bathhouse.

 It was decided to build a new, larger bathhouse.

 The baths are more popular than I imagined, and they are eager to have a stable bathing environment, especially for the Elf and Satyr teams.
 In short, "Make sure I don't have to wait to take a bath! I couldn't help but respond to the numerous and fervent requests for a hot bath.

 According to what I've heard, in this world we don't have the custom of washing our bodies by soaking in hot water.
 In the fantasy world, the only way to wash your body is to wipe it with a water-wet cloth, or, frankly, to bathe in it.
 There are some saunas in some parts of the world, but they're not very common.

 Since you brought the bath to such a culture, it's bound to be a big hit.

 There are now 200 people in total on our farm. In order to satisfy all of them, it's not enough to expand the mansion's bathroom, it's too big.

 After pondering what to do........

"...let's build a new large bathroom.

 This is the only conclusion I could come up with.

 A public bathhouse or spa resort of that scale, where the men's and women's baths are properly separated and turned into a place of relaxation for the inhabitants!
 It's getting busy!

              * * * *

Well let's get started.

 The first step is to select a location for the large bathhouse.

 The purpose of the construction was to provide the residents with a place to relax and heal from their fatigue.
 Therefore, we wanted to choose a location near the farm where the residents work, but we dared to set up our territory some distance away.

 The field has plans to expand in the future, and there's one more thing I'm worried about.
 Hot springs usually contain various mineral components in the ground, and in some cases are highly acidic or alkaline.

 I'm a little concerned about the effects of leaking these minerals into the ground near my fields, and wondering if it will affect the growth of my crops.
 The private bathroom in the mansion has an established sewage route where the hot water is purified with oyster starfish and then discharged into the sea.

 We want to be very careful.
 Therefore, we have secured a distance between the field area and the bathhouse that can be isolated.

I like this place.

 I settled on a flat area outside of the farm, somewhat remote from the farm, as the proposed construction site.

 The geology is hard and the ground doesn't seem to collapse easily, even if we dig a little deeper.
 There was also the sea within sight, so drainage would be very convenient.

They thought, "Okay, let's build a hot spring bathhouse here.

 That's what happened.
 To build a bathhouse, you need hot water, and your guess is as good as a hot spring that runs underground.
 It's exactly the same as the bathrooms in the mansion.

 The hot spring that has already been gushing out of Lettuce Rate's private field at the expense of her personal field is too far away to pull a pipe to this point, and the amount of hot spring water that comes out of it is actually the most that can fill the private bathroom of the mansion.

 Therefore, it was decided that the best thing to do would be to make the hot spring gush out from directly underneath the house, and so we asked them to try digging for the hot spring again.

 To the other angel Holkosfon.

'Please do it again.'
I'll do whatever the master tells me to do.

 She's the one who first dug the hot springs for me.

 Something about angels having various abilities (functions?) just because they once destroyed the world. It is equipped (equipped?) with It seems that digging up hot springs is a piece of cake for them.

It's really a terrifying existence.

 The No Life King teacher standing alongside me said.

That angel's abilities will rival or even exceed those of eagles and dragons. Although it has been called the world's two greatest disasters, I am reminded of the fact that there is always a higher power.

 The reason the teacher is here is because the site where the big bathhouse is to be built is near the teacher's dungeon.
 It's about halfway between our farm and his dungeon.
 Slightly the teacher's dungeon leaning point.

 Sensei's dungeon is an underground cave dungeon. So when I dug into the hot spring, I might run into the dungeon's interior. I tried to get his permission beforehand, but that would be a problem.

"If that's what you're worried about, you don't need to worry about it, my saint.

 The teacher said in his usual hawkish tone.

''A dungeon is a distortion of space-time created by the stagnation of convection mana. Our cave dungeon also exists within a distorted sub-space, it is not actually underground. Hence, no matter how much you delve into it, there is no possibility of coming into contact with it.'

 I was relieved to hear that.
 However, the teacher said that something unusual was going to take place, so he came to observe the event.
 As the doctor and I looked up, the Holkosfone was stationary in the air with its natural ability to fly.

''We will now proceed with the excavation of the ground.

 He's a serious kid who goes out of his way to declare.

"...right handed, dragon killer.

 With a boom and a sound of burning air, a blade of light extended from Holkosfon's right hand.
 A beam saber?

"...left hand side, God-eaters.

 The same is true from the left hand.

 Two beam sabers are released from each of the left and right hands.
 Two light swords.
 Moreover, Holkosfon, by bringing his two hands together, the two blades of light are also strung together to become a single great light sword.

''One dragon and god slaughtering blade in a row, piercing the earth.

 Holkosfone spun his own body into a huge spin and rushed towards the earth with the sharpness of a cone, just like a cone.

 It's just like...?

"Isn't that a drill?
It's said to be an angel's special move. It's not her, but another individual was able to pierce the geisha dragon at the time of the catastrophe with that one.

 He wondered for a moment how he knew such a thing, teacher, but he had heard a lot of things when he had called the Hades God before.

 Even though it was the time before He Himself became immortal, did it hurt the pride of the dead king that there were things he didn't know?
 But you've studied this way, so you don't have to miss out?

 Anyway, the Annihilation Sword, which destroyed the Dragon King in the past, is currently in great use as an excavator for digging hot springs.

 The Holkosfons used themselves as drills to dig deep into the ground....
 Soon after.
 Soon after, a column of hot water erupted from the hole.


 It's really easy to get out of a hot spring.
 It may look that way because Holkosfone is using the power of an angel.

'Yes! It's our job from here!

 Behind me, there was already an orc team in charge of civil engineering, an elf team as plasterers this time, and a goblin team for detailed support.

'Let's build a big bath! Do you want to soak in a warm bath!
Do you want to keep your body clean every day?
""Oh, wow!"
"Do you want the spa effect to make your skin beautiful?

 At the end of the day, the women were particularly responsive.

 The lumber had already been cut down and the workers were in great physical and mental shape.
 I guess the goal of bathing motivates them to take a bath.

 The construction of the bathing area proceeded at a pace that was almost unheard of, and finished with near-perfect quality.