168-167 Large public bath, enjoyment

 The large public bath is a wooden structure with the appearance of a Japanese house.
 It has the look of a Showa era public bathhouse.

 I produced this project and supervised every detail.

 Let's actually go into the bathhouse.

 At the entrance of the bathhouse, there is a warm curtain with the mark of the bathhouse, which Batty made for me.
 After going through it, there's a locker to put your shoes in, and then you can go to the men's bath or the women's bath.
The indigo-dyed curtain with the character "Man" on it and the red-dyed curtain with the character "Woman" on it are also fully equipped.
 This is a high quality curtain.
 As expected of Bati, he never compromises with his cloth work.

 Since I was a man, I naturally went through the indigo-dyed curtain and entered the men's bathhouse.
 As soon as I passed through the indigo-dyed curtain, I found myself in the changing room.
 The breathable wisteria floor felt comfortable on the soles of my feet.

 There are lockers here too, so you can take off your clothes and put them in.
 The lockers are not equipped with a key at the moment.

 It's a pain in the ass to build such a complex structure, and we don't believe that anyone would steal from our farm.
 I sincerely hope they don't lock the locker in the future.

 And so, with only a towel, we finally reach the main body, the bathhouse!

 A rock bath!

 We didn't limit ourselves to cave dungeons and mountain dungeons, we just picked some good rocks to build a rock bath!

 We made it as large as possible, a scale that still has room for about ten people.
 We prepared three tanks for it.

 Based on the lessons learned from the private baths, we should be able to avoid having to wait in line for the baths to be filled with people.
 The women's bath is on the same scale as the men's bath, so it should be a relief.

My boy, the hot water is very nice!
I'm coming back to life.

 Already, Okubo and Gobukichi and the others had taken a rock bath and had a paradise look on their faces.

 If it was a men's bath at my farm, it was inevitable that it would be a monster bath.
 To be more precise, though, it's an orc-goblin bath.

 However, the wolf-type monsters Hupericaons also entered the bathhouse and had their bodies washed by their friendly goblins.

''Unexpected..., I thought dogs and cats didn't like baths...''

 Still, the wolves seemed to feel good.

 They poured hot water on me with a zababaa, and after shivering all over my body and flicking the water, I ran off towards the changing room.

 And I get into the hot water too.
 I could finally submerge myself in the bathtub. It was very satisfying.

"Aahhhhh~~~, it's soaked through~~~

 The baths in the mansion were finally not allowed to go in because the women kept taking over the baths day after day.
 I wonder what will happen to that one now that this big bath is completed?

 I guess it's used for a light body flush by mansion dwellers like me and Prati, or maybe for guests.

 Anyway, I don't really care right now.
 The pleasantness of the hot water melted my thoughts.

You've made a really good product.
"Oh my God!

 You startled me!
 The reason why I was surprised is because there was a dried up human body floating in the hot water right next to me!
 No, it wasn't!
 That's not a corpse!
 It was the No-Life King's teacher!

"I'm sorry to disturb you, sir.

 Are you here, sir?
 I would have welcomed you with open arms if you'd asked me to.

''No, no, we just barged in on our own. In fact, it's we who should be the ones apologizing for our rudeness.

 You owe us teachers a lot of gratitude!
 To repay you for that, please come to the bathhouse anytime and as often as you like!


 The doctor is a hawk.

''Well, I guess I'll be coming by from time to time. This place is close to our dungeon, so you can visit us comfortably.''

 That's it!

 Immortal King, the hot spring of the purveyor.
 I don't know if it's great or not.
 I'm not sure if it was named 'Jigoku Onsen' or something like that.

........But your body looks nothing like those of the living. Will the hot springs still be effective?
It works. The hot water seems to soak into every corner of my body and makes me feel alive.

 ........Is it okay for the Immortal King to come alive?
 Also, doesn't the hot water seep into your body, or does it actually seep into your body?

 The doctor's body is a kind of undead, with five dried up bodies. There is a thin layer of skin and a small amount of flesh covering the bones, and they are dried up and dried up.
 If I had to describe it more accurately, it would be "Kinoi".
 Or is it a Buddha in the flesh?

 That's why your body is basically dry and dry, and if you try to touch it with water or anything else, it will furiously suck it up.......

Will it be all right? What if the hot springs endanger your health?

 They say you mustn't expose katsuobushi to water because it gets fungus, right?

''It should be fine. If hot water is all that's needed to defeat the No-Life King, word has gotten around among the living.

 Of course it is.

It's not so bad for the type that still has dried up flesh and skin, like the eagle. But there are also completely white-boned, no-life kings like me, so it's not going to work as well for them.

 White bones, huh.....
 That might not be suitable for a hot spring because of the calcium content dissolved out of it, but....

 The way the doctor spoke made me a little curious.

'Have you met your other no-life kings, Sensei?
None. No, sir. People don't leave the dungeon where they serve their masters and have no interest in worldly affairs.

 So how do you know the shape of the no-life king other than yourself, etc.?

The mana convection currents that circulate around the world can carry your thoughts far away if you use the right techniques. With it, the No-Life Kings living in the depths of the world's dungeons can exchange information with each other.

 So it's a magic phone, so to speak.
 But even so, since it's a technique used by the No-Life King, it must be a high level of difficulty.

It's useful for sharing information about lively adventurers and facilitating each other's dungeon catches. However, there are some things that are troublesome.
Some people did not respond to my messages even though they could tell that I had read them, or they got angry at me and sent me a follow-up message saying, "Why didn't you reply to me? On the contrary, they would get angry with me and send me a follow-up letter saying, "Why didn't you reply to me! The Immortal King also has a hard time keeping up with people...''

 It's a read-through problem.

 But sometimes I wondered how the teacher could be holed up in an underground dungeon like that for a thousand years and not be floating or knowledgeable about worldly affairs.
 That was the reason, wasn't it?
 You were sharing information with the other No-Life Kings through thoughtfulness magic.

''Well then, now that I've warmed up to the bone, I guess it's time to go up.
'Hi, that's fine, but...'

 The doctor got up from the bathtub with a bang.
 The sight of him baffled me to the core.


 Because there was someone there that I didn't know.

'Um ... well ... okay?'
Who are you?

 I asked the doctor.
 No, no.
 This person is standing in the position where the teacher is supposed to be, but he's not the teacher.

 What do you mean?
 The man, who seemed to be a teacher, was a full-blown living human being.

 His skin was shiny, his muscles were enlivened, and his hair was smooth.
 His appearance was a good-looking young man in his twenties, clearly in the handsome category.

"Who's really here!
''An unusual thing, isn't it the No Life King you guys call Sensei?

 Our teacher is even more dried up like Kinoi!

 Not a young man full of life and vigor like you.

Here ... this.

 Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Govt. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Govt. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. Gov. I offered it to a young man who seemed to be a nice guy.
 Instead of a hand mirror.
 He told me to look at my own face in the tub of water.

This is....

 The young man, looking at his face in the water, says.

'Isn't it the image of the eagle before he was born?'

 Dr. Anata! So he was such a handsome guy before he became undead?
 I'm surprised, even his voice has changed!

Hot springs have tremendous benefits. I didn't think they could bring back life to a dried up eagle.

 However, the doctor got out of the bath and wiped his body with a towel to get rid of the water. He immediately returned to his original Kinoi state again.
 Although the change in condition was only for a short time.

 I couldn't help but record it right away.

 My farm hot spring.