169-168 Large public bath flower garden

 I am an elf.
 I am one of the elves who work on the saint's farm, and I don't need to bother saying my name.

 My role is that of a storyteller.

 A storyteller doesn't need to assert himself.
 Since the saint cannot be the storyteller this time, it means that I will take over for him.

 Because what I'm going to do from here is a sanctuary that even a true saint cannot enter.
 I don't think anyone would complain about it in the end if Saint-sama stepped in....... What can I say about that person, yes, he's profound.

 Instead of the great sage, I, the unworthy one, stepped in to talk about this realm.
 That's right.

 It is the women's bath.

                  It's a women's bath.


 It feels good and is good for your health.
 Plus, it makes you beautiful.

 It is said that the saint had spoken so enthusiastically to Lord Prathi many times on a daily basis.

 So when they heard that the spa was completed, everyone was very excited.
 I want to be even more beautiful than I am now.

 I want to be even more beautiful than I am now.

 But the first bath that His Holiness made was too small for all the women on the farm to fit in.

 But the great saint was there.
 He immediately made a bigger bath and made it possible for all of us to take a bath without any difficulty.

 That's the great saint.
 That's the great Lord.
 That's the kind of person the Saints are.
 Everyone venerates and praises Him.

 The new bath is divided into two main areas. One area is for men only and the other is for women only.

 ........well, you have to draw the line.

 After all, you are naked when you bathe.
 That's why I asked, "Why won't the saints bathe with us? And there were a few girls who booed me.

 ...Let's just say that I was a bit disappointed.
 Because storytellers don't talk about themselves.

              * * * *.

 I have no choice but to observe and talk about the women-only baths.

 After a day's work in the Elf Workshop, I quickly headed to the large bath with my companions.
 As we entered, there were two more entrances, the one with the red cloth hanging over it was the entrance to the women's bath.

 When I went through, there were a lot of flowers blooming.

 Elves, satyrs, spirits of the earth, demons and mermaids, mankind, and a variety of beautiful women of all races blooming in the nude.

 Is it disgusting to say that they are of the same s*x?
 It's sweet. Just because I'm a woman doesn't mean I'm not interested in naked women.

 We elves have a darker skin color, just like the demon race, due to the fact that our old ancestors were the same as the demon race.
 Let's call it a deep roasted bean color.
 Anyway, it's dark.

 However, recently, with the Satyrs joining the group, the percentage of white skin has been increasing.
 It's said that beastmen, including satyrs, are a race derived from the human race.
 The black skin of the demon race and the white skin of the human race. It's just like black and white spots, and the changing room of the women's bathhouse is also like spots.

 White ass, black ass, white ass, white ass, black ass, black ass, black ass, black ass, black ass, white ass, black ass, white ass, black ass, white ass, white ass, black ass, white ass, white ass, white ass, black ass, white ass, white ass, black ass, white ass, white ass, white ass, black ass, white ass, white ass.

 Here's what it looks like.
 To that, I added another black ass.
 It's my ass.

 Just like that, the women's bathhouse is congenial.

              * * * *.

This is where you call a bath!

 Then a more and more lively person appeared.
 It's Princess Lettuce Rate, the princess of the human race. She is very noisy at every turn.

She says you can wash up, relax and get rid of your fatigue here! Follow me, Hor! I'll give you a special tour!
Yes, sir.

 Accompanying the princess is the angel Holkosfon.
 I heard that he was the first person to build this great bath.

 Why is that princess so high and mighty in relation to Ms. Holkosfone?

'This is your first time in the bath, isn't it, Hol? I'm going to show you an example here, so watch closely and learn your bath etiquette!
'Yes, sir, lettuce rate.'

 There should be no doubt that this is the princess's first bath, but why is she so confident?

 In the meantime, we both took off our clothes, and the timing is right for us to get into the bathhouse.......

'Hey, Hol? You have wings on your back, don't you? Is it safe to wet it with hot water?

 It was.
 Holkosfone, the angel, had large wings spreading out from his back, and it looked like it would be inconvenient for him to bathe.
Wings are an inherent part of an angel's life," the saint said, "but with wings that big, it's going to cause trouble for the surrounding bathers.
 I don't want to leave them like that.....

''We will adopt your opinion. Lettuce rate. Could you hold the wings for me?
'What? Like this?
Wing of Icarus has been disabled. Shut off mana supply. All connections are plugged. You can safely remove it.
What? You can't take this thing off?

 I was surprised, too.
 I didn't know the wings were detachable.

You can just stand on the side of the wing and... Let's take a bath, Retusslate.
Huh...! Yes.........!

 After taking off not only their wings but also the clothes they were wearing, the two of them stripped off their clothes and proceeded to the back where the bathhouse was located.


 This is no time to be startled.
 I have to take off my clothes and take a bath as soon as possible.

              * * * *.

 I was finally about to step into the bathhouse when I collided with a huge softness near the entrance and exit of the bathhouse and changing area.

''Oh, I'm sorry...?''

 It was Panu, the leader of the satyr team.
 Perhaps because of this, the satyrs, who are called goat beastmen, have strong limbs and an impressive body.

 In particular, Panu-san is even more magnificent among them.
 How can I say it.........

I'm on my way up now. The bath feels so nice and fluffy. My stiff shoulders have gone away.

 That's gotta get your shoulders all stiff. When you've got two of these things hanging around.

'Oh, yes. Oh, yeah, it's a message from the saint. We keep the milk we produce here.

 And Panu showed me........
 Yes, there is indeed more than one bottled milk on display!

 The milk made by the satyrs is a very high quality product that is served to the great people of the human and demon race.
 Just the fact that you can drink it in a normal way tells you that this farm is a heavenly place.

It's said that it's proper etiquette to drink milk after getting out of hot water. That's what the saints said.

 That's how saints are known!

And they want it to be really cold. So they put it in a small refrigerated box made by Pfafa, and it's cold as ice. Please drink it when you come up.

 With that, Panu walked past.
 By the way, the container with the milk in it is a glass bottle made by us elves!

 I'll be the first to drink it after I get out of the bath too!

              * * * *

 And I, too, finally entered the bathhouse.
 It's steamy and misty, but I'm not wearing any clothes, so it's not steaming and uncomfortable or anything.
 Rather, it's warm and comfortable.

 The bathhouse is already crowded with many women.

''Ah~, it feels so good~...''

 Among them was Master Prati.
 He is the deputy leader of the second position on the farm. He is a very big man who is also the wife of Lord Saint.

 Around him were his kindred spirits, Mr. Puffa, Mr. Lampay and Mr. Gala Rufa and others.

 All of them are loose in relaxation with their lower bodies back to their fish form.
 Looking at the mermaids who were immersed in such hot water........

 .........boiled fish.

 I'll keep the thought to myself.

"Boiled fish........!
That's boiled fish.
It's all boiled...
''Water boiled...!

 There were rather a lot of people who thought the same thing.
 Of course, we were whispering so low that they couldn't hear us.

We spend more than 90% of our lives in the water. I didn't think that just a slight difference in temperature would make us feel this good.......! UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU...!
I'm loose. Are you sure you're ready for this?

 The same mermaid, Puffa, is flapping her tail fin with her lower body, which has returned to its basic form.
 It's a bit bad manners.
 It's very rare for them to return to their original mermaid form, as they live on a farm on the ground and have been converted to terrestrial people's legs with a magic potion.

''That's fine, even if you're not careful in such a pleasant place...''
I don't mean that. I'm talking about you guys.
You guys?
'Atai and Lamprey are both prisoners of the mermaid race. You're here on the pretense of imposing labor, right? And yet you can easily turn me back into a mermaid?

 Mermaids cannot return to their original form unless they drink a medicine to do so.
 They take advantage of this and force mermaids to drink a potion to become earthlings, and they are banished from the realm of mermaids.

That's just a token. Besides, they wouldn't go back to the sea without permission just because they returned to their mermaid form, would they? You, Lamp-Eye, and Gala Rufa....
Serve the Princess Platy here, that's what I want to do. I have no intention of leaving this place.
Me too! I'd hate to see bacterial research go unabated! I won't move, even if I have to gnaw on a stone!

 It seems that mermaids are mermaids and have a unique bond with each other.

 The same goes for us elves.
 When the baths were being completed, a meeting was held with former head aileron and the topic of 'whether or not the baths hurt the pride of the elves' was discussed extensively.
 Because elves are ashamed to be outside of their natural life.
 Well, in the end, though, almost all the elves are bathing in the bath without coming to a conclusion.

 It can't be helped. It's such a nice feeling.

 The moment I was about to put my foot in the bath to get the pleasant sensation of hot water, I thought, "Hey, there!

Hey, there!

 Master Prati was angry with me. Why?

'Before you get into the hot water, hang on to it to get the dust off! Your husband taught me bath etiquette! This attaches to the battlefield and makes the women's bathrooms thorough!

 As expected of a woman who is the closest to a saint.
 Her leadership skills are no slouch.

 I'll follow her lead and wash myself off with the hot water.

 But there is one more person in this farm. There is another person who is closest to the saint and has a completely opposite orientation to Prati.

              * * * *.

 What is it?

 From a distance, I hear some noise.

 There is a window in the bathhouse, which is now open to let the steam escape, but there is a sound like a kiiin.......cutting through the air.

 It's getting higher and higher, closer and closer.

''Yes! A bath!'

 The sound was the sound of flight as the dragon, Master Veerle, approached.
 He thought he had rushed directly into the bathhouse through the window, but he instantly transformed into his human form and jumped into the tub.

 There was a large column of water.

''Awesome! It feels so good! This is what a bath is all about! That's definitely a good one! This is something I, as a dragon, would approve of!
Collar! Veerle! Make sure you use the proper entrance to the bathhouse! Don't get in the hot water without washing up! Don't dip your hair in the hot water!

 Master Prathi scolded him, but it didn't make any sense to Viru, the freest man on the farm.

 Order of the Farm, Master Prati.
 The chaos of the farm, Veerle.

 This place is made up of these two people just below the saint.

 Well, that's that.........
 The hot water feels good.