170-169 Resurrection Angel

 The large bathhouse was completed and our farm's level of paradise was finally on the rise....

"Master, I have something to discuss with you.

 Angel Holkosfon came to me for advice.
 I thought her consultation would be about Natto-related matters, but I was wrong.

'First of all, I'd like you to see this.

 The one that was offered to me was a raw head.


 The neck!
 It's a raw neck!

 There's only the neck and nothing underneath it! A complete corpse!

Calm down, Master. These are my kind of parts.

 And the same kind?
 So is this the same angelic head as Holkosfon?

It is presumed to be my prototype, destroyed by God during the Great Fall of the Four Thousand Years.

 Holkosfons and other angels are a transcendent species that was created long before humanity was born.
 They are the so-called 'divine weapons' sent by the heavenly god Zeus to conquer the earth.

 I've heard of a myth that it was so powerful that the gods of the earth and the gods of the sea united to annihilate it.

''So this head is the remnants of an angel that the Hades gods destroyed four thousand years ago?
Affirmative. I discovered it just the other day.
Discovery? When.
"What's buried in the ground during hot spring mining operations,

 Oh, man.
 That's when you found it.
 Even though angels are wreckage, they're something that can be easily unearthed if you dig down?

"After the work, we took a quick look around, and there was no evidence of damage to the head's thought processes. There was no damage to the thought processes in the head. It should be enough to revive it if it's repaired...
The master brought me back from the brink of destruction to a perfect state. I knew that he could bring her back to life, even if it was in a state of disrepair.

 I knew it was coming, but... Are you two angels like robots or something?

 You look like beautiful girls, you eat and bathe, but you're robots?
 But if you say they can be repaired in a robotic way, it's not like a human would be able to restore them to normal, even from a more than fatal wound...?

But you can't do that, can you?

 In any case, the only thing in question that can be repaired is the head.
 Where are you going to get the body from?

There is no need for concern, Master.

 Holkosfon said. 'Somewhat proudly.

'I have unearthed other parts of the body as well.

 And the proffered arm! Feet! Chest! Bum!
 At a glance, it looks like a complete murder case!

              * * * *

Ten angels were rolled out at the time, and all nine except me were destroyed by the gods.

 Four thousand years ago.

'Each of the angelic parts I have now discovered...'

 The head is a neicosphone.
 The arms are Bonosfon.
 The torso is Hussminephone.
 The crotch is Logosphone.
 The legs are Limosphone.

It is presumed to be a... thing. When I carefully selected only reusable parts, it naturally turned out like this.

 I heard that each original is different.
 The main body was broken, so I'm going to put it back together again with only the safe parts.
 I never dreamed that the day would come when I would be able to repair a human body.

 ........However, the gift from God that resides in my hands, the "supreme bearer", is effective even at times like this.
 I myself adjust the angel parts that are chimpy from the looks of it, adjusting them so that they flow with only my hand habits, connecting and repairing each part.

 It was as if my hands were already moving automatically and on their own.
 With Horcosfon's help, well, repairs that I thought were impossible proceeded like a lie....

              * * * *

 In front of me lies a beautifully restored single human body.
 The angels that were once destroyed, the parts that escaped destruction were joined together to become one now.


 While I was working, I couldn't help but feel like I was stepping into a realm that people shouldn't step into.......!

 I wonder if it was a good idea?
 I wonder if it's good to resurrect one more angel who once went on to destroy the earth!

Thank you, Master! We will now bring our people back!

 On the other hand, when I saw that Holkosfone was truly happy, I felt a sense of accomplishment...?

'Well, but it's nice to be back to that, but is this going to bring it back properly?'
No problem. Power is restarting. The mana is getting through. Estimated time to reactivate, ten, nine, eight...!

 A countdown?

...two, one, zero.
Good morning.

 The patched-up repair angel woke up!

 Just by piecing together a bunch of really intact parts, it's been working again for over 4,000 years!
 That's amazing, isn't it, angel!

 The Angel, which was made up of several angelic parts joined together, has a painful feeling of being joined together because the parts aren't completely healed.

 Feminine thin arms and thighs with a womanly body. The chest which is modest in spite of the waist of a massive easy delivery type. The childish face which makes a girl think of a girl.
 Although she has feminine shape in all respects, there are some parts of her that give me a loopy impression.

Congratulations on the resurrection. ...How should I call you?

 Yes, you're right. You're right, I'm confused.

The various planes are folded together - Bonosfon in the arms, Hussminephone in the torso, Logosfon in the crotch, and Limosfon in the legs - but should your identity as an individual still rest with Neikosfon in the head, the thinking organ?
'Oh? I mean, I don't know what the hell is going on here!

 The resurrected splice angel had some kind of disturbed tone.


 Taking it head on, Horcosfon said a few words.

'She's not Neikosfon, is she? Or rather, she does not fall under any of the angels used for the parts.

 It's true that I thought everyone talked like a Holkosfone, so I was quite confused by the first impression she gave of being a gal.

The first impression I got of her was that she was a gal. Oh, and I thought it was destroyed by a dragon?  I also remember being skewered by a sea god's weapon...?
Do you have memories of everyone who was used for the parts?

 Even more mixed up personalities?

I proceeded with the resurrection of an angel with the momentum of 'if I can do it, I can do it,' but even if the resurrection itself is made, the next step is going to be troublesome.