171-170 Advent of Sophia

 At the request of the angel Holkosfon, he repaired and resurrected a fellow angel that had been destroyed.
 However, the resurrected angel was unsure of who was who, as it had been repaired by crossing two or more parts together.

 More to come from that scene.

              * * * *

"Yes, no more.

 Me, Holkosfone, and the splice angel who had just been repaired and restored.
 We were surprised to hear a voice we had never heard before in the work room where only these three people were supposed to be.

You startled me!

 When I looked, I saw a graceful-looking young man I had never met before, drifting fluffily through the air.
 I'm sure you'll find that the atmosphere is exactly the same as that of the shipping guy from the previous world, although he is handsome with a slender face, but he looks somewhat tired, and I think I've seen him before.

 But he wasn't just anyone.

 He has a single swing of his staff, but there are live snakes coiled around it.
 And two of them.
 It's not just anyone who carries such a thing and looks unconcerned.

I am Hermes. I am Hermes, the god of wisdom and knowledge who belongs to the heavenly realm.

 When I was confused, the other party called me by my name.

 Eh? God?

God is just like the God of Hades and the... You weren't even summoned by your teacher!
"I'm more flexible than most gods because I'm their messenger. I don't need your neighbor, the King of Immortals, to invite me down to earth to do some legitimate work.

 The God of Wisdom, the man of grace, spun his staff around and spoke.

I'm not going to let you get away with it. I'm sure the word "god of heaven" may give you the impression that they are all bums because of my father Zeus' actions. I want you to believe that not all of the gods in heaven are rogues like Zeus.


"I always want to be a good God to the children of men. I've always wanted to be a good God to the children of men, just like my brother Hephaistos, who gave you the gift of the Bearer of Excellence. That's why I've come down to earth so urgently now.

 The God of Wisdom's gaze with a likeable young man's style, slurping, headed towards the newly resurrected angel.

Even though you have a gift from brother Hephaistos, I didn't think that someone with life on earth would be able to restore an angel.
Um...! I knew it was a bad idea, didn't I?

 Although I had noticed it faintly, it seems that the god Hermes had sensed the resurrection of this splicing angel and rushed over.

''Isn't it natural? You've heard about the horror of angels from Uncle Hades. Even a single angel is a threat that can destroy the earth. If it's true, the fact that I've chosen to leave one of you behind is an exception to the rule.

 And the god Hermes pointed at Holkosfon with his snake-like staff.

 I'm so thankful that you were so willing to listen to us.

"Originally, it was the role of earth gods such as Uncle Hades to protect the existence of the earth, but since angels were originally created by the gods of heaven, we also have a responsibility. That's why we descended.
Well what about this resurrected angel then?
Of course, it would make sense to destroy it or seal it up again so it can't be revived.

 I worked so hard to fix that!

"I just want you to know that angels are as dangerous as you think they are. Last time I saw an angel...

 The god Hermes points at Horcosfon again.

''Uncle Hades and Uncle Poseidos were stumped about the matter of hiding the.... They were serious about imprisoning my evil father in Tartarus this time.

 He's trying to say that the existence of angels is serious enough for the Lord God class to get seriously angry.

''Then the god Zeus...?
I rubbed my forehead on the floor and apologized, so I managed to get my sentence reduced to 1,000 years of house arrest. You're usually a braggart, but you have no pride at all.

 What is it?
 From this kiss of the God of Wisdom, the stress or resentment against the supposedly respectable God the Father is so thick that it cannot be hidden...?

''And so. It's a shame that you've taken the time to swing your arm, but I want you to leave your successor angel in my care. I'm not going to be able to do any more mischief to Uncle Hades and the others because of the God of heaven.

 The God's tone of voice, "I hope you will understand," showed the sense of responsibility of the God of Wisdom to support the heavenly world on behalf of his foolish father.


 It was the same angel, Holkosfon, who challenged him head on.

'If you take her with you, take me with you. Dispose of me with her in any way you can.
But you....
She is a companion who has finally been reunited after four thousand years. I would rather die with her than say goodbye to the same model again now.

 Horkosfone is allowed to live on our farm with the blessing of the god Hades.
 But it would be unbearable for him to be the only one to find peace. You will risk your life to save the lives of your friends.

'I beg you to do the same.

 I spoke directly to God, too.

'Just because the angels were created for the purpose of destruction and aggression doesn't mean they have to live up to it. They can think for themselves, and they have minds of their own.

 Don't those who were born into this world have the right to enjoy this world and live in it?

"Yeah, okay.
Wow, just like that?

 It's not on the level of the god Hermes being a good listener.

'Doesn't an angel have a right to live? If you say, 'That's right,' all we can say is 'That's right,' too. And since there's already a precedent of Holkosfone, we can't just ignore it and push for its disposal.
"However, we'll still have to take that angel back to the heavenly realm for a time. There are many parts that can't be fixed by a simple repair job by you guys, and a full-blown overhaul is required to eliminate any danger.

 It's true that I'm not sure I could have done a complete job on the repairs that I relied 100% on the "supreme bearer" myself.
 Now that God has conceded, I can't help but back off too.

I'll leave it to the gods. I'll leave it to the gods. Holkosfone is good too, right?

 He still looked uncomfortable, but Holkosfone exercised restraint and nodded.

'But what exactly does an overhaul entail? The god Zeus, who created the angels, is under house arrest, isn't he?
"No, they weren't made by my stupid father, were they?

 You're getting a lot of confusion here.

"That's what it looks like on the surface, but there's no way that stupid father could have created such a powerful biological weapon. Speaking of creation, it's the work of Hephaistos, the god of modeling.'
"The ten angels produced 4,000 years ago were all commissioned by Heavenly Zeus and created by Hephaistos, the god of modeling, under the strict supervision of Eris, the god of murder.

 Speaking of the god Hephaistos, he gave me the "supreme bearer", that....

Does that have something to do with the fact that I was able to repair angels with The Supreme Bearer? Because they originated from the same god.

'Brother Hephaistos. He finished the angel in tears after Ellis' repeated retakes and relentless ruining of it, and that's why he had such strong feelings for the masterpiece. I was devastated when it was destroyed.'

 I understand.
 As someone who grows and creates things on a farm, I can understand the feelings of the god Hephaistos.

'That's why I'm sure Brother Hephaistos will gladly accept this job,' he said. I'm sure he'll adjust that angel peacefully.''
Please! Best regards!

 The slightest suspicion was also dispelled by the mention of the name of the god Hephaistos here.

'Your angel. You are reborn in the heavens as a good friend of this world. You will be reborn in the heavens as a good friend to this world.
'Huh? I mean, ah, seriously, I don't know what jibberish is...?

 The god is about to lose his temper.
 I hope the God of Hephaistos corrects that personality, too.

              * * * *.

 Thus, the Tsugetsu Angel was taken by the god Hermes and left for the heavenly world.
 By the time he returned, he would surely be adjusted and become an easier child to get along with than he is now.

 Believing in the future, Holkosfon seemed to agree with him.

 Then, as he was leaving, the god Hermes said the last thing.

''Yes, Saint-kun.''
I'll be dropping by in private sometime soon, so let me have some rice with bamboo shoots and green peas.