174-173 Sea Prince's qualities

 When Prince Arowana was coming to visit, he even came to visit the Demon King.

''It's been a long time, Lord Demon King! All right, all right!
Wish me luck, prince! Hakkayoi, he's left!

 Prince Arowana and Mr. Demon King started wrestling as soon as they met again.
 Even though I taught them, I'm afraid they're still in a daze.

 I won't do it, okay?
 My back is already hard from working in the fields, you know.
 I won't do it.


 Prince Arowana, who was cornered to the edge of the ring, won by a huge upset rollback.
 The tenacity of the heroic mermaid, who won the Wushu competition, was still going strong on the ground.

I've lost, I've lost. You're right, Prince Arowana's wrestling skills are unbeatable.
This is only a game. As a ruler, I can only admire the Demon Lord's great capacity...!

 We're good friends.

 This Demon King and the future Mermaid King are as close as they come.
 I can't help but get a feeling that they're going to be at peace.

'Isn't that a good thing...? What's the matter with you...?
I'm not complaining, but...!

 Verena, who is next to me, gives me a tsk, and I'll give her a reaction.

 But, well, there is certainly one person who is still not satisfied with the current situation.
 And who is that person.....

              * * * *

"I am not yet qualified to be the Mermaid King...!

 Prince Arowana said as he sat down for a chat with the Demon King, who also joined him.

'Martial prowess, wisdom, and calibre, none of which can yet reach the point of becoming a king! It would be a disaster for our beloved mermaid kingdom if I became king without it...!
You're right, but...!

 I think that's just Prince Arowana being too hard on himself.

 At least a martial arts swimming competition? Considering the recent situation where he won the championship in the "I'm not the only one" competition, I think he's got a lot of bravery and courage.

 And the fact that he's on good terms with the King of the Demon Kingdom, another kingdom on Earth, gives him a great diplomatic advantage.

 I think the mermaids will feel at ease if Arowana becomes the king, don't you think?

No. The martial arts competition is bounded by rules after all. You can't say you've survived a real war even if you're the winner. Besides, the deeper you get to know the Demon Lord, the more you understand him, the more you understand him.

 My own immaturity.....
 Prince Arowana said.

Even though you're not much older than me, you're already in a responsible position as the Demon King, and you've accomplished the feat of destroying the human kingdom and unifying the world. His supremacy, his prowess. I am not even close to him...!
No, no...!

 The demon king was embarrassed to be lifted up unexpectedly.

I have to say that Prince Arowana has a very high moral character as a ruler. As the head of a neighboring country, I could not feel more at ease if Prince Arowana would govern the mermaid kingdom.
That's very thoughtful of you. But I can't be satisfied with the status quo. I must have the dignity and dignity to become a person more worthy of being a mermaid king.

 Prince Arowana kept repeating this question whenever he came to our house recently.

 It seemed that his victory in the martial arts competition had inspired him in both good and bad ways, and he had the opportunity to come back to our home to meet the Demon King. He is now very conscious of the proposition that

 Prince Arowana is now a dear friend and my wife's brother.

 Let's get out of the way and relieve him of his problems, me!

'What means do we have when it comes to equipping ourselves with dignity and respectability...?

 That's exactly what Prince Arowana is looking for.
 I groaned and a ping flashed through my mind.

'How about a full complement of equipment?

 When a man enters from a form, he changes himself to fit that form.
 There's also the case of Okubo, who wore a powerful armor and became a general.

''The Demon King has a legendary weapon like the Angry Sacred Sword Ainrot, and if we can get Prince Arowana to follow in his footsteps and have some awesome weapon, it will give him a sense of dignity, right?
You mean regalia........well, you have a point.

 Hearing my idea, the Demon King stroked his chin.
 Okay! As soon as we decide to do so, we'll get fired up and make a weapon for Prince Arowana!

 The mana metal we have in stock is also known as 'the best metal on earth', and if you strike it with my 'supreme bearer', you should be able to make a pretty good weapon, even if it doesn't reach the level of a holy sword.

 It seems that a male mermaid's best weapon is a harpoon, so I'll use that as a guide....
 As for the hilt, I'll make it from an oak tree that we grow in the mountain dungeon...

              * * * *

I got it!

 My harpoon, made by me, for Prince Arowana.

What a strange shape it is, isn't it...?

 Both the Demon King and Prince Arowana, who observed the finished product, were puzzled.

''Yes! The purpose of this project is to enhance the dignity of the owner, so we tried to make the design look flashy!

 What kind of design was this?

 The harpoon I made for Prince Arowana was very unique, with a crescent-shaped blade, as opposed to the regular harpoon, which is straight and looks like a spear!

 What would happen if I let Prince Arowana have this one!

 He loves wrestling.
 He eats a bowl of pickled cucumbers.
 Prince Arowana equipped with a shell shield.

 He has all of these characteristics and has been criticized for being a kappa! But now that he's equipped with a half-moon blade contraption, what does he look like...?

 Superstar of the kappa world!

 .........it's kind of hard to tell.
 It's only known in the world I used to live in.
 And the weapon that looks like a pike that is used as her main weapon.
 I'm sorry, I got into a bad mood.
 I'm sorry.

 Next to me, Prince Arowana, while I was feeling sorry for myself, mastered the half-moon blade contraption, the culmination of my bad temper, and was having fun in a mock battle with the Demon King.


 With a half-moon spear in his right hand and a shell shield in his left, he successfully fought against the Demon King's raging holy sword Ainrot.

 Of course, the Demon King may not be serious, but isn't Prince Arowana one of the strongest princes in the world, able to fight the Demon King who has a holy sword in his hands in spite of his limitations?

'Prince Arowana. That's enough for now.
Yes. But Lord Demon Lord is so strong, he couldn't find a way to break them down to the end.
'No, if I could have gone on any longer, my strength would not have lasted and I would have been exposed to some kind of discrepancy. Maybe it's because I've been doing a lot of political work lately, but my body has been slowing down.

 They were having a strong conversation.
 They seemed to like it for some reason.

''However........Although I am very grateful for the saintly lord's kindness, I will not be able to pave the way to become the Mermaid King without training myself. ........I have hereby made up my mind!

 Prince Arowana is excited to be a part of this project.
 Determined to do what, exactly?

"I'm going on a journey. I'm going on a journey to retrain myself from the ground up!