175-174 Kaioji's departure

 Prince Arowana goes on a journey of training.

 So everyone around him is in a rather big hurry.

 Because he is the heir to the mermaid kingdom that controls the ocean, right?
 Moreover, the destination of the trip is on earth.

 He is going to look around various places on the earth, expand his knowledge and training.

Then I'm off.

 The starting point is my farm.
 However, the farm is surrounded by vast, uninhabited mountains and fields, so we will first use transference magic to get to the Demon City, the home base of the Demon Kingdom, and then roam the country from there.

 It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them.

I'm not going to be the only one. I'm going with you, Atai!

 Even now, he is still rioting while being seized by those around him.

 She was so fond of Prince Arowana, in fact, that she looked forward to his visit every few days, and it would be a painful experience for her to have that pleasure taken away.

 So I guess she came up with the idea of accompanying the prince and cackling in the water when it came to this, but that's what we're in trouble for.

'Because now Puffa is an indispensable part of our farm for the production of fermented foods and the management of the freezer.

 If he was gone for a few days, it was acceptable, but if he was gone for months, our food preservation system would collapse.

"Puffa. "Puffa," he said, "it's nice to hear your concern, but you and I both have a mission to fulfill in our respective locations. Let's do the best we can, shall we?

 Puffa managed to calm down with the persuasion of Prince Arowana himself.

"Prince...! Then this...!

 And Puffa held out a pendant of some sort.
 Some kind of crystal pendant that was as clear as ice?

Think of this as an atai and keep it under your skin!
All right. We'll wear it around our necks at all times.

 And Prince Arowana wore the pendant he had received.
 Watching the exchange, I realized that Puffa also has a surprisingly cute side to him.

Prince Arowana, please give a little advice from me...

 With that, he brings one of the orcs along.

'Let him accompany you, I'm sure there's something dangerous about traveling alone.

 The orc working for us is a mutated Warrior Orc.
 He's not one of the kids who will be in the leadership ranks of Orcbos and others, but he'll be a sufficient help when rough weather happens.

''Holy Lord, that's bad...! He's an important worker on the farm, isn't he?
He's always wanted to get a glimpse of the outside world. I want you to help him expand his horizons.

 Now let us give a new name to the orcs who are leaving with Prince Arowana.

 Orcs look very much like the people of this world, but in my former world, they were often depicted as pigs, so I decided to give him a new name.
 So I named him.


 My bad mood was still going strong.

 Together with Prince Arowana, equipped with a sage-like half-moon blade contraption and a shell shield....
 An orc named Hakkai is leaving.

 You'll find the monkey and the boy on the journey.

 And finally, Prati.
 Even though she's the real sister of Prince Arowana, the traveler, she's much slower to come out.

'I admire your self-discipline to become the Mermaid King. What are we going to do about this place?

 His words of farewell are as harsh as ever.

''The blending tools and supplies that my brother delivers to me from the Mermaid Palace. I've been counting on them quite a bit. It would be rather troublesome if the supply was cut off.
I have no problem with that, sister. I've already arranged for a representative.


In my absence, that person should be able to follow in my stead.
'You must be a decent choice. I don't want this place to be a big deal...?

 Prathi's face crumbled with difficulty, but quickly.

'Well, but it's tactless to complain any more about seeing your brother off trying to grow up. Take care.'
'Oh, next time I see you, I'll see you in your new Mermaid King form!

 With one last display of brotherly friendship, Prince Arowana departed.
 It was an ordeal for him to become a champion.

              * * * *

Will we miss you, sister-in-law?

 After Prince Arowana's departure, Puffa was promptly teased.
 Prati is the one who is teasing him.

'Well, you can have a long-distance relationship, can't you? I'll just give up on this and wait for my brother to come back...
The pendant I gave to the prince, huh?

 At Puffa's uncharacteristic tone of voice, Prati felt something too.
 It was Puffa's tone of confidence in his victory.

''When I heard that the prince was going on a training trip, I barged into my teacher's place and made a pendant with crystals that I tried my best to die for.
'What? What's that? You're a teacher, the No Life King?
It's a combination of several coincidences and miracles that make it impossible to make the same one twice. It's a portable transfer point crystal that contains the transfer point information of transfer magic.
'What? Huh? Ee~~?
''As long as the prince has that thing, he can go anywhere and use transference magic to go by it. I learned transference magic from my teacher, and I also learned transference magic...

 With that, Puffa slammed a test tube containing some kind of potions and cracked it at his feet.
 Smoke rose from the spilled potions and enveloped Puffa's body.

'It's okay. I'll be back before I start my daily work of making pickles...''

 Then Puffa disappeared into the smoke of potions.
 You're under Prince Arowana's wing by now, on your travels.

A crystal that seals in the transfer point is unheard of...?
It's a historical event that will topple the magic society if it's announced...?
''Moreover, you learned transference magic.... It was originally the magic of the demon race, but now it has been incorporated into the mermaid race's pharmacy magic...? That's a work of genius, too...?

 Prathi and other mermaids of his kind who witnessed the scene were all stunned.
 Even to my untrained eye, what Puffa managed to do was a miraculous bargain sale at a great discount.

 The power of love that made it happen is great.