176-175  Transformation Angel

"I-I-I-I like onigiri.

 I am Hermes, God of Wisdom.

 I am currently visiting my brother god Hephaistos in the heavenly realm.
 I respect this deity, but he's still very difficult to deal with face to face.

''Excuse me, brother. I didn't bring you a rice ball. How is the adjustment of the splicing angel I asked you to make?''
The other day, the girl who gave you the gift offered you a rice ball. It was very tasty with a red and spicy substance inside. The End

 It's hard to do.
 Hephaistos, the god of modeling, may be a craftsman, but he tends to be slow-paced and doesn't read the atmosphere.
 I know that this is part of this god's personality, but it's hard to face him.

''........I'm really sorry to Brother Hephaistos for assigning him another job in the midst of the busy construction of the Binding and Chaining Temple for Zeus God's house arrest.''
"Oh, no, you're not. I'm happy to be working on angels again, aren't I?

 Good talk.

"Papa's temple and the angelic adjustments have already been made, haven't they? You wanted me to check on the work.

 And he works fast.

''Really? Not only to adjust the angels, but also the temple of bondage for your father's house arrest? That idiot father would have been able to get out of his own house with a makeshift ward!
"Bah, it's not the Binding Temple.
"So it's the Bokuza Binden Vajra Chain Black Thorns Eternal Labyrinth (Cocytos Ver.)

 His resentment towards the Father God was also all over the marrow.

 That idiot father was all over the place, because he looked down on a taciturn and upright craftsman like Brother Hephaistos.
 This Anata, wouldn't it have been better if he had been dropped by Tartarus?

'Oh, oh, do you have a rice ball?'
I don't have one.

              * * *

'So this is the adjusted angel you ordered. You don't let them call it a patchwork angel anymore, do you?

 Yes, indeed!
 The angel lying in Brother Hephaistos's workshop had changed from the one right after it had been unearthed and rerouted, and was now shining as bright as new.

 Currently, it seemed to be sleeping on a pedestal, as if it hadn't been activated yet.

''The whole thing has become more evenly proportioned. Before, it seemed to be something of a prickly impression, but...''
'It's because each angel used for the parts had a different physique. You made the arms that originally belonged to Bonosfon and the legs of Limosfon the right length.

 This angel was made by multiplying the parts of many angels that were destroyed four thousand years ago.
 Even though Brother Hephaistos gave me a gift, the idea of that saint is beyond even God.

''But as for the torso, you haven't messed with it much, have you?
The buttocks of Logosfon, who had an ample and mature body shape, is in the chest of Hussminephone, who had a loli body and a flat chest...! This unbalanced yet steady whip feeling...!''
"Since ancient times, the heavier the bottom, the more secure it is.

 I shook hands with my brother Hephaistos gingerly.

 'Brother! I knew you were a god of modeling!
 You know exactly what you're doing!

''Bu...bu...bu...you purged some of your armaments and replaced them with new ones, didn't you? You've prioritized convenience over eradication.
I see you got your wings.
''Ah, that was the supervisor, the Eris God, who forced you to wear it. It's going to look fancy, but it's a distraction to your daily life.'

 It's true that if those big wings were attached to my back, they would be a hindrance.
 You can't lie on your back when you sleep.

 However, even if you pursue convenience, you're armed well.
 That's my brother.

"Then activate it. ...then activate it...

 With a mysterious call, Brother Hephaistos presses the switch, and you can feel a hint of high-dimensional mana being released from the power part of the lying angel, filling each part of the body.

 The angel who got up.

 Speaking of which, brother Hephaistos. You've adjusted the exterior a lot, but what's going on inside?
 At the time of the previous activation, the personalities of each angel used for the parts were mixed together and seemed to be pretty much out of whack...?

Hey. Hello? When I woke up, there were two gloomy gods' faces in a row. What's the worst that can happen?

 It's still broken.

''What do you mean, brother?''
'You didn't really tamper with the thought process, did you?

 It needs to be worked on first!
 Look at how out of order it is!

"This in itself is her newfound personality. Ugh, fate is in her character. Her destiny is in her character, and she can't let anyone else change it.

 To my brother, even an angel manufactured as a bio-weapon should be respected for its personality.

 This personality is ah!
 Brother Hephaistos is thus surprisingly compassionate among the gods of heaven and respects the free will of the children of men.

''Ka, ka, her thoughts are jumbled up with the personalities of many angels, aren't they? How to reconcile them and complete them into a single personality should be left up to her future experience and thoughtfulness.'

 I see.
 Isn't this Hermes, the God of Wisdom, the perfect guide to perfect her character?

 After all, he's a god of wisdom!

'Uh, nice to meet you, I should say. I am Hermes, the God of Wisdom.

 I'm taking on the role of teacher to guide you from this day forward.
 That's the role of a son who will redeem the mistakes of his idiot father Zeus!

Oh? You don't want to be bothered by that, do you?

 But the angel rebounded from God's good intentions with a single shot.

I've resurrected, so I want to do as I please. I don't care about God or anything else. I don't want you to be so greedy. It's weird...

 I can hear the sound of blood vessels expanding inside my body.

'Okay, okay. I think you need some more special education.
"Heh, heh, Hermes, you're really pissed off, aren't you?

 I'd bring trouble to the saints if I sent her back to earth with such a rude girl.
 I have to use my wits and discipline her to be at least polite.

 That level of character correction is necessary for the child to acquire social skills!

''So, brother Hephaistos, that's why. I'll take this boy with me.''
But you've done everything you can do here, so you don't mind. But..........?

 I girded this rude angel's body tightly and carried her up on my shoulder as it was.......

"One of the forty-eight wisdom techniques of Hermes, the God of Wisdom........

 He knocked it down vertically to his feet.

''Celestial vertical falling brainbuster!''

 The angel child's brain collided with the floor.
 Since this is the heavenly realm, the floor collapses with the momentum of the brainbuster, slips underneath, breaks through the clouds and falls straight to the ground.
 The rude angel and I went from the heavenly realm to the earth........

              * * * *

 ↓ (falling).

              * * * *


 Falling from the heavenly realm in one fell swoop, arriving on earth.

 Action from there. On earth, I sought out a person and made a wish for him.

"Poseidon's Family! I need you to do something for me. Let this stupid girl come along with you on your journey and let her learn a thing or two!