177-176 Hakkai

 I am Hakkai the Warrior Orc.

 I am an Orc who has been allowed to go on a roaming tour of the world with Prince Arowana.

 Originally, we were meant to help the saints on their farms, but it seems that I myself am different from the other orcs in some ways.

 I have always had a desire to see the outside world with my own eyes and to spread my knowledge.
 When I heard that Prince Arowana, who would be in and out of the farm, was going on a trip, I said, "This is my chance! When I appealed to them to be my companion, both the saint and leader Okubo agreed.

 They even gave us a new name, Hakkai, and we are so grateful for the warmth of our friends!

              * * *

 That's how I, Hakkai, and Prince Arowana departed, but as soon as we started, we had a new companion.

 A new companion joined us as soon as we started, a female mermaid named Puffa, who was also a farm companion.

Puffa, why are you here?

 Prince Arowana was baffled by Puffa's sudden appearance with transference magic.
 It seems there is a trick in the pendant she gave him when she saw him off, and as long as he has it on him, he can fly back to her at any time with transference magic.
 On the way back, he could fly to the transition point at the farm.

 So Puffa seems to plan to travel with Prince Arowana and work on the farm, forcing him to live a life of back and forth.

 Prince Arowana seemed to be puzzled by this, but....
 .........I'll just have to give up on this.

 The obsession of a maiden in love is unbelievable.

              * * * *

 In such a way, the three of us decided to go on our way.

 Our first destination was the country of the demon race, the capital of the demon kingdom, the demon city.
 We destroyed our arch-enemy, the human nation, and now it's in a position where we can say that it's the center of the earth.

 The reason why he decided to stay here first was simply because it was the easiest place to reach by transfer magic from the farm.

 The Demon City is the home of Demon King Zedan-sama.

 He frequents the farm as much as Prince Arowana, and he and Prince Zedan are close friends.
 The King of Demons welcomed Prince Arowana with open arms.

 At the prince's request, the welcome was kept secret, but even so, the heavyweights of the demon kingdom took turns meeting with the prince day and night, and the trip suddenly took on a political flavor.

 All the while, Puffa-san sat next to Prince Arowana, sometimes defusing the situation with elegant jokes.
 I, Hakkai, was also at the meeting under the guise of being a bodyguard, but I overheard the conversations of the demon tribe members who were leaving after finishing their conversation........

''........well, the prince of the mermaid kingdom has a beautiful wife again.
"He's not only beautiful, he's intelligent. Even my queen, Queen Astareth, is no match for her.
When that couple comes to power, I don't think the demons will be able to get their heads around it.

 The outer moat has been filled in for sure.

 Also, we went sightseeing in the Demon City.
 The sight of Prince Arowana and Puffa-san walking through the city streets side by side with the two of them is nothing more than a date.

 They were looking at the shops in a friendly manner and sometimes bought things they liked, though.


 Wait a minute, sir? Those clothes you just bought, they're farm-branded, aren't they, Mr. Batty?
 It sounds like you paid a lot of money for it, but that's the stuff they give out in Loja when you get back to the farm!

              * * * *

 After staying in the Demon City for a few days, it was time to leave.
 In parting, the Demon King gave Prince Arowana a gift.

On this traffic note, it is written that you are an 'important friend' of the Demon King. Now that the former human kingdom is under my control, there is no place on earth that you cannot pass through with it.
I am very sorry for your concern. I'd like to study up on the ground.
We'll wrestle again when we get back!

 Thus, the Sea Prince and the Demon King parted after a firm embrace.
 ........This is definitely peaceful, right?

 Well, anyway, this is where we begin in earnest, into the infinite world.
 We'll grow in touch with all sorts of nature and people on earth, turning our experiences into flesh and blood!

 ...but the Prince?
 I know it's too late to ask, but why do you travel on earth?
 Since the prince is a mermaid, wouldn't the ocean be a more natural place for him to go on his training journey?

''...For mermaids, land is perceived as a dangerous and difficult place to traverse. That's why by treading on land, they can gain further ability and growth!

 It's true that the earth is a different world for mermaids.
 But I don't think it's often that unimaginable hardships fall that far.


 And then it came down?
 What was that thing that looked like it was in some kind of difficulty?

I'm Hermes, God of Heaven. I'm Hermes, God of Heaven, the God of Wisdom and Knowledge.

 The graceful man who fell from the heavens appeared from an improbable direction, a sudden turn of events!
 But "so what? And then he started talking as if nothing had happened.

 Naturally, I, Prince Arowana and Puffa were all aghast.

''Let's get right to it, Poseidon's tribe! I need you to do something for me. I'll let this stupid girl accompany you on your journey and learn a lot about you!

 I'd like to see a girl who is unusually fit in the lower half of her body in spite of her skinny upper body.

It's just that this girl has just rebooted for the first time in four thousand years. She's still mentally unstable. I will accompany you on your journey to gain experience and grow mentally! Wahahaha!''

 The intention to push off with momentum was clearly evident.

''I'll tell you. Let the little girl travel! What? I'm not trying to be a pain in the ass! She's a lot of things! It couldn't hurt to take them there!'
"...what can you do?
"I can destroy the world.
Take me home!

 She's as bad as the teacher at the farm, Mr. Veerle, and Holkosfon-chan, isn't she?
 But in the end, we ended up taking her with us.

 Prince Arowana said that since this is a journey of training to become a great king in the future, the more difficulties the better.

Then, please take care of her. I am sure that the journey with this child will be a rewarding one.'

 Her manner of speaking made everyone, including me, just a little annoyed.

''........So, the important thing is....

 Prince Arowana looked hungry already.

'What is her name? If we don't hear it first, there's nothing we can do for our traveling companions.
'Well, before assembly, the personalities of Neikosfon, Bonosfon, Hyusminephon, Logosfon and Limosfon are fused together, so it doesn't make sense to choose one of them...'

 What are you talking about, God?

''........It would be better to give it a new name here. ''Yes, in keeping with the saintly lord's intentions...''

 Sunggok Phone.

 And she was named.

 We have added a fourth person to our journey.