179-178 Direct appeal

 Continuing on, it was Hendler, the mermaid debater.
 He has reached land after cruising the currents directed by Prince Arowana.

'There must be no mistake here...!

 The saint's farm where Princess Prati is hiding out, or so it is said.

 I took a land humanization potion to transform myself, put on my trousers tightly, and proceeded deeper into the land, dressed unashamedly.
 Then I met someone right away.

''Excuse me, are you sure this is a farm run by a saint?

 He spoke to me in a polite manner, but without any sign of arrogance.
 As a person who calls himself a debater, he should be able to adjust his attitude to this level.

 When he was questioned by me, I immediately recognized him as a demon.

How true. I don't live here, though. I'm just an occasional visitor who comes here to relax and unwind.
'I am sorry to be rude about it. If you don't mind, I'd like to see our Lord here...?

 As we conversed, I felt something smoldering on the underside of my skin.

 Why is there a demon race here?
 Where Princess Platy is supposed to be hiding, here?
 Is this land already under the breath of the demon tribe?

Yes.  Saint! We've got a guest coming!

 The demon tribe calls out in a loud voice, but once again, it is clear that this tribe is not just any ordinary person.
 It's not just about the physical strength of the body, but also the presence of a spirit that is like a blade forged through 100 battles.
 No matter how strong the demon tribe is, there is no one with this level of dominance that can exceed ten fingers.

 What is the Saint's Farm where this powerful demon tribe resides?

'Yes, yes, yes, yes! What's the matter, Demon King?

 Soon after, a contrastingly hilarious human race came from the field? A young man who appeared to be a young man came in.
 I mean, what did he just say?

'This one's visiting the saint's hall, apparently a mermaid tribe?
'Ah! You're Prince Arowana's agent! I'm listening to you! Thanks a long way!

 The man greets me with a very soft manner.
 Is he a saint by the way he's called?

You're real...!
'What? What is it?

 Quickly my guess was wrong.
 So that means he has won the heart of Princess Plati...?

Oh, no...! Indeed I am Hendler, and I have a delivery from Prince Arowana. I'd like to see Princess Platy, if you don't mind.
'Of course! Let me show you around. Platy! Prati, it's a customer!

 Anyway, I had to follow them.

 The saint I had a hunch was fictitious, and the fields around him were magnificent and magnificent.
 What in the world was this? I can't get rid of the confusion that I'm feeling.
 Even about that brawny demon tribe that walks in harmony with the saint or something....

''Excuse me, Demon King, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you deal with the visitors...!
"I lived here for a time, so that should not be a problem. I used to live here for a time too, so no problem.


             * * *

 It's true.
 Princess Prati.
 How many months has it been since I've seen your face?

You're your brother's agent. Thanks for making it this far.

 After handing over the blending tools that Prince Arowana had entrusted to me, I immediately took matters into my own hands.

 That is, an invasion of the mermaid kingdom by demons.
 Now that the human nation has been destroyed, it's not surprising that the demons might see us as the target of a new battle.

 We must do everything we can to stop the demons before that happens.
 Help Princess Plati!

 She was a rare witch and pleaded with the princess.

'Oh, the mermaid kingdom is so much more than that now...'

 Princess Prati's reaction was also somewhat bland.

''Well, it's not that I didn't expect it. If that's the case, why don't you just ask her to make it clearer in black and white here?
Yeah, is that you?
What do you think, Demon King? Will the demon race invade the mermaid kingdom?

 Princess Prati asked the first strong demon tribe she encountered after coming here as an example.

''It's a foolish question. There is no reason for our demon tribe to attack the mermaid kingdom.
Of course.
The war with the humans was a defensive war that was launched by the other side. The war with the human race is a defensive war that was launched by the other side, and because it was judged that the offensive was inevitable until the other side was destroyed, it was merely a way of stopping them from becoming a nation.

 The strong demon tribe said with a voice full of reality, "The mermaids do not want a war with us.

The mermaids don't want a war with us demons," the strong demon tribe said in a voice full of emotion. We only give them what they want. If it's hostility, give them hostility. Friendship, then friendship.
"And that was Demon King Zedan's comment.

 Demon king Zedan.

 Demon King! Isn't this the commander of the Demon Lord's army?
 Why is there such a high level existence?

That's what this place is all about. For example, do you see that human tribe girl behind that window, hoeing?
What? Yes....?
That's Lettuce Slate, the princess of the destroyed human nation.

 What the hell?
 What's going on here? Why are we going to have three royalty, man and demon fishes here?

"When we are between affairs, we come here to calm our troubled minds. Your Prince Arowana often comes here to rest and relax.

 And Demon King Zedan.

You don't mean to tell me you know my prince?
Acquaintance? We wrestled with Prince Arowana, and we are friends. When he becomes the Mermaid King, he will have a hundred years of friendship with the demon kingdom.

 Prince Arowana!
 When did you score a perfect score in diplomacy?

 You've become the most powerful head of state on earth and a mabuddlehead!
 Could it be that you were convinced that there was no problem with this, so you ignored the controversy in the country and went on a training trip, Prince!

''During his journey, the prince stopped by my Demon City and met many of the chief ministers. Both sides are unanimous that we will eventually formally announce our friendship with the Demon Kingdom and the Mermaid Kingdom.
"Sooner or later...? Why not just 'now'?
It's a trick I've used before, but when the people who should be speaking are silent, it's easy for some rash people to do something rash.
Prince Arowana will want to clean up the old order before he can become king. He's just waiting for the place to warm up so that it'll be easier for him to get his feet wet. And you will do it by training yourself.

 Is that so........?

 In general, those who lambast the current regime for not marrying off Princess Plati to the demon tribe are also increasing their condemnation of the current system.

 Those people will be embarrassed the moment the truth is revealed.
 It's like being confronted with incontrovertible proof that "what you say is not worth believing," since the current regime, which they have so often criticized, has been shown to be super-efficient.

 After that, their voice will fade rapidly, and this is the perfect opportunity to expose the insurgents.

 In order to round them up, it would be better for the rebels to get on their game.

 That's what Prince Arowana's silence and furthermore, his absence is aimed at!
 What's the rush when they've already established a firm trust with their opponents and promised a major upset?

"You look like you understand everything. "The mermaids have a lot of talent.
Hendler is your brother's favorite.

 Now we have nothing to worry about...!
 Prince Arowana, after all, you were the right person to trust with the future of the mermaid kingdom!

My suspicions are confirmed. I will now dismiss you!
'What? You're leaving already? Why don't you go out for dinner and not so fast? Tell the mermaids who live in our house how things are back home.

 Princess Prathi, saying, "Princess Prathi, some people are called out in a loud voice.

'Lamp eye! Gala Rufa! And my sister-in-law! Come here for a minute!

 In response, a tall woman with blazing red hair emerged.
 Hmm? Is she...?

What can I do for you, Master Prati?
"Lamprey's the only one who came. Well that's all right. We have a new guest from the mermaid kingdom. So, since we're here, let's have a pleasant conversation...
"Huh? This man is ?

 The tall woman looked at me and noticed with a start.
 I realized as much.

"You're the Kingsguard who beat me to a pulp in audience with the King?
You're the impostor who cursed Lady Prati in front of His Majesty the King!