181-180 Travel Trip, Land Trip Part 1

"You must be wondering why you did it?

 I said.
 I said, looking down at the ranks of the strongest undead soldiers we've spent the last five hundred years building.

 They're all ready to go into battle, and the wreckage is filling their lifeless cave eyes with a murderous atmosphere.
 You can count on me.

 And I am naturally the leader of these corpses.

 Once I was the Demon King.
 And now I'm the Immortal King.

 I'm the Emperor of the No-Life King.

 Why am I the Emperor?
 You will understand this when you listen to my speech from now on.

I am going to be the ruler of this world. I am going to be the ruler of this world. I am the master of all. That's what I wanted, the greatest power on earth, eternal life.

 In search of them, he made the best use of the Demon King's power, transforming his own magical city into a dungeon and transforming himself into the No Life King.

I've been away from the rule of death for a few hundred years now. But my ambition is not so small as to be satisfied with that. I will rule over everything! On earth, under the sea, and even in the heavens! Everything is under my control! I rule it all! Dominate!

 Henceforth I will proclaim myself Emperor.
 I shall invade and rule.
 The title that should be awarded to the highest ranking invader is 'Emperor'.

I'm going to rule over everything. I'm ready for it. An elite army of undead knights who have challenged my dungeon and killed fools, especially the ones who have been selected and brought back to life. Their quantity and quality far surpasses the Demon King's army of this generation!

 That is exactly the reason why we have been hiding from them for five hundred years.

 That's not the only reason why we've been hiding from them for five hundred years.
 The Sacred Barrier is the biggest concern in ruling the earth.
 As I was a demon, it is an obstacle that cannot be crossed even now that I've become a lifeless king.

 But now, for some reason I don't know why, it has vanished.

 It seems that the current demon king has done something, which is really good news for me as well.
 The preparations are ready and my biggest fears are gone.

 This is the perfect time to unleash my supremacy!

I must personally praise the current Demon King for this achievement. I'll kill him with a skewer, turn him into an undead man and take him as my vassal. Let's go, my servants!

 My mighty undead army has already gathered in front of the main gate to the Old Demon City.
 From now on, we will sneak out through the gates and attack all the villages and rule them!

 O diminutive living being!
 Be afraid of the danger to the world.
 From now on, you shall rule over every ant that crawls on the ground!

"The First Army will lead me personally to attack the new Demon City! The Second Army, under the command of General Elixir, is to invade the human country! Other small units will attack the cities and villages, and we will not let any of them off the hook!

 Open the gates!
 All troops, sally forth!

 From this moment on, the eternal reign of the Emperor of the No-Life King will begin!

 What is it?

 The moment I stepped out of the gate, there was a blinding light.




'Chatter! Hit! Naisho!

 The converging manakanon released by Song Gok Fong hit the No Life King's emperor with a stunning hit.
 The white bone corpse dressed in a black cloak shattered into pieces.

 I'm sorry I'm late. This is the orc Hakkai.

 Today we're visiting the Old Demon City, a dungeon with the request of the Demon King.

''Geez! Sunggok, what are you doing here? I told you we're just going to take a look at you today!

 Of course, there's Prince Arowana, too.
 He looks as if his heart has been crushed by Sunggok Phone's preemptive bombardment.

''What? But? They're going into battle! I don't have time to check up on you while you're busy.
Songook-chan is right........!

 A further member, Puffa-sama, also says with tension.

 It all started when we left the Demon City and were sent off by Demon King Zedan-sama....
''Recently, there has been some disturbance in the dungeon known as the 'Old Demon City', could you go and check it out on your journey?
 ........and that was what I was asked to do.

 Prince Arowana is a disciplined man, so he headed straight for the Old Demon City.
 When we arrived, I was surprised to find that the No Life King had held a rally.

Fortunately, Sungoku-chan's strike was enough to defeat the enemy's head. But we can't be relieved. There are still a lot of undead knights left on board!
Gah! They're pouring out of the gates like fumigators!

 It doesn't seem to be as easy as saying that all of them will disappear if the first head is defeated.
 One by one, they are a large army of undead knights that are far different from ordinary undead!

''If that thing comes out of the dungeon and attacks the neighboring villages, we'll be in trouble! If the gates are the entrance to the dungeon, it's good terrain to hold them off, sir!

 Puffa's advice to Prince Arowana is spot on.

The sight of them, they're about to invade the world. If you don't take the initiative and disrupt them now, you're going to cause a lot of damage.
Right? Praise, Miss, praise?
Okay, okay.

 Sunggokphong sweetened in Paffa's ample bosom.
 Before she knew it, the angel had missed the witch.

''........Indeed, there is no pros and cons in this situation.

 Prince Arowana was a capable general, if only he could stomach it.

"I will exterminate them and save the world from danger! "Puffa, tell me the plan!
"Yes, sir! Songgok-chan, shoot the walls surrounding the ruin dungeon with your manakanon and make sure it's well ventilated! We're going to release a high concentration of mana in the dungeon!
"Yes, sir.
'As the mana concentration inside drops, the dungeon disappears! Engage in a dimensional distortion when returning to normal space and annihilate the undead army inside!

 Son Gokphon's Manakanon, which had been modified by the molding god Hephaistos, immediately made a great success, drilling through the huge walls of the ruined ruins to create a large hole.

''Master and Hakkai, push those undead back out of the city gates! Keep him out of the house as long as you can! Destroy all dungeons!
Yes! Let's go, hackai!
"The masters must not go inside lest they get caught in the dungeon's annihilation!

 Even Prince Arowana and I have some experience with arms.
 Even if we're overwhelmingly outnumbered, if we nullify our numerical advantage within the limited range of the castle gate, we can stall for time on the defensive!

'That won't last long! Please, Pahwa, Sunggok!
I'm on it! Sunggok-chan! Do what I tell you! Aim and fire! I'll vent as efficiently as possible, with as few holes as possible!

 Thus, after a fierce battle.
 The Old Demon City, the dungeon ruins that had caused the people of the Demon Kingdom to fear for five hundred years, disappeared together with the undead army that nestled there.

 The Demon King, who has gained immortality, and his insane ambitions have also disappeared.

 Prince Arowana's journey is going well today.