183-182 Sister Showdown

 One touch of armor sleeve.
 The girls of the Orthodox Five Witches Sacred Mermaid were overrun by Puffa alone, warriors and overrun.


 Puffa is strong.
 I've never seen her fight in the mermaid group's battles before, as Lamprey and Platy do, but she's strong.

The name of the "Frozen Cold Witch" is nothing to write home about.

 It's a good thing that you're able to get a good idea of what's going on.

 They showed an overwhelming difference.

''Puffa-san, please don't run ahead of me without permission. Didn't the other party just utter the challenge yet?

 Lamprey protested formally.

'Isn't that enough? You've shown a willingness to fight, and that means you can hit me whenever you want. It's worse to be laid back.

 Scary witch scary.
 You're thinking like a bloodthirsty delinquent.

I tried to get my battle instincts back as much as I could here, but I haven't got a clue. I'm not even a good training partner.
So he was unusually belligerent.
It's a good thing they all look like students at a potions school. Do you think they call themselves witches, too?
I suppose. No matter how prestigious you are, you won't be called a witch at the school's honors level, and you won't be called a witch. Even if you stand on your head, you won't be able to beat Puffa-san.

 He is showing the disparity between the two.
 Then Prati appeared.

'Isn't this the student Six Witches fan club that Angel founded? You're not very mature with a guy like that, Pfa.
Oh, Platy.

 Prathi slurriedly walked past Puffa and stood in front of her sister.
 By the way, the five younger sisters were grouped together in ice.

''Angel-sama! Ice! I'm frozen and I can't get out!
It's the 'Fire Witch', isn't it?
"The antidote isn't working at all! We'll run out if this continues.
Oh, I'm getting sleepy...

 Prathi quickly sprinkled the magic potion on the five people who were frozen and squishy in one mass.
 With that alone, Puffa's ice melted away and the legitimate five witch saints were freed.

''It's been a long time, Angel. ........I'd like to say, but shouldn't you be studying at school rather than selling oil in a place like this? You look like this.
'Sister Platy! Now is the time!

 As soon as Angel took a bite, he was hit by Plati's potion and spun around ten times on the spot.

'It's ten years too early for you to challenge me. You followed Hendler here for that?

 That's strange.
 Since it's been a while since the sisters met again, it should be more emotional.
 Why is it so bleak?

I'm sorry, sir. His name is Angel, and he's my sister.
Yeah, I heard about that.
My little sister gets carried away and often causes trouble, don't she? I scold her every time, but she doesn't seem to get over it, and this time too...!
I think that's where we really are alike.


"Angel. How the hell is this a gesture? You're coming to attack me?
The other two sisters aren't that close, but I don't think they were so acrimonious that they went out of their way to chase each other to Riku with bloodlust. What happened after I went to marry you?


'It's not your fault, sister, it's not your fault! You didn't tell me to go away on your own! Do you know how worried I was about you?

 Is this the pattern of a sulking tsundere sister?

'It keeps all the political bullshit coming back to me! That's going to keep you up at night worrying about it! Stressful days! I'm going bald!

 But it's not.

'The country is in a mess because your sister didn't marry a demon! My dad gets criticized on a daily basis! An idiot with no sense of delicacy even asks you to become a member of the Demon King's inner circle to appease the demon race! To me!

 Hearing that, I looked at Hendler and he nodded back emphatically.
 You mean the demon invasion controversy he mentioned when he first arrived.

''I definitely don't want to! First of all, I don't want a side room! And it's the Demon King! Demons must be stinky and stupid and have an ugly, oniocose-like face! I don't want to! You should be on the Demon King's side rather than me! That's what we've been talking about all along!

 So this is what it means.
 Due to the recent changes in the situation, the mermaid kingdom is becoming more and more concerned about the demon race.
 In response to this, an irresponsible faction started to make a fuss.
 In order to placate the demons, they demand that the Second Princess Angel be given to the Demon King's entourage.
 When Angel heard this, she was in a panic. She doesn't want to be in the side room of the King of Demons.
 So he decides to take his sister, Platy, as his substitute.
 For that reason, he decided to defeat her in a duel.

"That girl is the worst of all worlds.
That's what students are like, isn't it?

 Me and Hendler stood side by side, stunned.

'I knew it would be something like that. Utterly shameless sister...!
I'll only praise your persistence in tracking down this place. As a reward for that...!
As a reward? What? Are you going to be on the Demon Lord's entourage?
No, she won't! I've already married the master of the farm! ........As a reward, let's have a comment from the Demon King himself.

 Oh, Demon King.
 He was here to visit again today.

Well, Demon King? I'm sure the Demon King has seen how unseemly this idiot sister is, but what to do? Do you want him on your side?
"As I have said many times, we demons have no ill will towards mermaids. And as for the matter of the side room, I have the blessing of the Dark God Hades.

 Hades, the Dark God, is unusually unfaithful among the gods, and he forces those he has blessed to do so as well.

'I managed to get an exception granted to me during Grashara, but I don't think I can or will make any more exceptions. Even if I'm formally approached about getting a handbag, I have no choice but to politely decline the offer for the above reasons...!
Yes, sir! Good for you - Angel!

 Angel himself was stunned, unable to understand that the great man who appeared in front of him was the Demon King himself.
 It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them.

"I'm always sorry to trouble you, Demon King.
No, for the sake of your saint and Prince Arowana, let it go.

 On the other hand, Angel's expression starts to sparkle as he gradually comes to understand the situation.

'Yay! That's my sister! I love that it's such an easy fix for you! That's my sister! I love you!
'This cashiness hasn't changed one bit since before I married you...! Well, I'm glad I can help my sister, who I haven't seen in a while, but...

 Prathi smiled thinly.

You reap what you sow, don't you?

 Two strong female demons were standing behind Angel.

 Astares-san and Grashara-san.
 The two demon queens.

''You mermaid girl over there, say what you said earlier in front of us again?''
"You've been telling me that my Demon Lord is stinking, stupid and ugly? For our demon king?

 I see you're visiting your family today!
 And Angel, who cursed the Demon King at a place where the two people who LOVE the Demon King can hear him.

 ............It's over.

''Prathi, just in case I ask you, do you have to help me?
'That boy's habit of inviting tongue-in-cheek is something you'd better get over before you graduate from school, so it'll be just the right medicine.

 It was Prathi's dry view of her sister.

''In some cases, you may have been assigned to serve the Demon King with us. Since it's time to go, let's have a day-long experience with the Demon Queen.
'If you're Mermaid Nation royalty, you'll have a great experience! But I don't think a weakling like you can stay in the same line as Attaches, even for a day!

 Angel was dragged along by Astares-san holding his right shoulder and Grashara-san holding his left shoulder.
 It's a good thing that the two former demon kings of the four heavenly kings will now begin their hellish squeezing.

 Astares-san's belly is getting pretty big, but is it okay to move her body?

'Wait! Help me, Lisa! Sis! Sis-ahhhh!

 Angel's screams for help became a little more distant and smaller.