184-183 Supply of new force

'Run taller! You won't survive on the battlefield if you're a coward!
Porgy! What do I care? Fifty more farm laps!

 Both demon queens, Astares and Grashara, are still squeezing past Angel.
 I can't slow down because the wolf-shaped monster potties are chasing behind Angel, who is being made to run around the farm.

''I didn't know...! The queen was physical labor........!

It was titled 'To teach you the lessons of being a demon queen', but that was completely nothing more than the Demon King's Army's new recruits, no matter how you look at it.

 Well, the two guys who were squeezing were both former Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King.
 Since the soldiers of the Demon King's Army are becoming stronger with that, Angel will also have something to gain from it.

''So what are you guys going to do?''

 I asked the four girls who were freaking out on the side.

 They accompanied Angel to raid (?) our farm. These are the children who have done it.
 I think it's the five legitimate witch saints, including Angel...?

No....! We were only brought here by Angel-sama.........!
When I'm done with Angel-sama's business, I have nothing else to do, so I think I'll go home...!

 They seemed to be equipped with the senses to sense danger and avoid it as much as humanly possible.
 They seemed to have the intent to leave before they got caught in the middle....

''Wait a minute........''

 They were already trapped.
Puffa, the Freezing Cold Witch, opens her arms wide and hugs all four of them together.

We have them all.
Um, Mr. Puffa? What happened to you all of a sudden?
Saints, I think this solves the problem we've been having, don't you?

 The problem with that?
 No way.....

'My farm, mermaid team, shortage problem? What if we're trying to replenish those kids?

 Isn't that a bit too haphazard?

Isn't that okay? The fact that you were hanging out with the mermaid princess means you're a good student with a certain amount of talent, right? He said that because he's young and fresh, if the Atay class could teach him carefully and carefully, he could be more useful than those professionals.

 That's a confidence that's somewhat lacking in evidence...?
 On the other hand....

Wel Wel Wel Wel Wel Wel Wel Wel Wel Wel Wel Wel Wel Wel Wel Wel Wel....?
It's the Frozen Witch herself who is giving us guidance...?

 The female students are naturally puzzled, but more than that, they seem to be soaring, shocked by the fact that they are receiving direct instruction from Puffa.

''Is that how it's supposed to be?''
That's the way it should be.

 Hendler explains.

Speaking of the Six Mad Demonesses, they are regarded as the most troubled children of the mermaid world, but at the same time, they are also admired as the best potions master. It's not just that the young mermaids are impressed to be approached by the Six Witches, but also to be taught by them in person. And even more so, to be taught by her in person...!

 That's how it works.

 Puffa, on the other hand, selected two of the four to be placed aside from him.
 The selection criteria seemed to be Texan.

'Well, I'll take these two as Atai's assistants, brewery and refrigerator workers! The other two are under a different jurisdiction!

 Lamp Eye interrupted it.

''If two of the four are to be your subordinates, does that mean that the rest will be shared between me and Gala Rufa, one by one? The ratio would be wrong. We need to talk more about this place....

 Puffa blackmailed.

'Lamp Eye, you don't do much work in the brewery, hunting in the dungeons and sticking around Prathi under the guise of escort. The other two will go to Gala Rufa. He's the one who works the most in the team, you know?

 Whether it was the truth or not, Lamp Eye couldn't argue with it.

''So, Atai, I'm going to go work on these two guys as soon as possible. Lamp Eye, take the other two to Gala Rufa.

 With that, Puffa left leisurely, holding the two female students on either side of him.
 We were just left behind with a smack.

'What are we going to do, Lampay?'
Puffa is right.

 I know, right?
 I just don't know what they're up to.

Oh, um...!

 The remaining one, a female student, says.
 With a twinkle in her eye.

Is this Gala Rufa, one of the six witches, Gala Rufa-sama, the 'plague witch'?
''Eh? Yes.........!

 Yes, but?

'Great! Not only do we have the Frosty Witch, the Flame Witch and the Crown Witch, but we also have the Plague Witch!
''The Mad Six Demonesses are almost all here! What is this place! That's awesome! All the world's wisdom is coming together!

 Most things were going to be a trivial matter in front of the girls' meekness.
 Beside them, Angel was still running as fast as he could with the two demon queens squeezing him.

Oraa! Plus 200 more rounds!

              * * * *

 As expected, I was curious about the female students who were taken as well as abducted, so I decided to go check on them.

 The first two were the ones Puffa had taken.

 When I arrived, they were receiving a lecture from Puffa on how to make some kind of potions in a pleading manner.

''Oh, Saints. I'm sure you've got a good idea of what you're talking about. They're straightforward and quick to learn.

 Puffa's honest praise of a human is so strange...!

It's good to be a student. They try to swallow the things they don't understand without understanding them. It's not easy for adults who are obsessed with what they already know.
That's an earache.
As expected of the princess's schoolmates. She must be an elite from a good school, so she's quick on her feet.

 The female student who was brought over here called herself the "Fire Witch" Beertale and the "Ice Witch" Discus, right?
 Probably unlike Puffa and others, witches are self-proclaimed, but at least they have the wit to call themselves that.

''Oh, um...!

 In the midst of all this, one of the female students started talking in a tentative manner.
 It was a girl named Diskus.

We don't go to such a good school. We don't have money to pay the school fees...!
'What? Is that so...?
'I went to the lowest level of magical training, rotten and delinquent. Over here, Bale Tail was a soldier to eat...!

 Veiltail beside me nodded.

''I was living my life just eating up that day, but that's where Angel-sama found me, and my cronies...!

 It's a good story.
 If that's the case, it means that Angel had an unexpectedly royal sense of charity and an eye for humanity.

 It's just a matter of time before you get to the point where Puffa recognizes it.

But that's why I respect Puffa-sama the most among the six witches because of her upbringing!
''So do I!''

 The two girls approach Puffa.


 Pfafafa is puzzled.

'Master Puffa has always shown a rebellious spirit by opposing the system! It's super cool that he didn't abandon his theories even after being thrown into a trench jail!
'A rebel to power! Outlaw! Of all the six witches, only Master Puffa would show that attitude! I'm so numb and adored by that kind of thing!

 It was some kind of awesome adoration.
 The psychology of a delinquent yearning for a bad boy?

Did you leave the mermaid kingdom to live on earth because of some mess you had with the palace and the academy?
''Not as much as Puffa-sama, but the other witches have quite a few tags on them too! What the hell are all these six witches doing on earth together... It smells like an awesome chinook!

 I can smell you using a word with an unfamiliar meaning without understanding it.
 ........I see.
 So Puffa is perceived in the mermaid kingdom as a charismatic badass like that?
 Well, it looks like he hurts things that he touches with a sharp edge like a knife.

 But now Mr. Puffa is officially serving time as a mermaid prisoner. He's serving his time by working on our farm.
 That's a pretty impressive feat of courage.

"................. ....of course.

 I was vain.
 Puffa was vain in response to the youngsters' unwarranted adoration.

'How can you wear a collar so easily, Attai? This is the time of the vixen. This is how I'm hiding on land, sharpening my rebellious fangs!
That's so cool! You're not very good at it, sister!

 She immediately began to call Pfafa a sister.

I'm not going to be the only one who can do that. You have to fight against the system if you want to be called a witch.
'Cuckoo, sis!

 And Puffa had earned the respect of the younger generation all over, but....
 The man you've fallen in love with and who is making a fierce approach to you is...

 Prince Arowana.
 The future mermaid king.
 The center of the center in the system.

 .........do you realize what you're doing? A symbol of rebellion?

 I asked in a whisper so the girls wouldn't notice.

"The rebellious spirit and your marriage to Prince Arowana. If you had to take one or the other, which one would you take?
That's the prince, of course.

 This guy is bad.