185-184 Common sense gap

 I could see that the puffers were in harmony with the new kid.
 Relieved, I decided to go to the next place to check it out.

              * * * *.

An assistant? To me?

 One of the mermaid team, Gala Rufa, who was called by the title of 'The Plague Witch' in her home country, was in the infirmary.
 Before I knew it, a section of the main house had been turned into an infirmary.

 The number of inhabitants of our farm, including elves, satyrs, earth spirits and lettuce-rates, was increasing rapidly, and as the number of residents increased, so did the trouble.

 Whenever there was an accident and someone was injured, there was a need for a specialist to deal with it. That's why there was no one better than Gala Rufa, a doctor in the mermaid kingdom.

 That's why Gala Rufa is always on call in the emergency room, and she can't even get involved in the mermaid team's original work of making fermented food and fertilizer.
 On the contrary, even the current main medical work was insufficient to keep up with the workload.

 Puffa's consideration of giving priority to this is a meticulous approach befitting the wife of a future mermaid king.

 The girl mermaids who were assigned here.

 Their names are Hechelly the "Wind Witch" and Batrax the "Earth Witch", right?

 I guess the witch is self-explanatory.
 Just as it happened at Puffa's place, these two also packed up with emotion to Gala Rufa, whom they had never met before.

'You're Gara Ruffa-sama!
''Lady Gala Rufa, the 'Plague Witch'!'''

 The excitement of the young schoolgirls overwhelmed the timid Gala Rufa.

The anecdotes of her madness have been circulating for a long time!
It's been widely spread in our school!

 Crazy anecdotes?

''According to them, the debate on who is the 'strongest' among the six mad demonesses is divided into many different theories...!
"When it comes to the 'madest' thing, there is unanimous agreement that everyone mentions the name of Lady Gala Rufa!


''As it should be! While registered with the Mermaid Nation's highest Potions Society, his theory is original! The practice is out of control!
''The delusional nature of the delusional practice that has not stopped researching despite finally being expelled from the academy after bleeding into the rare and bizarre theories of magic theory that are so horrible to hear!
A legendary figure feared for her paranoid nature, she has been nicknamed 'The Pestilential Witch' and has earned various titles such as 'The Madest of the Six Witches', 'The Madest of the Mad', 'The Madest of the Mad', and 'Everyone just plays mad in front of her', to name a few!
It's an honor to meet such a Lady Gala Rufa in person!

 Praise for the girls who sow like a hailstorm (?) Gala Rufa takes a straight face to the ground.
 She stood up from her chair and walked with a staggered walk, then plopped face down on the bed that was provided as a matter of course because it was an infirmary....
 She cried.

"This is horrible~~! It's too much~!

The woman who made "The Plague Witch" cry.
 The two girls, Hechelly and Batrax, earned their title as soon as they arrived at our farm.

              * * * *

 He had to pat his head with my hand five hundred times before Gala Rufa recovered.

''You guys are mistaken!''

 And as soon as he recovered, he refuted the innocent girls.

'I'm not the made-of-mad mermaid you guys say I am! I'm a very ordinary civilian!
"It's all your fault for being named after the Six Witches! Because of that, I get dragged along by rumors of other awesome people and unfairly judged as if I'm a freak of the century too!

 Are you saying it's not?

'I'm not as strong as Mr. Lamprey or Ms. Puffa, nor as noble as Princess Prati! Normal! It's only normal!

 Gala Rufa, who is ranting and screaming as if she were venting her daily frustrations.

'I am, so to speak, the most ordinary of the six witches! No talent, no ability! I'm just a woman of uprightness, that's all! So what you guys are saying is overrated! No, it's not even excessive, it's an unfair assessment! I'm not crazy!

 The two new school girls were only overwhelmed by Gala Rufa's desperate defense.
 I should follow up with a follow-up by me to calm the place down.

"Oh well, Gala Rufa. You don't want to get too excited or you'll scare them, do you?
Oh, yes. Oh, yes, Saint...!
Like I said before, I want them to help you with your work. Maybe if you show them what you do on a daily basis, the wrong rumors will naturally go away.
Yes? ...Yes! Indeed, the saint is right! As expected of a saint, the saint is right!

 I managed to swallow the words that followed, which stuck in my throat.
'If I'm not really wrong.

'Then you two, come on over here! Let me explain to you what I do here!

 Gala Rufa placed an instrument, with a thud, in front of them.
 It was a microscope that I had given him as a gift some time ago.
 However, the shape has changed a lot since then.

''This is a microscope given to me by a saint, and I modified it myself to increase its accuracy and resolution! Ask the Elven Glasswork Team to make a more powerful lens! I've also used my pharmacy magic!

 Gala Rufa's orders are too strict and too insistent, and other tasks are delayed!
 I got a complaint from Powell in the glassworks team.

'Now we have enough to observe! Germs!

 What comes to the faces of Hechelly and Batrax after the explanation so far is.......

'' ? "? Aha! ...? ?

 It was like that.
 He doesn't seem to understand what Gala Rufa is saying itself.

 Because it can't be helped.
 The concept of "germs" itself does not yet exist in this world.

...Um...may I ask you a question?
You're high!
Yes, it's just that... What does that mean?
'Good question! Bacteria are those tiny little organisms! Germs are everywhere! It's in the air, it's in our bodies!

 The two of them, the color of their eyes looking at Gala Rufa, are changing rapidly.

What happens when you can observe germs! We can do a lot of things! After all, germs are the cause of so many diseases! If we can look inside the patient's body and find bacteria that aren't normally present, we can immediately know what the disease is!
"Examine the body? How?
Drain the blood out of him.

 More and more things are changing.

Until now, the only way to avoid the risk of misdiagnosis was to observe the symptoms that would appear on the surface. Ga! With the introduction of blood tests, accuracy has increased dramatically! All we have to do now is apply the treatment to the disease we found out about! Moreover!
What's more?
As for the cure, we have an innovative way to use the bacteria! For example! I won't go into details, but I'm going to draw blood from someone who has been cured of an illness...!
"Pull it out...?
I'm injecting a patient with the same disease!

 I've gotten quite a few steps off the ground, but the serum was a normal, viable treatment in the world I was from.
 That's just the world I was from.

 What is common knowledge in our world is not necessarily the same as what is common knowledge in the rest of the world.

"But, Lady Gala Rufa...!
'I knew you were crazy!

 I think their reaction is a reasonable one.

 So Gala Rufa.
 I'm not that surprised.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, but I do know that it's kind of awesome!
It's madness! It can't be anything but madness! No one else in the Six Witches could come up with such an outrageous idea but you!
It's the madness within the madness! "The Sixth Witch Maddest Gala Ruffa!
"I knew you were real! Once again, I respect you, lovely!

 You say it's insanity, but you still respect it.
 They're pretty good at it too.

'Saints-sama aaaaah! They don't understand me very well! It's terrible, it's too much!

 Gala Rufa was crying at me.

 It's no use, you've just gone too far ahead of yourself.
 It's going to take a long time before her common sense becomes the norm in the world.