186-185 Admission to the Holy Witch

 And well, after watching the mermaid girls, I went back to my original location and found that the angel lashing by both demon queens, Astares-san and Grashara-san, had ended.

 An angel was plopped down on the ground, leaking all kinds of liquid out of his body.
 It was breathing wildly, so it must be alive, well, it must be alive.

''For the first day, it moved well. As expected of Lord Prathi's sister, I must say.
I could probably leave a private in the Demon King's army to you on a day's notice.

 He had received words of praise from both demon queens, so he must have done quite well.

 Her sister, Prati, grabbed Angel and dragged her away, carrying her away somewhere.
 In the end, she seemed to be watching the place motionlessly the whole time her sister was being squeezed.

 Out of curiosity, I tracked her down and found that she had carried her sister to a large public bathhouse.

 Similarly, after finishing the day's work, the team of Bale Tail and Discus, led by Puffa, and Heckery and Batrax, led by Gala Rufa, also dived under the curtain of the women's bathhouse.

''Ahhhh~ It feels so good~''
"What's this~, paradise~
'I never knew just getting into water with the temperature turned up would feel so good~'
Exhaustion stings even more when you're exhausted~~!

 The voices of the girls as they melt into the hot water come echoing through the partition between the men's bath and the women's bath.
 It goes up.

'Yum! I love this white, super-cool drink!
Oh, is it called milk? It's called satyr milk, isn't it?
It's even better when it's cooler than it is after being submerged in warm water.
Are you keeping it cold in this box? ...Puffa's special freezing box?
A freezing potion that can stabilize the temperature at a specific point in time? As expected of the Six Witches.

 I could hear the guns through the divider separating the men's and women's baths.
 I knew the girls would be lively when they got together in numbers.

 And it was dinner.
 Tonkatsu is the menu of tonight.
 We cut a lot of cabbage.

It was crispy and juicy.
"Crispy, sizzling hot and hot...! Delicious! It's just delicious!
''If you eat the leafy stuff that's like garnish, it will reset your mouth that's accustomed to the strong taste and you can eat as much as you want... ughhhh...!
The soup and everything else with it is delicious, too.
''Even the Mermaid Palace wouldn't eat this stuff! What is this place!

 The girls were single-mindedly scraping up the pork cutlets, soup and rice that were served to them.
 It's a good thing that we're on the side that makes us happy.

I'm sure you've realized that this is enough. The awesomeness of this farm, the awesomeness of this farm...!

 Here, at last, Prathi let out a commentary-like comment.

'A farm visited by a demon king, served by numerous witches, delicious crops, pleasant baths. A farm that continues to produce all sorts of other awesome things. The master of the farm is my master! Once you understand, you can quickly admire him!

 The mermaid girls, helplessly swept away their resistance and fell flat on their faces.
 Leaving only the leader, Angel, alone.

''Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh...!

 She has the pride of royalty, or maybe it's the pride of royalty, and she's managed to maintain her autonomy on the edge of a cliff.

''Angel.......although you've always tried to fight back against me in some way or another,''

 Prathi says as if folding.

'The reason you came barging in here is because you were half tempted to help the public opinion pressured you to 'become the Demon King's side room', but the other half was trying to compete with Attah as usual with the pattern.'
'But now I'm devoting all my energy to making this farm flourish with my husband. As his wife, I can no longer be your sister alone. I want you to understand that.

 And Prathi pitched in and stuck to my arm.
 Was that the kind of flow persuasion........

''.........not so fast!''

 However, my sister was not a good listener.

''As a mermaid royalty, the most prestigious sister ever! I can't call myself the best mermaid princess without defeating that big sister!
You don't have to tell me your name.

 Couldn't you just go number two?

I was born a princess and I want to be the best! I'm going to continue to challenge you to prove that you have a better sister than your sister!

 Already, as my wife, Prathi, who should be called the co-owner of the farm, is so busy that she won't be able to find the time to deal with her sister, who is needlessly involved.

 The experience of running the farm so far was a stepping stone to convince my sister, but that didn't work either.
 The only thing left to do now is to kill her.

I'm going to work on this farm too!

 Prati and I both roll our eyes at Angel's plea.

''Even I'm not so smug as to think I can beat Prathi sister in my current state! To defeat a powerful enemy, you need a proper training phase!
What is this guy talking about...?
So, here on this farm, you'll grow up stealing magic skills while watching your nemesis sister's actions up close and personal! And one day I'll beat my sister!

 Angel said while moshing the shredded cabbage from the tonkatsu he received as a refill.
 He said something like "challenge" or something like that, but isn't the goal the food here or some other ulterior motive?

'But still...! You're still in school, right? What if you throw out of class, live here, and then drop your credits and get expelled from school? Did you forget that you're a princess? With the position comes responsibility, you know?
You dropped out of witchcraft school, too.
'I can't even gag when you say that...!

 A witch-like outlaw episode came out.

''That's why the authority of the mermaid royalty will finally fall away if even the second princess, Anta, drops out. This time, you are not the only one with friends. Go home properly and go to school.
What? You can't just send these guys away?

 Then Puffa objected.

''These guys are already starting to prepare as a new force in our department? If I can trust the brewery to these guys, I'll be able to visit Prince Arowana more often...!
"Shut up, sister-in-law.

 The reason why he was unusually positive about replenishing the workforce is because of such an ulterior motive.......

''Anyway, you guys should quickly return to the mermaid country! And don't interfere with the love nest of me and your husband!
What? Oh no, no! I want to live here and eat pork cutlets every day!

 So that was the main goal, after all.

 And while the debate about whether to go home or not continued, a further change occurred.
 The lower half of Angel and the other mermaid girls' bodies were in trouble.


 Was it the Five Holy Witches?
 The member of the group is without exception, and the lower half of the girl's body with antelope-like feet is somehow transformed into something grotesque.
 Octopus feet? Countless barnacles? Or like a massive mass of algae?

What's going on here? What is happening all of a sudden?
''Is this........the drastic change in the lower body means that the land-humanification potion has gone out of control?

 Whenever a mermaid goes on land, she must drink a magic potion to transform from a mermaid to a human.

 The angels were the lower half of human beings from the time they first appeared.

'Hey Angel! Where did you guys get the potion to change into a human? And did you drink it?
I don't give a shit! 'The Witch of the Holy Light, Master Angel, nothing is impossible!'

 You didn't make this yourself?

''Are you nuts? The land chemical is not something that a student can make. The formula must have gone wrong, and it's destroyed!
You're lying! I made it just like the recipe she left me!
If anyone can make it with the recipe, we don't get credit for being witches. d*mn it! Anyway, deal with it!

              * * *

 In the end, after all the personnel on the farm took down the five of them, Prathi and the witches' efforts alleviated the symptoms.

 For the time being, they were able to regain their human legs, but the effects of the failed potion were hard to get rid of, so it would take a long time for them to return to the lower half of their mermaid bodies.

 As such, the girls were forced to stay at our farm, without a care in the world.

 Prathi sighed, Puffa was delighted to have an assistant, Gala Rufa was desperate to clear up any misunderstandings, and Lamprey just flirted with Hendler, saying it didn't matter.

 And the five new girls seemed to have mixed feelings about their future life on the farm.
 Well, it will be okay.
 I won't let them do anything that reckless.