187-186 Functional explanation land trip Part 2

 I am Hakkai the Orc.
 I am accompanying Master Arowana, the prince of the mermaid race who travels on earth.

 We are interrupting our journey today because he has come back.
 We are interrupting our journey today because he has come again.

 Hermes, the God of Wisdom, who belongs to the heavenly gods.

"I'm here today to explain the equipment and capabilities on the Songgok Phone.

 Something about this god, he looks like he's enjoying himself.
 When he came to push Songgok Phone on me, I thought, 'What is this trouble with a definite shape! I thought to myself, 'What kind of trouble is this?
 At first glance, Songgok-dong looks like a troubled child, but in front of Master Puffa, he's obedient, and when it comes to battle, he's the most competent in the world, and he's been a great help to us on our journey.

 Even now, she's buried under the tits of Master Puffa, who has just finished his work at the farm and has joined us.

Miss. Miss Paffa's tits are bad. These tits are really bad.
Don't rub your face too much against it.

 While the lilies were blooming over there, me and Prince Arowana responded to God.
 Or rather, this god. Don't you think you're getting down to earth too casually?

"...so that's why! Son Gokphon, which was heavily modified by Brother Hephaistos, the god of modeling, is equipped with new inventions not found in traditional angels! It's an aircraft that pursues rationality based on the theme of compact functionality for everyday life!
I couldn't tell you what to do because you were so busy imposing on me the other day! Today, I'm going to teach you all about them, so you can learn them to help you on your journey!
"Now that I've put you in charge of Songgokphone, it's my duty to support you! As God! I'll be happy to give you advice as well!

 He doesn't seem to be willing to listen to Prince Arowana seriously.
 This seems to be a policy to get him to leave as soon as possible by listening to the Texan.

'What is an angel in the first place? That's the biological weapon that my idiot father Zeus had Brother Hephaistos create out of his ambition to invade the earth. It is a mass of super annihilating power that can destroy the earth with just one unit...!
"I started talking from the argument in the first place!

 This is going to be a long story....

              * * * *

 So I'll leave it at that.

''Now, I'd like to finally start explaining Songgok Phone's individual armaments from here.
Now we're getting to the point.

 It was long.
 But through the explanation of God Hermes, I was able to get unexpected information such as how Songgokphon was resurrected and how even our saints were involved in it.
 We'd like to ask our saint for more information.

''Then I think it would be better to have him take a look at it in person. Sunggok Phone, come over here for a moment!''

 and Son Gokhwon called by God.

'What? Aaaaand I want to hug Miss Sissi more~?

 In Songgokphone's mind, it was Paffa-sama > God.
 So Pa Paffa, the being who had surpassed God in Songgokphone, urged him on by himself.

Go ahead and do it. If you don't let him talk as much as he wants, he won't come back, will he?

 With a grudging disapproval, Sunggok-dong came over here.

"Songgokphone! Show them what you got!
Yes, sir!


'Why are you trying to take your pants off? What do you want them to see? It's a stick, a stick! Get the sticks out!'
Oh, there.

 Sunggok-chan rummages in his ear holes and pulls something out from inside.
 It was something as small and thin as a thorn in a tree....

'Stretch it out Songochrod, attack mode.

 As Songgokhwan chanted an incantation, the thorns suddenly became huge, and they became a single stick.
 Moreover, its entire body was painted in vermillion, and there were decorative carvings in places, showing that it was an artisanal gem.
 The elves on the farm would be thrilled to see it.

''This is Son Gokhon's main armament, the DX Son Gokrod!
From the looks of it, it's a gem, no doubt, but it's just a stick?

 Swords and spears seem to be more powerful........
 We think that we are.........

''I'm not so sure about that. 'Show her Sunggokphone,'
"Curl up Songochrod, blaster mode.

 As if in response to Songgokphon's spell, the stick transformed on its own, turning into a strange shape.
 What's that, that L-shaped...? You mean? It's like the stick bent from one part and became a handle...?

"Blaster mode, convergent mana non fire!

 Songgok-chan thrusts the tip of the stick into the sky with the bent part.
 From there, a light is emitted into the sky.

Is that...?
"In the old demon city, you blew up the No-Life King and the city wall...?

 At that time, I was too flabbergasted to look at it in detail, but Songgok Phone was releasing that flash attack like this?

'Blaster mode is Songochrod's gun form that unleashes a convergent manakanon! Sunggok Phone can use these two forms differently, making it lighter and more efficient than normal angels, and maintain its fighting ability!''
''By the way, the rod is derived from Songgokphon's mana-powered furnace, so it can only be handled by Songgokphon.

 I'm not sure what it is, but I found it to be great anyway.

 Why is that?
 Neither Prince Arowana nor I can turn off the sparkle in our eyes the moment we catch a glimpse of the transformation process of that stick!

'I don't know what it is, but it's cool! That's cool! I can't help but feel the romance of a man!
"Right? You know what I'm talking about, don't you? That's what I thought, too, and that's why I got my brother Hephaistos to put the transformation feature on it, too! My brother was in a groove at the end too!

 The conversation was lively.

 The women, including Paffa-sama and Sunggok-dong, watched the conversation with cold eyes.

"Then, Songgok-chan's equipment still has an amazing transformation function?
''No, they don't.''

 He gets a shoulder to shoulder and Prince Arowana zipped up.
 What's all this?
 And when I say transforming, I mean just changing from a stick to a gun doesn't add much volume, does it?

"Hmm, but have you considered that? 'Songgokphone has only recently been restored'

 As God Hermes pointed out, we turned our attention once again to Sungokphon.

'Ah? What are you looking at? Are you going to do it?


'It would be too dangerous to suddenly entrust all the power of the world-destroying angel to such a Songgok Phone, wouldn't it? So I asked Brother Hephaistos to lock in some of her features.'
When she has matured mentally and is deemed capable of handling her powers correctly, she will unlock and activate her new form!
"New form?

 That has a very exciting ring to it!

"I've entrusted you with Songgokphone to help you grow as a person, so please guide me through this. If you treat people with sincerity, Sunggokphong will grow up to be a better person!

 But originally, Prince Arowana's journey was to train to become the Mermaid King.
 However, Prince Arowana's original goal was to train to become the Mermaid King, but with Songgok Phone as a foreigner, the direction of the journey seems to be off.

There is no such thing as a misalignment.

 Prince Arowana says clearly.

"The point is that both Songgok-chan and I need to grow up more than we are now, don't we? I think we're all headed in the same direction. No, it's not just us. Hakkai too!


With you?
'We can all grow up together! We're on the same side! We can all just go ahead and do it together!

 That's the prince! That's a huge vessel for what you say!
 Yes, we're friends who are united through travel! Let's all take it one step at a time!

'Yes! Well, that's why it was worth it for me to put the Songgokphone on you! I've seen that kind of personality in you!
And you will open your eyes to Sunggok's new form! Witness it!

 That's your point, isn't it?
 But I see it! It's a very exciting phrase to hear, isn't it?

"So, what criteria will you use to change it, the new form? Is it more power or more speed? Can't you just tell me a little bit ahead of time?
"It's called a spoiler, Mr. Arowana...! Maybe a new environmentally compliant form is in order? Aerial battle forms and underwater battle forms...!''
"Underwater warfare is burning, mermaid-like!
'Also, I'm discussing with Brother Hephaistos about the items that will help me change into my new form! Cards and medals and rings! It's hard to decide which one to choose!''

 Puffa-sama's cold gaze was focused on Prince Arowana and the god Hermes, who were in such a state of excitement.

".........Men are such a**h*les.