188-187 Malebite Tour Tourist Trip Part 3

 I am Hakkai the Orc.

 We have been traveling, led by Prince Arowana.
 Today we arrived at the village around sunset, and it was inevitable that we would stay here.

 Thanks to the bill of passage I received from the Demon King on my departure from the Demon City, I'm usually welcomed in any place.

 Even a small village that is out of the center of the city like this is very effective, the majesty of the Lord of Demons is very impressive.

 This time, something happened in this village.

              * * * *


 What was served as a meal in this village was barley porridge and vegetables that were simply roasted in the fire.
 The barley porridge is very different from the rice rice cooked by the saints on the farm, it's thin and full of chaff, even the roasted vegetables have no seasoning at all.
 Even the roasted vegetables are not seasoned with any kind of seasoning, not even salt, and the only reason they are roasted is because they are meant to be eaten raw, as eating them raw would make you sick to your stomach.
 Honestly, it's a completely different result than what you'd eat on a farm.

''.......Is this meal common in this village?''

 Even so, since it was served, it can't be left behind.
 It must be flattened even if it's poured in the water served with it.

"Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. It's inedible.
Hey! Songgok-chan!

 Even if you think you're thinking it, don't say it!

No, I don't have a choice...

 The village chief of the demon tribe who served us this meal said apologetically, "Small country villages like ours are so poor that we can't even cook a good meal for our occasional guests.

A small country village like ours is so poor that we can't even make a good meal for our occasional guests. After all, we've been at war with the human race for so long...

 War, after all, is a great drain on a country.
 And the poorest villages will be the first to suffer from the war.

I'm sure the world will improve little by little from now on, but for now, we just have to be patient with the barley porridge...

 Hearing this, Master Puffa pondered for a while, then abruptly kicked off his seat and stood up.

'I'll be right back, just wait for me!

 Then he slammed the test tube with magic potion on the floor and disappeared.

'What's the matter with Puffa...?

 The use of the shifting potions would mean that he returned to the farm.

 As declared, Puffa-sama returned immediately.
 He was holding some kind of large tub in his hand....

''This! Nursery!

 He pressed the village chief.

Even with a little food, we can make it taste good with a little ingenuity. A good meal enriches your life.

 And the bran bed.
 Apparently, Master Puffa is teaching the villagers how to make pickles.

I served barley porridge, so you must have made barley! The saints would only accept rice bran, but even barley bran can't make much difference!

 With a gasp, I put down the bran bed bucket.

The saint said that the pickles are more nutritious than eating them as is. The kids in the village looked unhealthy too, so this should make them feel a little better.

 How's that for a windbreaker?
 That "I don't care if anyone else dies but Atai or lives" hard-boiled outlaw witch Puffa-sama voluntarily showed kindness?

I'm worried about the kids' poor health, so do you want me to give them a quick checkup?
'What? Puffa, can you even do that?
'I'm not as good as Gala Rufa in my day job, but I can prescribe an internal medicine for the superficial symptoms. I'm sure there are some medicinal herbs growing around here as well, so why don't you princes go into the forest and pluck them up?
Oh, wow...?
'And while you're at it, if you see any monsters, go get them. After all, there's no better nutritional value than meat.
''Not all of them are conveniently edible monsters!

 Nevertheless, Prince Arowana and I took a couple of able-bodied villagers with us into the forest near the village to pick the herbs we were instructed to pick.

 The villagers didn't seem to know much about these herbs, and they were learning how to identify the plants that could be used as medicinal herbs and how to collect them properly by asking us for advice from Master Puffa beforehand.

 A deer-shaped monster also appeared, and Prince Arowana killed it with a single blow, which was applauded by everyone.

 Since I, myself, am used to dismantling monsters on the farm, we made short work of it and brought it back to the village for a barbecue party.

'Everyone! "Do you like meat?
Did you make bran beds?
Did you mix the herbs?

 Something about Prince Arowana and the villagers are united in their hearts.

 Beside him, Master Puffa was teaching the ladies of the village how to make a simple herb.

"But the land people, surprisingly enough, don't know how to use medicines...!
It's unthinkable in a mermaid country where potions are in circulation. But the point of the trip is to travel to a foreign country and find out that what we think is common sense is not so.
The Demon King is a good king, but I'm sure he's been so preoccupied with the war against the humans that he hasn't even bothered to deal with domestic affairs.
And that's a chronic problem that has been going on for hundreds of years. I don't think it's fair to put the blame on Lord Zedan alone.
Even if we are going to reform even the way people live, if the head of state is in charge, the process will inevitably spread out from the center to the regions, and it will be too late for the benefits to reach these remote villages.
'That too will be resolved soon. Lord Zedan is the Ming Dynasty.

 I, um...
 Would you kindly stop this dignified conversation, Prince Arowana and Puffa?

 Like that future mermaid king and the mermaid queen?

"Hello! Fellas, I have a fun game for you to play! It's called smooching!

 Prince Arowana became popular with the village children and was completely at ease with them.


 Sunggokhwan watches while he falls asleep.
 Well, only she hasn't done anything!

              * * * *

 In this way, wherever he went, Paffa passed down the methods of making pickles and medicinal herbs to the villagers, and the inhabitants thanked him for it.
 He was praised like a hero.

 As he traveled from village to village and town to town, he was nicknamed "The Messenger" and was welcomed by the towns and villages he visited for the first time.

"How is the pickle good?
"Do herbs work well?
Do you want to know how to make it?
""Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!"

 He was completely charismatic.
 Today, he continues to contribute to raising the cultural level of the village by giving lectures on how to make pickles and medicinal herbs in newly visited villages.

I'm glad to see that Pfa is enjoying his trip.

 Prince Arowana....
 Is that right?

The first time I met him was in a prison in the mermaid country. I've been working on the Saint's farm for a while now, and now he's in a state of shock.

 Ahhhhhh, well... yes.

"The most twisted of the mermaid tribe is the one who made you so open-minded. That's the Holy Father's farm, indeed...

 The direct cause of Mr. Puffa's change is not so much romantic as it is.

 I knew you didn't realize it!

''With this amount of time, we may be able to erase the charges against her by the end of this trip. Her talent is valuable to the mermaid kingdom. If you are willing to return to us, it's worth it.

 There is one major condition for Master Puffa to belong to the state....

 I didn't have the courage to tell that to the prince as an orc.

 Well, I'm sure Master Puffa is not so rebellious that he would not even try to become the queen.

'Yes! So let's not let that stop me from propagating the fun of smooch! If you have confidence in your skills, gather together!

 The response to this was mixed depending on the village we visited.

 Thus, everywhere we went, we were praised by the people for promoting the manufacturing process of pickles, the preparation of medicinal herbs, and the fun of sumo wrestling.

 The journey went well.