189-188 Transfer Magic Chat

We are the orc team. We're going into the dungeon now!
"I forgot my luggage bag! We can't take all the monsters we hunt without it!
No choice. Just use transference magic and go back to the farm and get it.

              * * *

Yeah, it feels so good to be in the forest.
I knew there was nothing more important than being an elf in the woods.
But won't Master Aileron be furious with you if you're late for work?
I mean, no matter how much I run now, I won't make it in time...
Don't worry. That's when you need transition magic!

              * * *

'Master Panu! I'm done milking for today!
'It's almost time to get off work! I can't wait to get it to the big bathrooms, or I won't be able to make it in time!
Don't worry, that's when the transference magic happens!

              * * *

I'm done cleaning the house!
I promised to clean up the teacher's dungeon today!
But your dungeon is so far away, it's a pain in the ass to walk through it!
Don't worry. That's when the transference magic happens.

              * * *

"Woof! Transference magic!

              * * *

 ........Lately, I feel like transfer magic is being used all over the place.

 It's hard for me to be aware of it because I myself ride the dragon horse Sakamoto and move around at super speed.

 Many people are using transference magic?
 On our farm?

Almost every kid on our farm has access to it now, transference magic.

 I was surprised to hear from Prathi.

 I thought it was higher magic!

'Oh no, teachers are really good at teaching!

 So it was that guy.
 The No-Life King, the Immortal King, indeed. It's just that he's lived long enough to be adept at many things.

In other words, thanks to his lectures, almost everyone, regardless of race, has mastered transference magic?
The transference magic is originally a magic for the demon race, but Puffa's sister-in-law developed a transference spell because she's in love with her brother, so mermaids like us can use it without any problem.

 Oh no, convenient, convenient. .........and Prati is in a good mood, but is that right?
 I don't think so.
 Why do I feel that way?

Even if you don't live here, I'm sure Astares-san learned some transference magic here.
That's why you come to visit me so often...!

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on in the future.

 I'm sure you're not the only one who has mastered it.

You can't get rid of them. Even if you're an idiot in your teacher's class, it's reputed that you can learn it, so I'm sure you'll be fine!

 It's a good idea to have a few people in trouble if I acquire mobility on my own or........

 It's okay, Sakamoto.
 When I want to move over a wide area, I'll be flying on your back.

 So don't look at me like I'm a calf being sold like that.

              * * * *.

 Before I knew it, there were more transition points.

 What is a transition point, in case you're wondering? But the transition point is the place where you can go with transition magic is set in advance.
 The transition magic in this world can't move outside of the transition point, so inevitably it can only move to a place you've been to once.

 Initially, though, it was only one point used by the Demon King and the others to travel back and forth between the Demon City and the farm.
 Currently, they are dotted around the farm as a tool to move quickly and efficiently around the various places near the farm.

 Before the teacher's cave dungeon.
 In front of Viel's Mountain Dungeon.
 The front of the Great Bath.
 And the area near the original farm.

 Currently there are four.

 What was the opinion that the transfer point shouldn't be increased indiscriminately for security reasons?
 After all, it was hard to resist the lure of convenience.

'I've taken security precautions,'

 Veal said.
 Why are you telling me this?

That's because I'm the one who built the security trap system. Me and a bunch of corpses and the spirits of the earth.

 A magical trap created by the Dragon and the Immortal King?
 What kind of god-killing magic trap is that?

"...in every direction, within ten paces of the transition point. It only fires on those who try to go out from within.
Heh, heh...?
The system is designed to be disabled if you have the official recognition talisman I created, so the residents won't fall for it by mistake. I've already distributed the Talisman to everyone.
"I didn't get paid.
If something goes wrong and we let the Talisman go from our bodies, we can still go out there and cast a special spell. I've also taught this to all the guys on the farm.
What do you mean, you're not going to teach me?
No talisman, no spell, and when you try to leave the transition point without casting a spell, the evil spirits of the earth will come out and drag the intruder into the dirt. Then they'll be left hardened until I or a corpse-mobber pulls them out.
I'm scared!

 I heard it's safe to live, but even so, I don't like the idea of being buried under the ground without knowing when I'll be freed...

 The transfer point is a password system that allows you to transfer to each of the transfer points without knowing the coordinate codes that have been set for each one, so basically, only the people involved can use them.
 However, I've heard that there are illegals from all over the world who break the password and jump into unknown transfer points, so this kind of preparation is probably necessary in order to increase the number of transfer points.

 Of course, I've been taking such precautions since the time there was only one transfer point.

 What exactly did I do?

What the hell? What the hell?

 Hey, there's Verena!
 Why didn't you make it look like that? I didn't even notice you standing next to me!

Hi there. I'm Verena, not Bati, from the Demon Girl Combine...
The way you're introduced...?

 Speaking of which...
 The first job this kid was given was to manage the transition point!

 It was supposed to be her job to check the important transition points every day to see if there was anything wrong with them!

 But now the transfer point has been added, and traps for intruders have been set up at the initiative of Veerle.

Oh, I've made it so that any abnormalities in the transfer point are automatically notified to me. It seems that the spirits of the earth will take care of the cleaning as well.

 And Veerle.
 That word was a hallucination that pierced and penetrated Verena's chest.

''Wha........wha......I.......! I poured all my talents into mastering a high-level transfer magic, and with those skills, I climbed up the Demon King's army's career ladder and even became an assistant to the Fourth Heavenly King...!

 Well, that happened.

''Even that transference magic can be used by everyone here...! Finally, the value of my existence ah~! My little bit of existence is worth ahhhh~!

 It was Verena who started to cry oi oi crying.

 She kept looking away all the way up to this point........
 The reason was that it seemed like a hassle.

 But it seems that the time has finally come when we need to have a serious discussion.
 About Verena.