190-189 Verena Question and Answer

 The conference attendees around the table.

 I am the chairperson and moderator of the meeting, me first.
 Prati and Veerle on either side of it.
 Okubo as the Orc representative. Goblin representative Gobkichi.
 Aileron from the Elven camp, Panu from the Satyrs.
 Earth Spirit.
 Angel Holkosfon.
 And special guests, the Demon King and No Life King Teacher.
 The God of Hades.
 God Poseidon.
 In addition, the main topic of discussion, Astares-san (in the last month), who is Verena's former boss, and his best friend, Bati.

 With the above members, we'd like to start the meeting.

Let's talk about Verena's existence at the first meeting!

Isn't it too much to ask?

 !" shouted Verena in confusion.

That's a distinguished group! For me, not only the main people of this farm, but also the Demon King! I'm too scared to die!
What do you mean?

 I said, very obviously.

'Verena is one of my farm mates! If you're struggling with your identity, it's time we worked together to find an answer!

 Isn't that right, people?
 Half the pain, double the joy. That's the beauty of helping each other out, friends!
 Let's all work together here and now to get over Verena's pain!

''........I mean, Verena. She stayed on the farm because she was expected to be a transfer magic user, but she didn't have much usefulness in that regard, and in the meantime, the transfer point will be added, and everyone will be able to use transfer magic, and it will become less and less rare...

 Finally, he started crying the other day, he said.

''Is transference magic actually that rare?''

 Let's ask the Demon King who rules the demon race here.

''Right. Not only is it difficult to learn, it's also far more useful than other magic, so much so that its users are strictly controlled by the state.
''It's so much so that in the Demon Kingdom, to learn transference magic, one must first report it, investigate its origins and ideology, and obtain permission. If a transfer magician that the demon kingdom doesn't know about is identified, that alone is reason enough to offer a bounty for their capture.

 I didn't know they were teaching such a great magic to everyone in a disorderly fashion.
 ........will it matter?

You don't know anything about that now, do you?
'Everything is full of exceptions. This farm.

 It was something of a masterstroke.
 Let's get back to the topic at hand.

''In other words, Verena's transition magic, which is rare enough in the world, is just a general knowledge here! It's like a bat in a birdless village mingling with a flock of wyverns!

 Batty's fine.
 Don't make your friend cry.

So I think what Verena needs is a new personality!
I'm proposing a smooth flow!
Help the farm with your newfound skills to replace transference magic! That way, importance and attention naturally goes up, salaries go up, and great meetings happen!

 Yes, Batty's suggestion has a point, but....
 So what kind of personality should we add to Verena?

'Do you want to take a potion and become a mermaid? The drug that turns you from a land man to a mermaid is still in its infancy, and you risk turning into a bubble if you can't become a mermaid?
You want to bathe in dragon's blood? Instead of having your spirit shattered, you'll be invincible, okay?

 Prathi and Veer suggested each.
 But both of them are too risky.

 Also, Prati's suggestion of a mermaidification potion doesn't make much sense since they are mermaids in the first place.

 I solicited suggestions from the other conference participants.
 What new personality should we add to Verena!

'Warriors in dungeons.'
"Take down a powerful monster in one punch.
Living in the Woods.
I'll try to milk it out.
We're going to be buried!
Can I lend you a pistol with Manakanon?
"Do you want to be immortalized?
"Shall I give you my blessing?
"Let's eat the mentaiko.

 The following ideas were raised.

'How about it, Verena? Do any of these sound good to you?
''None of them are possible ughhhh!

 Yeah, I know.
 That's what I thought, too.

Can I just say what I think?

 The one who raised his hand after saying that was Astares-san.

 The current Demon Queen and former Four Heavenly Kings.
 Above all, he's the person who was once Verena's boss.
 In terms of knowing Verena well, you can expect more than anyone else in this group.

''During my time as an active Four Heavenly King, Verena was indeed a very capable second in command. A second in command's job is to support their superiors from the shadows. In that regard, there was no other administrator as considerate as Verena.

 To keep in close contact with other units.
 Gathering and analyzing information in advance of fighting the enemy.
 Managing supplies and coordinating plans, as is often the case with military actions.

 It's a simple but important job, and one that cannot be neglected, and Verena has performed it perfectly.

I'm sure you'll find that compared to her, Batty and the others are a bit uneven in their work. That was compensated for by the lightness of the common man's life, but...

 Just off to the side, Batty was whistling. 'Sticky.

'I can assure you that those talents of Verena's will serve her well on this farm. Why don't we let Verena contribute to the farm in those areas?

 That's true too.
 In fact, isn't it Verena who has been doing a great deal of work so far in negotiating with the demon trader Shax-san and preparing to welcome Lettuce Rate-chan?
 It's not well known, though.

 Why didn't I notice that earlier!

 On our farm. On our farm, this administrative and negotiating ability is quite valuable.
 That's enough to give Verena a new lease on life!

What do you think, Verena! What good would that do for our farm?
No, sir.

 I thought we were done here! Why all the hell do we have to go through here?

 Are you sure you want to do this, Verena?
 We've been waiting for you to get your very own personality!

I don't want to be of any use to the saint beyond human knowledge, even though I'm a part of his farm! I want to be more flamboyant and make a difference that will be remembered by all of you!


"But I don't have that kind of super-super power...! That's sad! If only I had more power, I could make it my own personality!
'Such as?'
For example, here's an example!

              * * *

'Wait! "Erinsova, demon general!
Who are you?
'I am Verena, faithful squire of the saint! I will keep the peace on the farm!
"Oh, don't you think, Verena...!
I'm not here to help you! I'll take you down! I will never allow anyone else to defeat me!
"Evil demon general Erinsova!
"Therefore, for once, I am going to help you! Come on, let's work the fields together!

              * * * *


 All of us here have had plenty of time to decompress.


 For those of you who have come from far away, I am really sorry for your labor.
 At the very least, let's have a dinner afterwards and have a good time eating and drinking.

 And Verena.
 You'll be our new administrative agent in charge of the farm today.

 It's a big job, so I need you to pull yourself together and help out.

 And so we put an end to Verena's personality problem.