191-190 Days of Mermaid Girls


 The two of them were staring at each other.

 Lettuce Slate, the princess of the ruined human nation.
 And Angel, the second princess of the mermaid kingdom.

 I'm sure you'll find a lot of people who are interested in it.

 They paused cautiously, looked at each other firmly, and after spreading their arms wide like birds acting threateningly.......


 They hugged each other.
 What the hell was that?

'I feel something of a sympathy with you! It's like an innate nobility!
'I know! I get the feeling that you're just as much of a chosen one as I am!

 They are in harmony.

 It's true that both sides are born princesses.
 I'm a relative newcomer to the farm. I hope that the newcomers will get along with each other.

If nothing else, I feel like we have something in common!
"Hatred for that demon sister!

 Oh, no.

So you're one of the victims of that demon mermaid's misery?
"So are you! I feel like I've finally found my soul mate! A comrade who is willing to stand up to that demon sister's violence and unreasonableness!

 Zugagan! And.

 Prathi appeared out of nowhere, Lettuce Rate's with her right fist and Angel's with her left fist.
 Each of them had a thrust to the abdomen......or, more accurately, to the pigeon tail.


 The comrades sank down, letting out a dirty scream that couldn't have been a girl.

''Stop wasting time talking and get to work...!

 And Platy is unconcerned.
 She's also a princess of the mermaid kingdom, and she and Angel are sisters in fact....

 I can't wait to see her and interrupt her.

I'm not sure if I'm right or not. As usual, though, isn't buzzing too much?

 It's really too late now.
 You're so violent, you're going to get a lot of hate from both of us.

If I could, I'd like to keep it simple. It hurts too.
So don't throw up your hands in the air for God's sake!
'No more violence! No More Iron Fist!

 Even Lettuce Rate and Angel try to fold in on the conversation.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of good reasons for this.
 Why are you being extraordinarily hard on these two?

I'm a good person, too........I used to be a good person. It's not necessary to resort to corporal punishment, but as long as you speak politely and love them, they will understand. There was a time when I thought so.
But at some point I realized that those thoughts were just an illusion. With Angel there.

 I get it.
 I kind of get it.

'Hey, Angel, remember Angel? When we were still living in the Mermaid Palace, I told you over and over again not to enter my laboratory, but without learning a lesson, you snuck in...!

 Angel began to shake from his waist as he remembered something.

'After touching something that shouldn't be touched, the lab was a total loss. A lot of research was lost, and there are a few things that have not yet been fully recovered...!
Anyway, since then, I've realized that there are things in the world that can only be conveyed by fists. By the way, since the lettuce rate there smells just like my own sister's, I've decided to do the same thing without examination.
Hey! Hey!

 Miss Lettuce Rate bursts into the conversation.

I'm going to do what? The reason why I get beaten up day and night by this demon mermaid is because of her?

 I'm going to point at Angel.

It's not a good idea. You're going to get hit because it's your fault! Don't blame me!
''Yea, the reason the demon mermaid turned into a demon is because you've made her heart so rough! Otherwise, I'm sure you would have been nice to me here, too!
'No, you wouldn't! I'm your own sister! You're supposed to be nice to your blood sister!
It's me!
It's me!

 Finally, the two have developed into a fistfight.
 Where is the setting for a kindred spirit...?

Platy, do you have to stop that?
There are times when I don't think I can handle myself.

 Prathi said with a thud and weakness.

"'Sis! Sis!

 The two controversial people came rushing to Prati.
 But why do you even call Letasurate a "big sister"?

'You're prettier than me, sister! She's my own sister! Blood must be thicker than water!
'No! Of course I'm prettier than you! He's such a handful, he's bound to love it!
Don't say that to yourself!

 Before I knew it, it became a game to see who would win more affection from Prathi.

'I love you more than you do my sister!
No, I love you more than you do, sis!

 And even more, the shape of the game had shifted to 'who loves his sister more'.
 This immediate loss of essence is the common denominator that really ties these two together in a gutsy way.

''I love you, big sister!''
I love you, big sister!
''I love you sis!''

 The two of them were kindred spirits, but it was clear that these two were going to make things more and more difficult for Prathi.

''Ohhhh! I get it! Okay, don't get involved! I love you too! So get off my back and don't be relentless in your titty squeezing!

 This is really hard work, isn't it?


 The new mermaid girls who joined our farm from just the other day.
 Prati's younger sister, Angel, who calls herself the 'Witch of Holy Light' (that's all she calls herself), as well as Discus, Veiltail, Hechelly and Batrax.

 They followed the righteous witches and looked up to them as if they were their older sisters, and they were still studying diligently today.

 The most important reason for their stay at the farm is that they are unable to return to the sea due to the side effects of a failed potion they created to turn mermaids into earthlings.

 It would take quite a while for the potion to wear off, and until then there was nowhere else for the girls to go but their farm.

 The Angels are still young and attending school, so I asked Hendler to take care of all the arrangements for them, including the leave of absence.
 It was Hendler who was no longer representing Prince Arowana, but rather visited our farm for the main purpose of flirting with the lamprey.

Some of Princess Angel's schoolmates are enrolled in famous wizarding schools. It's not always easy to get permission from them, as their parents are also noblemen from the mermaid country.
Your parents must be very worried about you.
'Do you think it would be reassuring to mention the names of the Prati princesses? There was also the hope that this was the case. After all, the Six Witches are the best potions master in the mermaid kingdom. Being able to learn directly from them is a better learning environment than sending them to any top-tier school.

 If you ask me, that's true.
 If the current status of the angels is that they are students who are focused on their studies, it is probably the best extracurricular lesson for them to follow the six witches, who are professionals at the highest level, and see how they work.

 If you can persuade them with that policy, their parents will be more easily convinced than you think.

Yeah, about that...!

 Hendler had something to say about that.

If I let the Sixth Witch guide me, I think my daughter will become a delinquent too. I'm worried about it...!

 That's right.
 My witches were the worst in all of history, even for a double flower mullet.

"We managed to settle things with the help of His Majesty the Mermaid King Nargus. I was shocked to learn that the Six Witches had such a lack of trust in society. I'm also greatly shocked...!

 Hendler, who is now one of the Six Witches and her fiancé, looks devastated, as if he is no stranger to her.

He looked devastated, "No, that's not true!

 It was one of the mermaid girls who interrupted the conversation and said, "No, that's not true!
 It's a girl mermaid with a puffa named Discus.

We're happy enough to be here! It's a dream come true to be able to study potions under the godlike Miss Puffa after all these years of admiration!
Me too! Me too! Me too!

 The other kids will follow suit and agree.

 Puffa is currently in love with Prince Arowana, forcing you to do the basic fermentation work.

I'm sure Miss Puffa is secretly preparing for her new evil deed.
"A conspiracy that will turn the world upside down!
"To help Master Puffa! We've got to make sure that the work here is supported by us!
Dang it!

 And they are encouraging each other with their innocent eyes, which makes my heart ache, even though I don't know what else to say.

 If Puffa is doing anything wrong, it must be that she is using their innocence to make out with a man right now.

Well, I'm glad you guys are so motivated to study under the Six Witches.
Not all of the six witches are there, though.

 No need to say anything.

Oh, no, it's not that bad, is it?

 Someone from the girl mermaids said.
 What's that meaningful talk?

Because if all six witches are gathered together, that leaves the Abyssal Witch and the Dark Witch, right?
'Two of the six witches are said to be exceptional! When you get to those two, your world will really be turned upside down!
''No, no, wait!
Even if it's unlikely because the 'Dark Witch' is at a level where her existence is questionable, maybe there is an Abyssal Witch!
""Because this is a saint's farm!"

 The girls are laughing cheerfully at each other.
 No, wait.
 You, too, are aware of the phenomenon of the flag.
 ........and when I tried to pay attention.


 There was a sound like the earth shaking from somewhere.

 Zusheen, Zusheen, Zusheen, Zusheen.......!

 The sound is getting closer and closer to us.

Where is this sound coming from...?
It's in the sea, isn't it!

 As I rushed to the shore, a giant emerged from the water with a bang.

A giant!

 What's a giant out of the sea?
 Moreover, the giant that came out of the sea is the Witch of the Abyss, Zos Saira, riding on her shoulder.
 He came right away to collect the flag!

"Okubo, where is Okubo? This 'witch of the Abyss', Zos Saira, has come to visit you?
"'Ohhhh, "Witch of the Abyss" ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh!

 The girl mermaids who were present naturally sit up.

''Whoa! Not only Miss Puffa and Princess Platy, but also the oldest of the six witches, the Abyssal Witch?
"What in the world is going on here?

 Yes, sir.
 I'm sorry for not following common sense. Yes, that's right.

 We've gone through the whole exchange and I'd like to hear it all.
 Zos Saira.
 What is this giant that has emerged from that sea?

A new version of the Straw Hat. It's a sea-dwelling monster that has been genetically engineered to act on land, the Sea Bowls. I thought I'd show it to Okubo today. Orcubos. Where are you, Okubo?

 That's a pretty dangerous piece of equipment, isn't it?
 No! One little mistake on your part and the world is going to fall apart!