192-191 Bremen Band

 This time, let's talk about a play that Veerle started.

              * * * *.



Yo shamo!
"Kook Doo Doo Doo Doo.

 Veerle is playing with some animals.

'Yes! You guys have good pitches! Next time, raise the pitch!

 She used to be a dragon's girlfriend, but now she's a cute little girl in human form.
 I'm not going to be the only one who can do that.

 There are three of them in front of Veerle.

 A wolf-shaped monster, Hupericaon's potty.
 Sakamoto, the dragon horse, a genetically engineered homunculus horse.
 Yoshamo, a chicken-shaped monster that produces healthy eggs every day.

 These three.........three animals? Three birds?

 Anyway, it can be said that these guys are well disciplined in returning the squeal at one instruction from Veerle, though.
 It's also questionable to say that they are clever and that Veerle got credit for disciplining them.

 I'm not sure if it's Viel that's playing with them, but isn't it Viel that's playing with them?

'Sakamoto! You're the only one with a fast tempo! Make sure you're in line with the others! Potty, now 'Wah-wah! "The solo part is the highlight of the show, so more clearly and clearly!
What are you doing with that Veerle guy?

 My wife, Prathi, also came over when she noticed the strange behavior that Veerle had started.

 She was led by a dragon and chorus (?). Dogs, horses and chickens doing their thing.
 It must seem like a bizarre sight.

 Is it about time for an explanation? I was just thinking to myself.

 That thing where the animals travel to the big city to become musicians.

 I was gutted to hear that story and it affected me a lot...!
 It's not entirely possible that I spoke to you by accident, but...!

That's what happened?

 He is a viel who is trying to discipline animals and form a music band.

 It might be like the psychology of someone who gets into cartoons and buys a guitar.

'Listen guys! You're the best I've got! We're going to make the best music with the best members!

 This vielle groove is in full swing.

"First the dogs!
"Woof woof.
Then the donkey!
"It's a hyphenated horse.
And the chicken!
"and the cock doo-doo!
'When you sing, the world responds to you! We're going to save the world with our songs!

 Where is Veerle headed?

'I knew it!'

 I'm too quick to fail.

'Not enough! It's not enough! There's one big omission for this member to win the world!

 So what are you trying to achieve?

'Remember, master! According to the story the master gave me, I thought there were four members of the music band!

 A dog.
 A donkey.
 A chicken.

........a cat.
'So cat! My musicians are complete when the cats join them! The cat! Scout the cats!

 But we don't have the equivalent of a cat living here yet.
 What if a new character is introduced here?

              * * *

"Kook Doo.

 Panu, a satyr, had joined the choir.


 The satyr is a goat beast.
 Why did you include a goat in the attempt to add a new cat?

Nope, not gonna happen!

 Veerle is puzzled by the Maestro's pretensions.

I tried to see if I could use a goat to take over the cat's part, but it's no use. Cats and goats are different creatures after all...!
''To begin with, I'm a goat beastman, not a goat itself, so...!

 Panu couldn't help but smirk.

''I'm sorry Panu. This audition resulted in you being rejected. However, the reason for that was a mismatch in musicianship, so that doesn't mean that your talent was denied. Please continue to work hard and continue to meh...!
Huh...! Okay, I'll go back to my dairy business...!

 Then Panu went back to work where he was forced out.
 ....................Sorry, I'm busy.

'My band of musicians will never be complete unless the cat slot is filled...! If this happens, if this happens...!

 Is a new character coming this time?

I'm getting into the cat part myself!
You're a dragon!

 You're a dragon!
 Dragons and cats are far too different creatures!

The only way to achieve my vision of a cat part is for me to express it myself. The last member of my band will be my own cat!

 And then Veerle would transform into a heroic figure.

              * * * *

"Kook Doe.

"Kook Doe.

 The band is complete.
 Was it?

 Dogs and horses and chickens and dragons, not dogs and horses and chickens and cats, but dragons.
 A dog, a horse, a chicken and a cat, but not a dragon.

 These four (?) animals. The squeals of the "I" are suitably rhythmic and ensemble, but there is one part that inevitably shows too much presence, I guess.
 It's a heaven-shaking, earth-shaking 'nyah'...!

"There it is! This is the melody I've been chasing!

 And the dragon form of Veerle is going to go 'meow' in a flippant manner.

 Well, this guy always sleeps day and night when people are working.
 He's thoroughly indifferent to things he's not interested in, but when he wants to be bothered, he gets annoyingly close to me.
 He's so curious, but he's afraid of anything.

 I think there are a lot of cat-like qualities in his personality.

"Kook Doo Doo Doo Doo.

 And Pochi, Sakamoto, Yoshamo and the others, who are still in the company of Veerle, said, "Are you still not released? He was looking at me with a look of "I'm sorry.

 I'm sorry.
 If Veerle is catty in nature, I think he's going to get bored easily.
 Cats are bored easily.

              * * * *

 Then Veerle began to play a different game, based on the example of the fairy tale.

'Goooo! It's a monster!''

 Veerle is freaking out in dragon form.

'It's a monster I've never seen before! It's a horrible monster!'

 Sakamoto is on top of Veerle's giant, dragonized head, with Pochi on top of him and Yoshamo on top.

 If you can show this in silhouette alone, it's an ungainly monster.......
 ........there's no way you can see it.

 It only looks like a dragon with a strange object on its head.

"Hahahahaha! Come on, master! I'm a tough guy, right? Like a mysterious, terrifying monster?
Yes, I am.

 Just Veerle.
 Even if you look like horrible monsters now.
 More than 90% of that comes from you alone.

'Whatever's on top of you, when you're a dragon, you're a horrible monster, right?'
'Platy! Shut up!

 Pochi, Sakamoto, and Yoshamo were all over Veerle's head, with an enlightened look on their faces.