193-192 two communions

 Talk about transition points.

 There are currently several transfer points scattered around our farm to support the movement between each place.
 The management of transition points is important because the specification of transition magic does not allow you to move freely anywhere, you can only fly to any transition point.

 This is because it would be troublesome if someone with an ill-conceived idea suddenly appeared in front of you with transference magic.

 That's why the transition points are locked with double and triple locks so that only the people involved can use them.
 There are passwords to identify the transfer point, and transfer points are deliberately placed outside of the destination.

 In our farm, in addition to this, we have set up special traps around the transfer point to ensure that we are prepared, but it seems that our preparations are not the only thing we have to do.


              * * * *

Assuming that the transfer point is misused, the most alarming thing is magical lock-breaking.

 A magical lock-picking?

''I'm talking about an illegal magician who analyzes the code created by magic magic magic to disable it. The transfer point has seventeen and sixteen digits of code mixed with dummies to identify the coordinates, but a skilled locksmith can break through even that and analyze the code.

 It is a dangerous world.

 We've even set up traps around the points to guard against such things.

"So, we've increased the coordinate code to 437 digits at the transfer point on our farm.
That's the limit of the number of codes we can increase without slowing down authentication.... That's the limit of the number of codes that can be added without sacrificing authentication speed... The more digits you add to a code, the more complex it is, and the harder it is to analyze.

 In other words, we've learned that our transition point is more difficult to analyze than the other place's.

"Also, I set a little trap during the code analysis...
'If you try to parse the code illegally, there's a trick that goes around the same place in certain contexts to prevent it from loading forever. And if you keep stepping on the same sentence in that way...

 What if I keep stepping on it?

The reflux technique I was taught by my No Life King teacher will be triggered and it will fry the brains out of anyone with illegal access!

 Not to mention the horror of the trap!
 It's frightening to see such a science fiction-like hacking war going on!
 It's mind-bogglingly terrifying!

Um........I have a question for you........!
What is it, Saint?
Who built the magic circuitry that would amaze the future police...?
Oh, yes, it's me.

 The one who explained it so far........


 As one of the daughters of the demon race, she and Bati stayed with us to manage the transition point between the demon kingdom and our farm from the beginning.
 And she was the woman who had been worrying for a long time about the value of her existence.

 I have no personality, I have no gain.
 I have no personality, and I have nothing to offer," she said, and yet she kept on worrying about it, even involving the entire farm...!

You self-proclaimed incompetent!
Self-proclaimed incompetent!

 I yelled at Verena.

"Where's the individuality in that? You're capable!

 If you think about it, it's no wonder!
 Isn't it most logical that Verena is the one who's taking on the task of increasing the number of transfer points to our farm!

 You're doing your job!

"When it comes to this, we'll name you! From now on, you can call yourself Verena the Self-Defining Impotent!
"Your 'self-proclaimed incompetent' Verena?

 That's her two names!
 Let your fame spread like wildfire across the world!

Uh....! Couldn't it be something else? "Are you being lauded or cursed for your 'self-proclaimed incompetence'...?
I don't think so! More than a decade later, this name will be known throughout heaven and earth!

 No, I don't know.
 Thus, Verena was able to rank up to at least two names.

              * * * *.

Hi, I'm Shax, demon trader. I'm here to discuss business.
Hi, I'm Verena, your receptionist. "My name is Verena, aka 'Self-Defended Idiot.'
Never mind that. Let's just get on with it.

 Verena is negotiating with a demon tribe merchant who came from the Demon City.

 This kind of complicated and messy stuff can only be entrusted to Verena.

''.........So here's the order list for the clothes, leather goods and glasswork ordered by the customer. I hope to have these products in place by the deadline...!
'No, wait. There are too many of them. There's no way this is going to get done within the specified schedule.
Yeah? No but...?
'Our workers must not make the mistake of thinking that the work for the farm is their priority. If it interferes with their core business, they will cease all such transactions.
'Wait! It can't be helped. Let's start with the lower priority items and move on to the next deadline.
'Please do so. I just ask that you don't unfairly inflate the price by encouraging a premium.
'I know......... But you are quite a tough negotiator, aren't you? A title like 'self-proclaimed incompetent' seems to be a joke, don't you think?
Don't do that!

 While sneaking a peek at their exchange, I became more convinced.

 I knew he was capable, didn't I?

 As expected of the Assistant to the Four Heavenly Kings, she's not a master of her craft. She's doing an excellent job of handling the factor that our farm lacks: calculating and negotiating.


 You're not incompetent anymore.

You're no longer an incompetent, self-proclaimed incompetent!
 And incompetence is just a word!

Well by the way, I was asking for a private matter the other day.
'A magic code generator? It was just as good as a part-time job, though.
The clients loved it. They said it was simple, yet seamless. I've already told them that I would love to have them come back to me.
That all depends on your situation there, doesn't it? I'm quite busy, despite my appearance.
No choice, sir. Please, don't overdo it.
I'm busy!
'I understand! Why do you keep saying it? Do you wanna say it?

 You had a second job?
 And you were a bit vain!

 You were always on the verge of tears, saying you don't have a role to play, that you don't have a role to play!

 You're finally starting to see what you can do!
 You're starting to shape yourself!

Verena, the "self-proclaimed incompetent"!

 Keep up the good work, Verena, the 'self-proclaimed incompetent'!