194-193 Demon Prince Banzai!

 Queen Demon Queen Astares has given birth.

 We've already heard the news of her pregnancy, and we've seen her big belly many times, so we're not surprised.
 But the birth of a new life is something to be celebrated under any circumstances.

 The entire farm community applauds and congratulates Astares as she arrives at our farm with her newborn baby in her arms.

 Crackle, crackle, crackle, crackle, crackle...!

I don't know what it is, but congratulations!

 Ms. Astares, who has been slender in the West for a long time, tears up as she receives a wave of congratulations all at once.
 In her hands, she holds a sleeping baby in her arms.

'Thank you. It's so much better than the ceremonial compliments I receive in the royal court.'

 He responded.

'My husband, Demon King Zedan, was unable to accompany me due to his official duties, but he said that he would definitely visit you in the near future to greet you. Today, I'm going to be ahead of you to have this child seen by the saint as soon as possible.
You don't have to be so careful.

 He was born a boy.

 As he is a splendid demon prince, the problem of his succession has been solved for the time being under the present Demon King Zedan's administration. He seems to be more and more at ease.

 He is destined to follow in his father's footsteps and support the entire demon tribe in the future.

Do you have a name yet?
Yes, Mr. Zedan, he named himself Gotia.

 Demon Prince Gotia.

 That was the name of the fate assigned to this baby.
For this child, who was born to Zedan, the "greatest demon king of all time," as his father, whether his bloodline will be an asset or a burden.
 Only his future growth will decide that.

 And let's leave the hard stuff out of it.

'This is a baby gift from us!

 A rush of gifts from each of the farm's residents.

 For me, I'd like to pick up carrots, potatoes, onions and other vegetables from the farm that are gentle in flavor and high in nutritional value.
 If I boiled them into a soup, they would make great baby food.

 Is it too early for baby food? d*mn it!

I'm going to give you a set of potions.

 Prathi handed over the medicine box.

'I've put together a list of special remedies for diseases the baby is prone to. Keep it on hand in case of an emergency.
A mermaid's potion reputed to be the most effective in the world. Sorry, I'll always keep it under my pillow.

 Next, the elves.

It is said that the statue has been passed down through generations of elves to ward off evil.

 I've got a wooden statue of an absurdly bukimi looking figure.
 I suppose it's a custom to ward off any unseen evil that comes near the baby with his hideous form.

The head of the woodworker's group was a masterpiece that took seven days to complete. The horns that extend from the head and end up in the nostrils of the statue have a soul of their own, don't you feel it?
I don't know what art is.

 Ms. Astares' words were muddled, as is her custom in her position as queen.

"Pray for good health," she said.

 The Demon King Child was cursed by the Immortal King No Life King to ward off evil.

 In addition, the orc team, the goblin team, the satyr team, and the spirits of the earth also presented baby gifts in turn.
 Furthermore, the angel Holkosfon also gave a gift....

''My congratulatory gift is a special fermented fermented soybeans that was specially aged for this day...''
''Wait a minute!''

 I succeeded in stopping him just in time.
 Fermented food is still too early for babies.

 Furthermore, the exiled human princess Lettuce Rate-chan is also........

''Um.........! The only thing I can raise from me right now is the sorrel I grew in my field...!
'No, thanks. I'll take it.
'Higggh! My...! My sole...!
Do you want to eat with me later?

 Rather, Astares-san was more careful.

 Thus, the demon child received everyone's blessing all over again.
 Since he is loved by everyone so much, it reassures him that he will surely grow up soundly and smoothly.

 However, the birthday gift is not over yet.
 Rather, this is where the real work begins.

 Batty and Verena.

 They are directly related to Astares-san, the mother of the Demon King and Child, so an even more spirited baby shower is to be expected.

 Let's start with Verena.

''I'm sorry, Astares-sama.......! The only thing I can raise is a pebble I picked up around here and some grass I picked back.......!
Yeah. You're on the right track, aren't you?
''It's impure to secretly buy a gift with the money you make from your part-time job building magical information systems!
I think that's a good idea!

 In the end, Verena had given him a stuffed animal that she had bought with her part-time job money.
 Even though he was born a boy, the choice of the stuffed animal was the most appropriate choice of all the girls so far.

What's next for Batty...?
I would have given it to you long ago.


 As always, Batty is a shrewd demon girl.
 I marvel again today at her quickness in handling things.

"I gave you a set of three sets of clothing for the Demon King's child to wear as an infant. Due to the nature of the items, it would be too late to make them after they were born.

 That's true.
 Batty is really sharp and well prepared.

The baby clothes made by Bati are strangely perfect for Gotia. The one you're wearing now is also made by Bhatti.

 Mother Astares says with satisfaction.
 Baby clothes.
 It's a very 'typical' gift for Batty, who is in charge of sewing on our farm.

'Since it's Gotia-sama's calling, I ran the needle as fast as I could. We have lifted the ban on vajra silk after a long time to ensure the safety of neither blades nor magic. Of course, we're also concerned about insulation, breathability, and convenience for everyday use, and we've done our best to ensure that Lady Gotia has a healthy childhood.
That's my girl, Batty. It's a relief to know that my child is wrapped up in the best job you've ever done.
"What a waste of time!

 It's like an exchange between a great man and a competent subordinate.

 Verena, watching from the side, is clenching her handkerchief.

In fact, the baby clothes that Batty sewed for me are very good. She's in a very good mood while wearing your clothes.
I'm a master tailor, sir.
So I would like you to make five more of her clothes for her. Is it possible? That is, of course, if it doesn't interfere with your service to the saint.

 Hearing that, Batty. His expression suddenly became quizzical........

''It's........! It wouldn't take much time if I used a sewing machine, is that correct?
What do you mean?
I've only heard rumors on the street, but when it comes to the Demon King family, there must be many different craftsmen working for them.

 All of them, including armor craftsmen, furniture craftsmen, and even small everyday items.
 Isn't the Demon King, the ruler of the Demon Clan, and his family employing exclusive craftsmen to produce first-class products worthy of use?
 That's what I'm talking about.

"Of course, as for clothing, there should be a professional creator who is exclusive to the Demon King's family, and those people are supposed to be the ones who sew clothes for Master Astareth and Master Gotia, aren't they?
As expected of Batty. I didn't realize you were so concerned about the number of clothes you were going to give me on a daily basis.
No, I didn't mean to squeeze...?
No, I'm just saying, I know you're a bit of a touchy feely kind of guy.

 If the Demon King's family had their own clothes-makers, it wouldn't be very interesting if the people of the Demon King's family ignored the clothes those people made and wore clothing products from other places.

''I suppose Batty was wary of that and minimized the clothes he was giving to me, but even so, there was a problem.
I'll let him tell you more about it. Shax.

 Isn't it Shax-san, the demon trader, who came out after being called out?
 So this person had come too?

''It's been a long time, saint-sama, everyone. This Pandemonium Merchant Association, Shax, Chairman of the Merchant Association, would like to explain to you.

 Oh, oh my...?

Currently, the Demon King's clothing brand is a tailor's brand called 'Mixpider', which was currently the most popular brand in the Demon City. It was the most popular brand in the Demon City today.
Most popular....
Because it is the purveyor of the Demon King family, it is a top brand that has received many orders from senior demons and is highly regarded. It's a prestigious brand that has been in business for 200 years.

 Demon kings and queens of the past have stepped on the stage in their ceremonial dresses to overwhelm and prostrate themselves on the grand stage, wearing their "mixed spiders".
 It is said that they have overwhelmed and bowed down to those who saw them.

 A true king's tailor.

We have received a protest from this 'mixed spider'...!
Lately, the Demon City is all the rage with Master Bati's clothes. They want to see the creator.

 This story is going to be a long one.