195-194 Frightened Giant

Mixpider is the largest, best, and oldest Taylor brand in the Magic City. It is operated by the trade association of the same name.

 Mr. Shakus, a merchant who is also a member of the Demon King's family, explained: "Being the best in the Demon City means that we're the best in the Demon Kingdom, and although there are several other brands of clothing in the country, we can't compete with the Mix Spider.

There are several other brands of clothing in the country, but none of them can compete with the Mixpider.

 The best in the business.

So you're telling me that this Mr. Spyder guy is mad at Batty?
'I'd say I'm angry...'

 The balance of power in the fashion industry in the Demon City has long been dominated by these "mixed spiders".

 However, the new Queen of Demon is wearing a dress that is not one of their products, although I don't know where she got it from.
 Moreover, it attracted a lot of attention and became very popular.

 For an old shop that had dominated the market for so long, this could not be a more interesting story.

'Ever since our trade association started dealing in Mr. Batty's clothes, we've been receiving frequent inquiries from 'mixed spiders'.
Inquiry? What kind?
' "Of course, 'Who is making these clothes?' Or, 'Tell me who it is,' or some such offer.

 However, Shaks-san is a professional merchant.
 He couldn't break his duty of confidentiality, and he had been lazily fending off the pursuits of the other side.

 However, with the birth of the Demon Prince Gotia, the situation has intensified.

''Why does the birth of a demon prince have such a big effect on you?
I'm sure you will, but the circumstances of this case are also very unique... Directly involved in this case is, of course, the infant suit worn by His Highness Prince Gotia, the Demon Prince.
Oh, wow.

 Beside talking to him.
 Gotia, who is at an age where he is interested in everything, was flipping through the scales of Dradon while being held by his mother Astares, perhaps because it was unusual for him to see Veerle in dragon form.

 What Gotia-kun is wearing is a baby outfit made by Batty.
 The shine of the vaulted silk that played back even the dragon's fangs could be seen from here.

The entire country should rejoice over the birth of His Highness the Demon Prince. The Mix Spider has also made dozens of baby clothes exclusively for His Highness the Demon Prince to celebrate his birth and deliver to the Demon King's family.
Dozens of clothes...!

 As expected of the head of the country, the scale of their actions is huge.

However, the Demon King and the Demon Queen did not receive the work of the 'Mixed Spider' as a result of their discussions.
You didn't get it? What?
And now, His Highness the Demon Prince Gotia is only wearing clothes made by Master Bati. It seems that the top brand in the Demon City's industry has a big problem with the future ruler wearing clothes that have nothing to do with them.

 From there, the pursuit of Mr. Shakus became much more intense.

"Who's making those clothes?
What's his name?
What's his age?
Is it a man or a woman?
Why is he nowhere to be found?
I just want to see her!

 And so on and so forth.
 I'm told that since they deal in Bati's clothing, they must know something about it.

''Our trade association is one of our most important business partners, and we can't keep falling in love with them forever...! I wish I could consult with the saint and Batty himself here...!

 So you came with Mr. Astares-san as his companion.

'Why did Lady Astares and the others refuse to wear 'mixed spider' baby clothes in the first place?

 Batty, who was listening with me, asked a legitimate question.
 She must have been concerned that she, as one of the people involved, couldn't just sit back and do nothing.

'That's exactly how the top brands became intensely aware of me, isn't it? The Demon King is a worthy politician, and Master Astares is now the one who supports him the closest. You have the gall to disturb the peace so carelessly...!
I wouldn't have wanted to.

 Mr. Astares came back to our seat.
 'I was over there a moment ago, patting Gotia,' he said.

If you're looking for Gotia, the teacher is playing with her right now. He's very good with babies, isn't he? Thanks to you, I've asked for the whole thing!

 I looked over and saw the No-Life King high-pitched with the baby a bit over there.
 The baby himself, being treated, looks super happy.
 Gotia-kun is going to be a big man in the future!

''Getting back to the topic at hand, of course Zedan-sama and I both know what it means to reject an immensely acclaimed top-brand homemade one. We don't want to make waves.

 Why did such a demon king ignore the people's goodwill only this time?

''That's the thing... It's not so much the feeling as the thing itself that's the problem.

 Demon Queen Astares, who made the decision to refuse with the Demon King, also looked tired.

''The thing itself?''
The sooner he sees it, the better. Shax, you have it with you?

 I look out for the merchant, and in response to him, Shakusu puts the baby clothes he seems to have brought with him on the table around us.

 A thud.

 There was a loud, heavy thud.


 !" No, wait.
 I want you to hold on.

 Can't a normal suit make this kind of heavy-handed sound effect?
 And it's baby clothes?
 It's supposed to be much smaller and lighter than your adult clothes.

 What's that?
 What's the meaning of this?

"This is the baby clothes donated by the Mixpider. Your Holiness.

 Astares-san's voice to me was also grim.

 I've been raised in a different world, so I'm going to use all of my vocabulary to describe the impression of the baby clothes in front of us at first glance in the most accurate word.

This is the most accurate way to describe it, as I was raised in a different world.

 That's the only way to describe it, it's a bit of a cluttered look.
 There were too many jerky decorations in addition to what was supposed to be a clothing item.
 If a baby were to wear this, it would be more than twice the scale of his own, and would attract attention from those around him.
 The only thing that's fancy is that it's the baby clothes of the Demon King class.
 As long as you wear this, you can show your dignity as a demon king child, right? That may have been the production's intention, but...!

"This isn't going to be an everyday use for any number of reasons...?

 This was my honest opinion.

 It's all about loudness and intimidation, and convenience is completely ignored.
 I lifted up this lumpy baby suit to test it out.


 It definitely weighs more than the toddler himself.
 When I put it back on the table without being able to lift it up for too long, it squeaked again with a thud.

''I can't easily hold and rouse myself wearing this kind of thing, and more importantly, I'm too scared of babies who aren't even able to hold their heads up...!
''So you consulted with the Demon King and pushed back...?

 I had to admit that such a decision by the Demon King and Mr. Astares was correct.

 What are these long-established brands thinking?
 You're not just a clothing professional, you're a person who stands at the top of the heap!
 So why did you make these clothes for a baby?

Probably because they're in a hurry.

 The merchant Shax-san said in a serious manner.

''Currently, the Demon City is dominated by the clothes Master Bati has created. All the ladies and gentlemen in the Demon Kingdom's upper echelons are vying for Master Bati's clothes, and they have no regard for the previous fashions.

 For a top brand that had dominated the industry up to that point, it was desperately trying to regain its footing, hoping it wouldn't become a relic of the past.
 And the result of that desperation is these lumpy baby clothes?

'It's only in the recent past that I remember 'Mixpider' has marketed such weird stuff. Prior to that, they were releasing something more orthodox, with a calmer style.
"I guess my impatience is leading me astray...?

 This level of wandering is reflected in his style.
 You can't even imagine what would happen if he or she started to stray into actual action.

 In fact, it seems that the wanderings are beginning to appear in the form of a push up against Shax-san....

''What do we do, Batty?''

 I asked our farm's clothing manager.

 After all, we had nothing to do with the runaway success of the industry leaders.
 We might not be able to be blamed for ignoring it, but....

We'll do something about it.

 Batty said with considerable dignity.

''And I'm the cause of the problem in the first place. For the sake of the bright future of the Demon Tribe Fashion World, let's get out of the skin!