196-195 Well-established brand

The Mix Spider is a brand of tailor-made products that is well known in the demon kingdom.

 We sometimes make clothing for the king of demons, the ruler of the demon race.

 Clothing is essential for people to live.
 We stand at the top of these producers.

 That is what we are, the Mixpider.

 And I am a tailor in "Mixpider". I am a professional seamstress with the highest level of skill among them.

 His name is Fleuretti.

 One day, I was invited to represent the brand, the president of the "Mixpider" product manufacturing association.

              * * * *

Look what I'm wearing.

 The union leader and I stared at the garment with such force that it was piercing.

 These were not clothes made in our house.
 They were the clothes of a new brand that had recently become very popular.

 The name is 'Farm'.

Fullereti, do you understand how great these clothes are...?
"I don't know...!

 I know it's great.
 However, when asked for an explanation of what exactly is great about it, I can't give a good answer.

 That was a declaration of defeat for me as a clothing tailor, and it was very frustrating.

It was very frustrating. My guts are churning with frustration.

 First of all, this fabric.
 You can see that it's a very high quality material, but what kind of fiber is used to make it?

 Even the mana fibers from the four-star dungeon don't have such a fine, glorious texture.
 I have no idea what this is made of.

 Then there's this seam.
 How is it possible to sew so evenly spaced and so closely together?
 Human skill!
 I can't help but wonder, "What kind of human skill is that? I can't even imagine how they do this stitching at all.

The creator of this dress is far more skilled than we can imagine.
'I tried to buy some samples thinking it was research......... I only ended up despairing....

 The union leader and I could not help but sigh deeply.

 For more than a hundred years, our Mix Spider has reigned as the number one Taylor brand in the Demon City.
 The position we have inherited from our predecessors. Through the efforts of generations to come, we have even achieved the glory of the Demon King's warrant.

 But now it's about to be destroyed by an ordinary newcomer....
 It's so easy........

'The Farm'.

 The brand with that simple, even somewhat potato-smelling name has been rapidly spreading in recent years, causing a huge boom.

 It was inspired by the patronage of Queen Astares.

 Nowadays, products bearing the Farm brand name are available for the general public, and the young, naive urbanites are vying to be the first to buy Farm products.

 The new products we at Mixpider have released have been defeated across the board by the "farm" products.

"To my horror...! This season, our brand's sales only achieved 70% of its goal. This is the worst record ever........!

 It's a true nightmare for the union leader who leads the brand.

'Dad, do we know who the enemy is yet?'
'Call me the union president when you're at work. ...I've made frequent inquiries to the Pandemonium Chamber of Commerce, but I haven't received a favorable answer. They have their own obligations to their customers.

 We supply clothing to the merchants, too!
 This is why merchants can't be trusted!

''They too have been the Demon King's maid of honor for many years. He's not someone who can be knocked down by the slightest shake.
Your father is timid again!
'That doesn't mean we can't take a hard line. What's the biggest blow we can give them? It's about shutting out the clothing products we make at home. But what if they say that's an opportunity to replace our 'farm' products as our main product?

 This could be a fatal blow to us...!
 After all, as seamstresses, we have to compete on our own clothing-making skills?

But it's not going to be good for you either. What is that piece for the Demon King's son, anyway?

 It also hurt that I was not involved in any other work, but how did the union president give his OK to those stupid clothes?

"What? Wasn't that good? Wouldn't it have been flashy and dignified as a demon child?

 Our craftsmen, who have long been at ease in the top position as a long-established business, are too upset to be upset about their position being shaken.

 Normally, they would be in an unthinkable position, and they are pushing themselves even harder.
The 'farm' brand sold better than the 'farm' brand, and the previous methodology was rejected, so they have been lost in their search for a different formula.

Anyway, if we don't do something about this 'farm', our brand value will continue to decline. We've got to think of something to do...!

 But the union leader and I are both puzzled, unable to come up with an effective solution.

 Oh, I wonder if we can't come up with something as refreshing as cutting the cloth with scissors...!

I'm okay!
Mom! You!

 The wife of the president of the guild, the wife of the president of the guild and my mother, burst into the president's office.
 She used to be the best tailor in the mixpider, but she's now devoting herself to helping her father, leaving me, her daughter, in charge.

 If you thought you weren't there, where have you been?
 And why does it come out of nowhere?

I've made a deal with the Pandemonium Chamber of Commerce. I've arranged a meeting with the tailor from The Farm.
"I'll be inviting you into my 'Mixpider' workshop.

 Your father had put up much of a fight and now you're going to let him do it so easily?
 What kind of forceful move did you use, Mom?

It was just good timing, that's all. It was just good timing, but this is your chance! But this is your chance!

 Mom pointed at me with her finger.

"Fleuretti, you will be the best tailor in the Mixed Spider.
'I'm starting to understand a little bit from my negotiations with the Chamber of Commerce that 'The Farm' is a brand that's run by one tailor.
"One man?

 No, it's possible to run a brand on your own to maintain quality, but you have to be very confident in your skills to do so.

No matter how good a tailor you are, there's a limit to how far you can go as a solo artist. That's when I came up with the reversal move!
"We're going to put the 'Farm' tailor in the 'Mixpider'!

 Mother's idea was so bold that my father and I, as well as the president of the union, were astounded.

For every bit of prestige the new brand has built up, we're going to bring in a super talented craftsman! Then Mixpider can return to the top of the industry!

 It's true that if that happened, our brand would have a stronger team and our reputation would grow.
 That's a bold and effective move for a father, but....

'That's where you come in, Fluletti.
What the hell is wrong with you, Mom?
When the farmer's tailor comes to visit us, you're going to have to compete. I'll have a sewing match.

 What is he talking about?

"And if you win, your opponent will join the 'Mixed Spiders'. That's the deal. Whatever your opponent is, the number one tailor of the 'mixed spider' is you, the union president's daughter!

 That's how we can keep the 'mixed spider' system, me, my dad and my mom and the family in tow...!

 How much hardship and difficulty it took for us to reach this far....

 When I was a young child, my family did not live in the Magic City, but in the countryside, far away from the city.
 As a humble seamstress, our lives were poor but fulfilling.
 My father, mother, and younger sister lived together as a family of four, and it's the most beautiful memory I have now.

 However, that beautiful life was destroyed by an invasion of the human army.

 The village where we were born and raised was destroyed, and my family and I were forced to flee for our lives and live as refugees.

 My youngest sister, who was separated from me then, has never been reunited with us.
 They don't even know where she is.

 After a long period of exile, she moved to the Magic City. He belongs to the Tailor's Guild, relying only on the sewing skills that have become ingrained in his hands.
 After more than ten years of success, she moved to a larger union and arrived at the Mixed Spider.
 Me and my mother.
 With the full use of our two sewing skills, we pushed Dad up to the position of union president.

 Our family's progress is unstoppable.
 We will overcome this difficulty by working together as a family!

"I will win. We'll win and add them to our side!

 ''Thus, I'll become great in the Demon City and spread my name.
 I'm sure my sister, who must be alive somewhere, will hear about it!

'Yes. I'll make a call through the Pandemonium Chamber of Commerce.
"Fleuretti, you'll win this one. You're our daughter!

 Thank you, Mom and Dad.
 I will not let you down, no matter what you do.

 Against whomever you choose to compete.
 My trained sewing technique can't be beat!

              * * *

 And that day.
 The person in question showed up at the head office of the "Mixed Spider".

"........Oh, is that my sister?
Batty? Why?