197-196 Unexpected reunion

 My name is Batty.

 Today, I'm stepping into the old home and demon city again with nostalgia.

By transference magic!

 Today's destination is "Mixpider", a Taylor brand that boasts the best in the Demon City.

 When I was Astareth-sama's second-in-command, I used to long to belong there too. It was impossible, though, because demonic soldiers are not allowed to work on the sidelines.

''Well... so?''

 My partner who accompanied me, Verena, asked grimly.
 It's been a while since we've been working together, so we should be having more fun.

''What are you going to do with this 'mixed spider' thing? Are you going to go and call out directly to them, 'Don't make a scene, don't bother me'?
'I don't mean to throw a direct pitch that will sting your nerves, but I'm sure you'll find a way to heal by meeting him face to face. I don't want to get on your nerves like that, but I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to fix things by meeting them face to face. Also, I'd like to see a top-class work site.
In short, no plan. You do have that kind of optimistic attitude, don't you?
"What will be, will be, is my life.

 His village was destroyed by the human army, he was separated from his family and was lost, but he was picked up by the demon king's army.
 When he and Master Astareth lost their lives, he was rescued by a saint and was able to return to his hometown.
 Under her, I've been working on my dream of making clothes for a long time.

 Life really is all about what you can do.

Therefore, I'm sure things will turn out the way they did this time, too. Then I'll have to stop by Pandemonium before going to the Mixpider main shop. I'm going to have to ask Shaks to talk me through it, or I'll get kicked off the premises.
Hey, I don't want to repeat myself, but why am I coming with you?

 I answered Verena's persistent bite.

'Because it seems to be more crowded with people?'
I'm just a busy guy!
What are you doing with your spare time?
Don't say that! And even if it was true, don't tell me!

 I've touched on a naive word for Verena.

              * * * *.

 When I went to the Pandemonium Chamber of Commerce, there was something noisy in front of the doorway.

'So! As long as you do what I say, that's all that matters!

 Someone is struggling with the gatekeeper.
 As is to be expected of a large business association, there is a guard at the gate, and it seems that it is not possible to enter the building without permission.

 It's a good idea to have a good time with that gatekeeper.

''I am! I'm here to offer you guys a great deal of money! Take me to the chairman of the board of trade! Or to the tailor who makes the clothes for 'The Farm'!


When you add in my revolutionary ideas, the Farm's cutting-edge, trendy clothes will sell ten times as fast as they did! If you refuse, you'll regret it! I'm sure the sophisticated tailors who make the coolest 'farm' clothes would have a sympathy for me!
Um..., excuse me?

 I didn't call out to him.
 I would have to say a few words to the gatekeeper before I could enter the building to see Mr. Shaks.

'You must be Master Batty. I've heard from the Chairman. Please come through.
Hey, hey, hey! Don't tell me you're interrupting me! I want it first!
The Chairman won't meet with anyone without permission. If you want to see him, get a recommendation from the right person and make an appointment.
I don't need that! If only I had my idea, the world would be a different place! Take me to the chairman of the board of trade! Take me to the tailor in The Farm!

 Slipping past the sides of the struggle, Verena and I made our way into the building.

'Hey wait!' Why do I get to be the last to know you and your little girl? Take me to the Farm's tailor. Let me see him!

 The man's voice, which was blocked by the gatekeepers and prevented from entering the interior, was getting further and further away from me and I couldn't hear him.
 I proceeded alongside Verena through the main Shokai residence.

              * * * *

 Outdoors again.

 We meet up with Shax at the Chamber of Commerce and head to the workshop where the "Mixed Spider" is making clothes.

 There, Shax-san tells us the details of today's meeting.

'A sewing match?'
"On your left, sir. The union leader has made a proposal. If that side wins, Master Batty will be asked to join the 'Mixed Spiders'...!
What's that? So what if I win?
You haven't told me why.

 It's not a match that has no merit to me.
 How can you think about taking a match like that?

 Normally, though, it would be a hooray to be able to join the 'Mixed Spiders' that all of my peers dream of. There's no way I can get out of the Saint-sama's farm.

''It's just that this matter has reached the ears of Demon Queen-sama.
What did you say?
When I heard, it was like, 'Okay, I'll take care of the game. And.....

 Mr. Astares.
 You hadn't gotten out of the habit of loving the game yet.
 You're married and even a mother.....

''If Master Astares-sama is on board, then I don't think you have the right to veto it.

 There was no way to argue with Verena's point, who also knew her former boss well.
 I know, I know!
 That's right!

              * * *

 When I arrived at the "Mixed Spider" workshop, for some reason the familiar face of my former boss was the first to appear.

'Batty, you really are a loyalist, aren't you?

 The baby Gotia Demon King Child was still in his arms.

''Gotia must now grow into a heroic warrior who will stand on the back of the Demon Kingdom. How dare you show such a child a bloody and serious battle in the field so soon!
"'I'm not gonna be a bloodbath! We'll have a sewing contest! What are you expecting too much of?

 Please get rid of the vestiges of your brutal warlord, it's bad for the Demon King's son's growth!

 In the workshop, in a fairly open space, I even placed a large number of people in a gallery-like setting!

 You're confused by the original inhabitants of this place, the 'mixed spiders'.
 They're shrinking over there!

Mr. Union President. It's safe. It's safe to come this way. We'll see you officially.

 The union leader finally comes over here after being wooed by Shax-san.

 It's true that Astareth-sama's supremacy would be hard to approach for a person with a firm stance.
 I have a feeling that this is a problem for the Demon Queen.

''Well, Demon Queen Astares-sama. I'm the manager of Taylor's brand 'Mix Spider'. Although it's a little late, the birth of the Demon Prince. We congratulate you on the birth of the Demon Prince from the bottom of our hearts.
'The congratulations were given along with Gotia's clothes. Sorry I didn't get the goods.
No, Your Majesty. Your Majesty, the Demon King and Queen, I regret that I was unable to offer you something that would meet your expectations.
Don't dwell on it. The mistakes of the past can be atoned for with today's bloodshed.

 As the Queen of Demons!
 I'm asking you to change that, Master Astares!

 I said there will be no bloody battles!
 Mr. Union Leader, you're too scared to approach from a certain distance!

So, where are your troops? Don't tell me you're not going to fight the union president yourself?
"Ha ha! Well, over here...!

 The head of the union prompted me to see a woman in her mid or late twenties.
 She means she's a tailor representing 'Mixed Spider'.

'My name is Fleuretti,'

 And a woman on the major brand side bowed her head.
 .... hmm?
 That's your name now?

Fleuretti is my own daughter, but she is the most skilled tailor in my company. She is one of the best representatives of our brand. I hope the queen will remember her as well.
"Today, I will wield the needle to my heart's content in the presence of the Demon Queen. And.....

 The other woman's gaze was unhesitatingly shot towards me.
 It's not just a person who has a strong temperament and can resist the supremacy of Astares-sama.

 But this guy.........
 Where have I seen this guy before...?

You're the tailor who sews the clothes for The Farm. You're even younger than I thought.
'I know you're going to go off on a solo rampage as you please, but I'm going to show you that there's a humanity in the industry that belongs to the organization. And you're going to be a talent under 'Mixed Spiders'.

 I'm sure of it.

 It's been over a decade since we last saw each other, so it took me a while to reconcile the memories.

 She's not my sister, who I left alive when I was very young.

 I've been unable to see my own flesh and blood since I got separated from them after my village was destroyed by the human army and I was separated from them during the evacuation.

 Since then, I was forced to join the Demon King's army as an orphan, and while struggling to survive in the midst of it all, I had risen to the position of Assistant Four Heavenly Kings.

''.........No, I thought my flesh and blood was long dead. You're alive. Moreover, I didn't know you were in the Demon City. What a small world!
So it's really Batty then? You're alive? Really?

 So, are those your mom and dad over there?
 My goodness, they're all alive and well.


 My parents came running to us, and we were all together.
 After ten years, we are all here now.

 It was a very emotional moment.

'Huh? What is it? You're not going to fight? Boring.
'Master Astares! Don't waterboard me!

 Where I have my hands full with reuniting with my family, Verena accurately tweaks Astares-sama.
 I'm glad I brought that girl with me, after all.