198-197 Sister Showdown

You mean Batty? You got caught up in the war, separated from your family, and joined the Demon King's Army when you were left alone in heaven...?
''He saw me working hard as a petty officer and selected me to be the Four Heavenly Kings' second in command.

 After a moment of joyous reunion, he returns to Master Astares.

"I didn't expect you, Batty. "I was surprised you didn't show any signs of looking for your family, I thought you'd been bereaved.
When I just joined the Demon King's Army, I was the one who took the initiative to look for them. But ever since Astareth-sama caught my eye, I've been working harder and harder...

 All I could think about was my own survival...!
 Astares-sama's sigs have helped him grow up to be a fine second-in-command who can think of nothing but what is necessary...!

"But we're together again...! I knew I'd see you one day!
'I haven't had such a happy day since the human army destroyed my home!
''Thanks to the spirit Arachne, the protector of our tailor!

 My sister and my mom and dad's tension is a bit of a drawback due to their wildness.
 I don't really know how to treat them since they haven't been in my family in decades.

'Batty! What the hell have you been up to?
Joining the Demon King's Army. I got a promotion. And then he became the Four Heavenly Kings second in command.
Four Heavenly Deputy Chiefs!

 The families were surprised, but that was no surprise.
 The Four Heavenly Deputy is the pinnacle that a non-career group without a gate is able to reach, I would say.

''Quit that...''
""I quit!"
I make clothes for a living in one place now.

 I shouldn't say anything about the saints.
 But when I look back at my life again, it's been very eventful.

But then, I didn't expect...! The tailor of The Farm who threatened us...?
He was referring to me, sir.

 And that's why I'm here.


 My sister collapsed.

'My God! What a surprise! To be reunited in this way with my sister, whom I had believed to be alive for over a decade! How dare we meet again as enemies! Why would the demon god Hades make us suffer such a harsh fate?

 I'll ask him later.

"Well, I'm doing okay, thanks to the help of Astareth-sama, who helped me when I was his lieutenant.
Oh, I see. So your deputy was the Four Heavenly Kings, Master Astareth...? The first one to wear the Farm's clothes was Master Astares. What a powerful patron...?

 I have another, more powerful patron, though.

'And anyway, now that it's come to this, we've decided to talk.
"Batty, join your 'mixed spider'!

 Yes, sister? From the bushes to the sticks?

'Since you've become a tailor, it's only natural that you belong to an industry organization. To our family's 'Mixed Spiders'!
'That's right, Batty!
Let's get the family together again!

 Your mother and father took to the bulk.

'To begin with! I can't believe you're trying to teach yourself to make clothes without being apprenticed to a proper workshop! What you need is to get some guidance from a real teacher! I'll teach you a thing or two, as a sister!


Can't we wait a minute? My clothes are all the rage in Demon City, and my sisters' brand is all the rage. Isn't that a very high-handed way of saying 'I'll teach you'?
It's not just Queen Astareth's patronage that's boosting you. Your time is running out for such a scheme. Before that, I'm saying that I'll make up for the lack of basics that self-taught people tend to fall into, sister!
'I got the basics down to a tee when I lived in my hometown! You think you're so important, sis! If only I could remind you of your sister's true worth!

 Hmm, this feeling I miss.

 My sister and I used to fight a lot like this, even when we were very young living together.
 At any given time, though, my big sister would be one hundred percent wrong!

Oh, the hustle and bustle...!
It's just like when we were both little kids, all at once we're back in the past...!

 Mother and father.
 Don't sit back and watch your sisters quarrel.

That's the most rabid doggie-like Batty I've ever seen in my life.
People have a unique tension in front of their immediate family that they don't show outside.... But what about the fact that the tension dedicated to family members is a mad dog...?

 Lady Astares!

 Master Astares, don't look at me in confusion!
 I need you to do something for me.

Yes! Let's play!

 Demon City's largest Taylor brand, Mixpider, offered me a chance to win.
 I didn't like it at all, but it's strange.
 Suddenly I felt like a fighter!

You're in charge, aren't you, Master Astares? Do it, do it now! I'll crush my sister, Winning Lord!
'Oh! Let's do it!

 I, too, somehow suddenly wanted to beat the challenger to the punch.
 My pride as a seamstress is at stake.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Why! Isn't this a story about a family coming together again?
''Shut up! You left me out to live with the rest of the family! I'm going to beat you to a pulp to relieve your frustration!
You're the one who says that! You're the Fourth Heavenly Vice Minister and you didn't try to find your family? Isn't he powerful enough to do that?
''Nonsense, a second in command can't even move a single soldier without the Fourth Heavenly King's permission! Before that! Master Astares' infernal ladder has rubbed out any unnecessary desires!

 Only those who do will be hired as Master Astares's second in command!

I guess we'll just have to settle this one out...!
'How! Not as sisters, but as one tailor!
I will prove that there is no better sister than my sister!
"No sister is better than my sister, and I'll prove it!

 Send sparks.
 Fight each other till the death of one of you!

'Oh! It's finally getting interesting!

 Master Astares is in a good mood.

'Then let the game begin! What about the rules? Barefoot? Are you armed?
Master Astares, we're not here for a duel.

 You said it was a contest for tailors, right?

 In terms of the competition system, you make a piece of clothing out of the same material, and then judge the workmanship and design of the piece.

'What about the jury? I don't think it would be fair if we were to get it out of the 'mixed spider' side?

 That said, I'm an amateur with Master Astares and Verena who came with me. They wouldn't be able to screen to a high standard.

 Would Shax-san be able to handle it?
 I'm sure you're a very discerning president of the Grand Chamber of Commerce.

'Don't worry, Batty, about that. I've got the best judges for you.

 Master Astares says confidently.

'You shall see! These galleries!

 Come to think of it, there were many more people besides us packed into the plaza where the game was being held.

 I thought it was a gallery to watch the game.
 Don't tell me they're going to use a voting ceremony to decide the winner?

We're all summoners here.
The queen has chosen 200 of her best. These 200 men will be summoned with the power of death.
What do you mean?
The jury's out on the competition, of course.

 I call the judges?
 I'm getting more and more confused.

You guys are supposed to be sewing. Then the most appropriate person for it would be the god of sewing, the pinnacle of the sewing world.
What is the god of sewing?
I have heard that the Mixpider is a devotee of the senior spirit Arachne. It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on a new one.

The origin of the brand name "Mix Spider" comes from the arachne, and the spider design is also used in the brand mark.

''No way...?
'Yes! Mobilize all of the two hundred summoners to summon the senior spirit Arachne and let him take charge of the game!
''Aren't you exaggerating a bit too much?

 However, only the Demon King seems to be able to dam up Astares-sama's groove.

 Just when you thought the gallery was filled with people, the summoning magicians who had a significant role to play began to tie their seals all at once.

''Advanced spirit summoning ceremony, commence!