199-198 Spider Goddess

 Something about the story is suddenly getting bigger.

 An advanced spirit.
 It's a type of transcendent being that reigns in this world.

 Spirits whose role is to blend into the mana circulating around the world and maintain the balance of the world.
 For example, the earth spirits working on the saint's farm are essentially invisible things that have materialized with the blessing of the god Hades.

 However, the higher level spirits are known as the higher level beings in the same family of such spirits.
 They are essentially the same as the spirits in that they are spiritual beings that follow the flow of mana, but they are said to be far superior in terms of their abilities, rank and intelligence.

 Of course, they are also superior to us, demons and humans.

 The power of the higher spirits is far greater than those of the earthly beings, and some of them are even objects of faith.

 Just like we, the tailors, have faith in the Superior Spirit of Arachne.

They have different names such as "lower class gods" and "quasi-gods," and they are the ones who are in between the gods and the spirits. Moreover, they are as close to the God side as possible.

 Originally, they were not someone that we demons could touch casually.
 Well, even so, it could be said that they were closer to us than genuine gods like Hades and Poseidon.

''Then let's go!''
"Queen Astares requests your help! With hard work and dedication, we too must succeed in summoning this high-level spirit, even at the cost of our own lives!
""Got it!"

 Risking your life?
 Can you only summon a man who is willing to go that far?
 Don't make me do it.

 It's only a mere contest for a tailor!

Master Chief Mage! A number of people are vomiting blood because they can't stand the massive outpouring of magic!
Don't be afraid! We must continue to release our magic power like this! It's still not enough to fulfill the summoning formula!

 The advanced magicians, who seemed to be the most selective among the demon race, fell down in a flurry, vomiting blood one after another.
 You can't summon a senior spirit unless you do so.

 ........just as a reminder.
 Those advanced spirits are also literally nothing more than insects compared to the Hades gods we often see on farms.
 A teacher of the No Life King who can casually summon the main god class all by himself.......!

'Ooh! I'm filled with magic!
"Chief Mage! Summoning spell! You'll only fill up your magic once, so please don't ever bite me!
I understand!

 I bit down.

 Still, a light shot out of the magic circle filled with magic, and then a deformed being emerged.

 It was a beautiful woman.
 Only the upper half of her body.
 The lower half of her body was huge, the spider itself.
 The upper half of the woman's body was replaced by the upper half of the woman's body, where the head of the spider should have been.

 Such an aspect is one of the advanced spirits that transcends humanity.
 Arachne, the guardian of the thread.
 She is the guardian of all cloth-related professions, including weavers and dyers, as well as tailors.

It's been a long time since I've been summoned to materialize.

 Arachne had a relaxed demeanor and tone typical of a Transcendent.

'I wonder who summoned me? What do you want?
'Mm, that's me! It's Demon Queen Astares!

 Master Astares proudly proclaims herself.
 Aren't you a little more in awe?

"Demon Queen.... I guess I'm worthy of an audience with you.
"A battle is about to take place to determine the best tailor in the land. And I would like you to be the one to decide the outcome.
"Oh, the game...?
'I hear that you, as one close to God, are the guardian of your work in the thread. It is you, then, who is fit to be the judge.

 The idea may be a good one, but Astares-sama's liver is thick enough to actually ask for it.
 If it were normal, it would be too much to ask.

 Maybe it was because he had been in contact with Hades-sama, the main godhead, several times, but Astares-sama's senses were out of whack.

''For your reference, here are the past works of both of the contestants.

 Shax-san used the maid to have her bring a few garments to me.

 From the story, it's probably my past work and your sister's past work.

''Hoho, I see.''

 Lady Arachne unfolded the garment that was handed to her in front of her.
 It was an outfit I didn't recognize, and it was probably my sister's work.


 I don't know how my sister has grown up over the past ten years, having been separated from me at a very young age.
 However, as befits a number one brand in the world's largest market, I knew at first glance that her work was a masterpiece.

The seams are tight and the fabric is good. The seams are tight, the fabric is good, and the design is as fresh as a cool breeze. I see that you have the skills to be judged by me.

 First, big sister passed the preliminary examination for advanced spirits.
 I'm next........

 The senior spirit, who is also known as a quasi-god, suddenly howled!

 Do you have the clothes I made?

"What is this? What is this shiny, pure fabric? It's so fine and soft! He's got magic in him! Anyway, glitter! It's so sparkly!

 Isn't that a dress made of rigid silk?
 Why would you choose that of all people when there were only a few on the market in the early days?

The clothes that Master Batty made were so popular that every single one of them was sold out.
I had no choice but to select a sample from my costume room.

 Master Astares' place?
 Well, it can't be helped then!
 I'm only offering you a dress made of vajra silk!
 No, that's not true!
 I've been donating a lot of regular fiber everyday clothes lately! Why would you choose Vajra Silk of all of them?

''Whoa...! This, this is already a win for the one who made this outfit...!''

 Just before Arakne-sama almost abandoned his thoughts in his excitement.

''Please wait, Arachne-sama!
'The material has nothing to do with the skill of the tailor! No matter how good the fabric is, if the stitching is rough and the measurements are correct, it's a waste of time!

 My parents are talking to the Senior Spirit!

How dare you speak against your own daughter's work?
My daughter is not the only one who will stand against us if we don't win at all! For the sake of Mixpider's survival!

 My parents put work before family values?
 I'm gonna crush these people any way I can!

They do have a good point. I was overwhelmed by the quality of the fabric and almost missed it, but the tailoring is as good as anything I've seen before. It's passable enough.''

 It's nice to see my own sewing skills being recognized, since all I get to see is the awesomeness of vajra silk.
 The sample submitted was an early work, so it was hand-sewn before the introduction of the sewing machine.

 Me and my sister.

 The guardians of the tailor gave our sewing skills an even assessment of the two of us.

'Let us both agree that this Arachne is a tailor worthy of being judged. As per our earlier opinion, how about we once again make a garment using the same materials and the same making time to eliminate the influence of materials and other factors, and then decide the winner based on the quality of the garment?''
"Where I want to be.

 Me and my sister, I declared crossly.

 I didn't expect it to be a sisterly confrontation here. When I woke up this morning, I hadn't expected it one bit.

'Batty. I will defeat you and take your skills and fame into the 'Mixed Spiders'! Families are meant to support each other! And my sister is the one who absolutely submits to her!
'Already I have a Lord who is scarier to me than God, Master Astares! I'm kind of munching and I'm going to smash your sister!

 The voltage of the confrontation had been rising incessantly.

''Then let me give you a few words of encouragement before we start the match.

 Mr. Arachne, who is now completely positive about his role as a judge, will even buy me a front row seat.

'All the skills I've seen you guys have in the existing films have been top notch. I wasn't too impressed with the great fabric. But the impact of that wonderful fabric was many times greater...!

 She must really like the Vajra Silk.

''It's just as the queen said, this match will be a competition to determine the best tailor on earth. Therefore, this senior spirit, Arachne, will give the prize to the winner who will be called the best tailor on earth.

 What's that? I'd be thrilled to get something for it, wouldn't I?

See for yourself.

 A thread comes out of the rear of the Arachne-sama, which has the odd shape of a beautiful woman on top and a spider on the bottom.
 That's exactly what a real spider does, it produces threads to build its web.

 Moreover, the thread was glowing with a faint rainbow color.

'A thread that I, the guardian of all tailors, can produce and handle. This thread is stronger and more beautiful than any other thread on earth. In the past, it has been used as the raw material for various legendary armor and divine robes.''
You don't think the prize is going to be...?
''I won't be stingy. The winner will receive a blessing from this Senior Spirit Arachne, and will be granted the right to obtain this thread as much as they want, just like me.''

 What does that mean?

'I'll let as much of this supreme thread come out of my ass as I can!
''No thanks.''