200-199 Return of Bati

 It's been a while.
 It's me.

 Right now, I'm listening to Batty's souvenir story after he returned from the Demon City.

''So how did the game go?''

 I'm surprised that the head of the major brand in question was Batty's entire family, all of whom were separated from him alive, but the family - was it his sister? -- and a sewing match is quite a drastic thing to do.

 Batty has now finished all his business in the Demon City and is returning to his farm. So the game is already decided, but which side did the goddess of victory smile on?

We didn't have a fight. You're not playing.

 You put on a high horse and now this?

'Because if you win, you'll have a peculiar constitution with strings coming out of your ass. Why do I have to take such harsh punishments until I win!

 Well, that's what spider threads are for.
 You can't get your hands on a spider's thread from anything other than its ass. It's a very legitimate claim.

 But I don't think I'm going to be able to convince them.
 Especially on Bati's side, if he loses, Astareth will inevitably give him a spanking.

 Even if you win, it's hell, and even if you lose, it's hell.
 There's no way I'm getting into that kind of game, right?

"I....! I thought! Family is family, even if you live apart for a long time! He said it's not right to fight with his beloved sister!
You're out of the game with a body like that.
Apparently my sister felt the same way, and when we realized the foolishness of flesh and blood fighting each other, we hugged each other and savored the joy of our reunion!

 So the older sister was just like her sister and had a good point.
 It's no wonder the family had risen to become the largest union leader in the industry in a single generation.

 So Bati's knack for knackiness was a bloodline.

So what happened to the odds? You had a problem with shaking them up and all that, didn't you?
'For now, we've agreed that we won't make any more unreasonable demands of Shax-san. As for the sisters, the best thing they wanted was to stop an emerging brand from eating their market share...

 And if you get their full cooperation, you don't have to make a fuss.

To me, it's just, 'Isn't that just market competition? Why do I have to worry about it? But I couldn't just abandon my family...!

 Listening to the exchange so far, I felt it was a very empty line.

 But hasn't this boy been doing too many things uphill since he came to us?

 He was originally a member of the Demon King's Army, but he suffered a blunder by his boss and lost with him.

 I thought he was going to return to the Demon King's Army, but he saw through our needs and became involved in his longtime dream of becoming a dressmaker.
 She achieves a lot of success, and she ends up on a good footing with a man she's been in love with for a long time.

 And this time, I was able to reunite with my immediate family that I'd lost.

 What a smooth sailing life.

 I heard that Baty will continue to make clothes for us, so we can rely on him.

My Lord.

 While I was mulling over such things, Okubo came over.
 I wasn't expecting to receive a report at this time, so something seemed to be wrong.

We have captured a monster.
I'm afraid this is a very unusual type, so I thought you might want to know before I squeeze you.

              * * *

 I didn't know what kind of unusual monster it was, so I went there to see it for myself.

 There, indeed, was a creature of a type never seen before seized and held captive.

 To put it bluntly, the creature was....

 The upper half of its body was a woman.
 The lower half of its body is a spider.

 That's how it looks.


 Batty, who arrived with me, let out a startled cry of astonishment.
 "What? What?
 You know him?

''It's that senior spirit we were talking about earlier! He is also the protector of tailors!
"You're Batty! I've been looking for you!'

 Spider Woman couldn't move as her legs were held down by the Warrior Orcs one by one, but her upper body was free and she waved her hand in a patter.

''Help! I followed you all the way out here, and now I'm trapped by a vicious monster! He's going to get naughty! Just like the myths of mankind!

 If we find a suspicious being like that, we'll have to sack him.
 It's not the fault of my orcs and goblins.

"You were chasing me how? And why?

 A perplexed Batty.

"To find out about that fabric you used to sew with, of course! You're making that fabric here! It was worth it to me to have hooked a string to you!'

 Arakne, a senior spirit, was so fascinated by the vajra silk he saw at the game between Bati and her sister that he couldn't resist taking a look at its production site.

 She asked Bati about it while she was there, but when she didn't get a positive answer, she was concerned.

'I can't just take you to the saint's farm without permission and say, 'I'll let you get the thread out of my ass in return! Especially if you say...!

 Arachne had put a thread on its body without Batty himself realizing it, and he had identified the place by fiddling with it.

''No way! Even though I used transference magic on my way back!''
''Senior spirits aren't sweet enough to be able to shake it off with spatial transference!

 I'm a little proud of myself.
 I'm still stuck with orcs and goblins holding me back.

"See? We've come this far, why don't we show them? I'm not saying anything is for free! As a reward, I'll give you my blessing and I'll make sure your ass has a superb thread coming out of your ass!
''That's why I don't want it! You're so persistent!

 As expected, even Batty couldn't help but lose his temper against the Transcendent Species.
 I'm not sure if that's why I'm not blind to the fact that I'm a protector of tailors.
 Senior Spirits.
 An existence that is differently known as a quasi-god or lower level god.
 They're unfamiliar to me, but in what order are they located in this world?

"A rare item has arrived.
Wow! You're a teacher.

 The next thing you know, the No-Life King teacher shows up.
 This person crept up on me without a sound, and my heart almost stopped.

''Speaking of high-level spirits, they're a big deal there. If they appear near you, I can sense their presence.''
To Veerle?

 The dragon, Veerle, even appeared in human form.

I rushed over to make sure they didn't mean any harm.
Otherwise, I'd be blowing myself up in one shot. Hey, Spider Woman.

 When Veerle calls out to him, Arachne shakes and shakes.

I'm not going to beat you unless my master lets me. It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for, but you don't have to get the master's permission if you're not going to be able to get it. Think hard and behave yourself.

 Arachne. She looked as pathetic as a butterfly caught in a spider's web.

It's not a big deal, so I'll just go home and go to bed.
"I'm going to soak in the hot springs while I'm out.

 Veerle and the teacher each left.

 The one who remained behind was Arakne, who was shaking in a small way.

''Hey Anata? Let me tell you a little about myself.'
What's up?
''If we high-level spirits get into a fight with the World's Two Biggest Disasters, the Dragon or the No-Life King, we'll definitely lose! Don't ever let them get away with it!

 In fact, they were defeated and seized by Okubo and the others.
 That's about as high a position as you can get for an advanced spirit.