201-200 Guardian Visit

'Wow! Senior Spirit-sama!
It's a very good spirit!

 The earth spirits who live in our home welcomed Arachne, who had visited us out of the blue.

''Oh my, it's rare to see a spirit materialize. Ummm, so cute.''

 Arachne's side is also warmed up by the earth spirits who are swarming around her like puppies.

''........What? If you look closely, this thing is a spider!
Spiders build their webs and hide in their homes!
'It's Gaichu! It's a twist and crush!

 The earth spirits have the job of tidying up the mansion, so it has already begun to vigorously beat up Arachne in the form of a spider.

 To be precise, the lower half of the body is a spider and the upper half of the body is a woman.

''Gyaaah! Ouch, ouch, ouch! What is it, stop it!

 The higher level spirits are helplessly being beaten up by the spirits.

"...What? Let's wait a minute!
The spider will catch the other spiders and eat them!
It's an Ekichu! It is Tatemasu!

 The spirits quickly changed their opinions and began to worship Arachne.

''What the hell...?''

 I'm talking to you.

''It's so high level spirit, don't the spirits respect you? The way they're treating you is just unbelievably crude.
''The advanced spirits themselves are pretty much a textual grouping. I'm in the mood to call all sacred attributes that aren't even close to being called gods as advanced spirits.''

 The senior spirits themselves explain to me.

That's why there are so many different types of advanced spirits. There are cases where the original human beings became divine after death, there are cases where the divine became corrupted, and there are cases where ordinary spirits like these children were raised to the highest rank through some kind of trigger.

 It seems that the advanced spirits that are mixed up with such things are quite a grey area.
 I've heard that there are some kinds of high-level spirits that are able to counteract the world's two biggest disasters.

''They don't have as strict a bind on their materialization as those of the gods, so they can appear on earth rather comfortably.

 Veerle blurted out an earful.
 He said he was going home and going to bed, but he ended up coming back again?

You might be more trouble than God if you're spotted, in a way.
'But more importantly, it's finally here! That shiny fabric is produced! Now show me around! Show me where this house is made.

 This spider girl is in a good mood.

''I can put out the charcoal with Dragon Breath, though. With these guys, their spirituality doesn't take a bit of damage just because their objectification is released. In short, they can come back again and again.

 Well, it's okay.
 It's not something we are forced to hide, and if you want to visit, you should accept it.

 That's why I showed them around Arachne.

              * * * *

 And then we met.

 The maker of Kongo silk, Keiko Kongo.

 They were busy making silk in the silkworm's room today, too.
 Then Master Arakune came to visit them.

 The spider and silkworm had a fateful meeting.

'Shah! "'Whew!

 They're kind of threatening each other.

"A golden silkworm is crying...?

 Or rather, the silkworm that squeals?
 No, though I feel like I've evolved beyond the limits of my species.

''Nyaah! Geez! ("Wheezing!")
"ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh!

 Why are they bothering each other, by the way?
 Isn't it because you're curious about this place?

I knew it the moment we made eye contact! I can't lose to the yarn these guys make! As the guardian of all the threads!''

 He felt sympathetic in a weird way.
 Like I don't need two kinds of apexes?

"Hey! You there!
'What? Yes?

 You mean me?

"You're the owner of these bugs, aren't you?
Well, maybe in the sense of being their owner. But you're a bug in the broadest sense of the word, aren't you?
'How's my thread? It's many times more beautiful than what these caterpillars spit out!''

 He produced a thread from his own spider's buttocks.

"Look, look, isn't it as moist and lustrous as water? Isn't it even more amazing than their threads?
'No, aren't you appreciating the yarn they make, or rather, the vajra silk?'
"He (?) I knew I couldn't lose as soon as I saw There's an abundance of production! I can bless you and make the strings come out of Batty's buttocks too!''

 Enough is enough, give up.
 The person who doesn't want to do that is Batty himself.


 Maybe it was because they were watching Arakune do whatever he wanted to do.

 The vigorous silkworms spat out the thread all at once.
 No, if it was the task of spitting out yarn, they were doing it from the beginning, but it felt like they were ignoring the pace and spitting it out with serious vigor.

 Moreover, the threads that each of the multiple silkworms spit out were of various colors....

'Red and blue? Yellow and green? An orange, a light blue, a yellowish green, and all the details?

 To Arachne, I said, "You can do this kind of color separation? A hint of provocation was sent by Kongo Silkworm and the others.
 And their provocations didn't stop there.

 One of the Kongo silkworms spit out a single thread, but before it could leave his mouth, the other Kongo silkworm took the other end of the thread and....

It's stretching!

 It's stretching like rubber!
 Stop it! If you pull that far out!
 Don't let go! Don't ever let go! Don't let go.


 She ruthlessly let go of me!
 Isn't it perfect that the thread that was stretched all over the place became elastic and returned to its original shape, even hitting the silkworm that spit out the thread cleanly in the face and hurting its reaction!

 I mean, in short.....

 This is a demonstration that you can spit out a silk thread that expands and contracts like rubber?

''Can you do it?''
Can you do this?

 .........-like provocation is sent from the silkworms to Arachne.
 You can hear the guardian's pride creaking.

''Ahhhh! I can do it, too! My thread is a spider's thread! In other words, I can even spit out a sticky string that catches its prey!

 And then he took a strand of thread out of his ass and handed it to me.


 Yeah, it sticks.
 It doesn't come off, it doesn't come off.

 I mean it, really, it won't come off.

 How do I get this thing off of me?
 How am I supposed to rip it off and peel it off?
 That's a scary thing to say!

"Woof, woof, woof." What do you think? Can you guys produce this kind of sticky thread? You can't do that, can you? For a silkworm look like you guys?

 Arakune is proud of his victory, but the reaction of Kongo and other silkworms to it is quite thin.
 Or rather, they are cool.

 If you read what they're trying to say from their expressions, it's probably something like this: 'What's the use of that?

''What good is that going to do?''
"What's the use of weaving, sewing and making clothes?



 The guardian of the thread, he snapped.

''Hey! I'll even put my yarn in your farm! So, let Batty make some clothes!
'The true value of a thread's performance can only be realized when it's sublimated into clothing! Let's make it clear which thread is better!

 I feel like I can't have just the Vajra Silk that the Vajra Silkworms are spitting out.
 Anyway, we've come to obtain another legendary grade fiber.

              * * * *.

 At the moment, the process of spinning and weaving to create the fabric is in charge of the goblins on our farm.

 Only after they turn the fiber into fabric will it be in Batty's hands, and I gave those goblins the newly acquired Arachne yarn and told them to try to devise it as they please.

'I tried a lot of things...'

 Gov. Gov. Kichi arrived with a sample in hand.

'If you mix them together with Vajra Silk as the warp and Arachne Thread as the weft, the strength will increase and the holiness will be much higher. It will repel even fairly advanced curses without a hitch.

 Our equipment level has gone up again.
 It's so strong that even at this point we're in trouble....