202-201 Night Ruler, Rikuyu No. 4


 Apostles of the night. Lords of Darkness. The bearers of fear.

 They call us by many names.

 Few know exactly what they call us.

 Some say. Some say we're just some kind of monsters from the dungeons.
 Others say we're just a bunch of monsters that evolved out of the dungeon. Others say we're a sub-species that evolved after branching out from the demon race.
 Some say they are undead, like the No-Life King.

 But no one knows what they really are.

 That's okay.

That's because "I don't know" is the source of all the fear.
 We vampires should be the most feared in the world.

 We vampires should be the most feared people in the world, flying soundlessly into the night when we can't see anything.
 Our prey don't even know they have fangs in their neck.

 When all is said and done, the living are horrified by the scraps of food we have left behind.

 Who killed them?
 How did you kill him?
 Why is blood being drawn out?
 Are we going to be a target ourselves eventually?

 It's all 'I don't know'.
Because we don't know, we fear it in the dark, and we draw in our minds the most terrifying being imaginable.

 That is the idol that represents us.

 The highest level of fear, an existence worthy of being dedicated to it.
 That is what we vampires are.

              * * * *.

 I'm sorry, but my name is Mosquita.
 I am one of the Six Saints of the Oboro Night, a prestigious vampire alliance.

 Tonight, for the first time in thirty-eight years, all six Saints will be meeting together.

 Here they come, a flock of bats crossing the moonlit night.
 The bats entered the rose garden, the pride of the castle, and transformed into a mass of human form.

''Ka. My brother, comrade of the Six Saints. You are well received.
I would be remiss if I didn't pay you a visit. I have business to attend to.

 A flock of other bats landed in the garden, gathering together and changing into human form.
 That's six people in all.

 So the six proudest and best vampires are all here.

 We vampires.

 Their true identity is shrouded in mystery as various theories abound, but the truth is that they are former demons.
 He is a transcendent being who gained immortality through a contract with the senior spirit, Burkolak.

 From time to time, on a whim, Brucorak will empower superior mages like me and remake them into immortal monsters.
 In exchange for the restriction of never going out into the sun again.

 But such things are insignificant.

 Endless life span.
 The advanced magic-absorbing ability of bloodsucking. It can completely consume all the mana possessed by an offering without losing a single bit.
 Their magical power increases infinitely.

 Some people call us vampires "comparable to the No-Life King" because of the sheer power of our existence and power, but that's an unexpected term.

 We don't want them to join us with those dried up, bone-dry things that have dried up and become nothing more than a showpiece in exchange for eternal life.

 We have obtained eternal life and immense magical power while retaining the beautiful form we should have.

 It goes without saying that we are a far more transcendent species.

 And now, at last, we have a seat that is worthy of the superiority of existence.
 We have that opportunity.

"First of all, comrades, I invite you to respond to the call. "First of all, comrades, thank you for answering the call and coming to this meeting as our hosts.

 I call out to the other five who will be joining me in the Six Saints.

''So, are you serious, Sir Mosquita?
Are you nervous? That's a prudence that doesn't suit us, the rulers of the night.

 The great news that shook the heavens and earth had already roared into the realm of night where we live.

 The Demon King Zedan.
 Attacking and destroying the human nation and unifying the earth.

 It is said that the current demon king has accomplished a feat that no one has ever been able to accomplish since we were a trivial demon race.

 The abominable 'Sacred Barrier' also disappeared at the same time.
 It's no exaggeration to say that the entire world is now in the hands of a single champion....

 It is precisely in this situation where power is concentrated at one pole.

Don't you think this is a good time to take the world into our hands?

 The six of us will attack the Demon City, sucking up all the blood and subduing it.

 We have the ability to dominate those who have sucked our blood and turn them into slaves like corpses while they are still alive.

 We will create our own army of servants, from the Demon King on down, all of whom are worthy of our attention.
 And we vampires will reign as the rulers of this world!

Rumor has it that the most violent of the No-Life Kings, the Emperor, screwed up just as he was being raised.

 This was only a big scoop that I had secretly obtained, and the assembled friends were surprised as expected.

The emperor...?
He's the one who will be the first to make a move after the world is unified...!
But if he fought with the Demon Lord's army, it must have been a big bite...!
How is it that word didn't get out, only to find out that the emperor has fallen?

 Huh, they're in a hurry.
 This is how we manage the situation and I'll take the lead.

It's good news that he's gone. "Either way, it's good news that he's gone, because there's no one left to compete with for supremacy.

 The other No-Life Kings have no interest in the mundane world and no one is interested in conquering the earth.
 The elves, dwarves, beastmen and other subspecies also think they are independent, but they can crush the demon king's army with a single stroke if they are turned into their own specialties.

There is no obstacle to our vampires in this world! Isn't it sinful for a strong man not to reach for the throne he can get?

 Yes, I will be the champion.
 The comrades of the Six Sacred Saints who have been selected over the years are weak and indecisive as a standard, unable to do anything without my instructions.

 Because they are such people, they will obey my orders and become the pawns in controlling the ground.

 In other words, when the Demon City falls into these hands, the world will not belong to the vampires, but to me alone!

 This I will be the ruler of not only the night world, but all the worlds!
 Because I, as a vampire, am the one who deserves it!


 It was the time when a rosy future had opened up and I was at the peak of my ability.

''........hmm? What's that light? Oooh, dazzle...?

 At that moment, my consciousness disappeared.

              * * * *.


 Yes, sir.
 It's Hakkai the Orc, the companion of Prince Arowana and his entourage.

 Mr. Songgok Phone has been at it again.

"Whoa! Songgok-chan! Why are you getting ahead of me again?

 Prince Arowana was in a panic.

 Far ahead, Songgok Fong's converging mana canon caused a puff of smoke to billow out of the castle.

''Hit the target! Aashi no Manakanon? With the blessings of the gods, your sanctity will be immeasurable. That vampire-like mass of evil is gone with a single snatch!
It's not a "shushing"! What about the rest of them? What is going to happen to the rest of them?

 Prince Arowana is right.

 We received information from a neighboring lord that 'the evil ones are holding a meeting', so we came to investigate just in case.
 With Songgok Phone's amazing ears, I overheard their plan to attack the Demon City, so I immediately decided to show no mercy.

''But that doesn't mean we're acting too quickly! The vampires are not wiped out yet! Puffa! How's he doing?
Just a minute!

 Master Puffa peered into the castle with a telescope made on the farm.

'There's still a lot left. But maybe it's because Kashira has been hit, she's eating bubbles and panicking. At this rate, they're going to run away in a frenzy.
That's not good. Vampires are a vicious evil that makes the people of the demon country afraid of them. We have to finish every last one of them here!

 That's a prince.
 I agree with you.

"Son Gok-chan, set up a barrage of bullets with Manakakanon to keep them pinned down and unable to escape! In the meantime, Haqqai and I will march in and take them out in close combat! Puffa, stay here and get a bird's eye view of the situation!
'According to my calculations, dawn is almost here, so we can win just by bringing in the long game. They'll turn to ashes in the sunlight.

 I bravely charged in with Prince Arowana.

 Thus, the vampire disaster that threatened the demon kingdom was removed.