203-202 Half-God of Exile

 That's me.

 A strange fellow has arrived.

 It hasn't even been long since Senior Spirit Arakune visited me, and yet he's a serial visitor.

 Moreover, the one who appeared this time was not discovered by Okubo, Poti and the others, and when I noticed, he was in the center of the farm, at the entrance of my mansion.
 It's as if they had broken into the deepest part of the house.

 It was a fiasco.

 Who is this blatantly unpredictable man who came in underneath the noses of Okubo and his friends and Porgy?

 At first glance, the young man, who looks like a human race, looks like he is around 30 years old.
 He is dressed like an ancient Greek philosopher, with one skin off, and the loose fabric wavering to the point of obscuring his body.
 The edges of the garment were tattered and frayed, and the overall impression was that of a 'wandering ascetic'.

 I could see that one bare skin was well-muscled and seemed to move well, but it was not because of his lightness that he was able to slip through the warning net of our farm.

 There is something extraordinarily different about this man's existence itself.

 He is a man.
 He is a human being, but there is something more than a human being mixed in with him.
 It's like that.

"....My name is Duonisos.

 The man introduced himself.

That's the name my father gave me, but since then I've been called Bacchus, my stage name.

 He said it so authoritatively that it took me a while to realize it was all a joke.

'Oh, thanks. ...and what's this Bacchus guy up to?
I get called up to do stuff!
I'm over it!

 You don't want to give me the impression that you've slipped up.

 So who the hell are you people, Mr. Backus?
 What is the purpose of your visit?
 I can't understand a lot of things unless you explain them to me!

"Demigod Bacchus, another rare fellow.
Oh, doctor?

 The No-Life King teacher showed up next to me again.

 Thank you for running to me every time something inexplicable happens!

He was born of a man named Bacchus and a god. Such a person is generally known as a demigod.


"They are very rare now. In the past, even before the time when I was still a living being. Long ago, even before the eagles were still alive, there were many demigods. For the gods came down to earth and mingled senselessly with the human race they had created.

 At that time, it was Zeus, the god of heaven, who was the least sensible.

 As a necessary consequence, a child was born with the blood of both a man and a god, and the child came to be called a demigod.

 As a matter of course, the demigod was powerful and became a heroic great man.

 His power was so strong that it upset the balance of the world.

'So the gods decided to make a plan and made a pact with him not to allow him to descend to earth casually from then on. Then the demigods were welcomed into the realm of the gods, where their respective parents ruled, and took the throne of the gods.

 So they say that there are no demigods left in this world at all.
 Except for one person.

The demigod Bacchus here was born between the heavenly Zeus and the human race, yet he ignored the heavenly messengers and stayed on earth, and since then he has been the only demigod left on earth. Thereafter, he is the only demigod left on earth.
'I know very well. Immortal King, how did you find out so much about what happened before you existed?
'What do you mean? Isn't that what you told me yourself when we met?

 The teacher and Bacchus confronting each other.

 Huh? What?
 Do you two know each other, by any chance?

Bacchus has been wandering the world for over 2,000 years. He is half god, after all. He will never grow old and die.
'Well, we've met before. This I'm only interested in one thing, and therefore I don't remember anything else!

 That's enough.

 I mean, 2,000 years?
 What is he doing wandering around for so long?

There's only one reason why Bacchus is going to stay on earth. "He will stay on earth for one reason and one reason only: because he loves it with all his heart and won't look for anything else. It's the only thing that interests him.




'Yes, I love alcohol with all my heart. All I do is make booze, drink booze, and spread it around the world!
This is how he has been walking around the world for 2,000 years. To discover new alcoholic beverages born in the world, to make alcoholic beverages of our own making, and to bring alcoholic beverages to the world.

 The eternally wandering missionary of alcohol.
 That's the demigod Bacchus.

 ...so far, I'm beginning to understand what he's doing in our farm.

"At one point, my Bacchus sense responded. "Then my bacchus sense kicked in and told me that far away in the farthest reaches of the world there was a brew I'd never tasted before. I've been walking and walking and walking all the time in search of that drink...!

 They crossed the wilderness, climbed mountains, crossed valleys and got lost in the woods.
 It took him a long time to finally reach our farm.

'I've reached my goal! Now, can we have a nice drink right here?
No, sir.

 I answered immediately.

              * * * *

"Aaaaaaahhhh...! People's children are so mean to me, oh my God!

 When I refused, Bacchus started crying with all his might.
 His crying was also imposing and his formlessness was not half bad.


 No, as far as I'm concerned.
 I was wondering if it would be a good idea to raise something just because a stranger I just met today asked me to.

 I didn't expect you to show such a violent reaction...!

"Is this what we need in return? Then let me give you this!

 Bacchus offered me something.
 What is this?

It's the seed of a tree! If you grow these, you will have clusters of small, red berries that will be squeezed to release their juice, which, when successfully rotted, will make a wine.


'In exchange for this, I'd like a drink from you! Not a bad deal!

 I have an idea of what Bacchus is looking for.

 At one time, I instructed the mermaid Gala Rufa to study the making of alcohol.
 The result that time was a beer made from barley.

 Gara Rufa successfully fulfilled my request and developed a crisp, crisp, delicious and refreshing beer.

 I don't know what kind of alcoholic beverages are mainly popular in this world, but it's made from otherworldly ingredients, so I guess it's just as tasty. I think.
 At least I'm definitely drinking well myself.


 Oh well.

We don't have the heart to turn away someone who has traveled all this way just to drink our booze without a second thought. Come on over here.
Huh? Are you sure? Wow, he's so sweet!

 Bacchus skips along after me.
 You're so light on your feet, you demigod.

              * * * *.

 If you're going to drink this beer, you have to make sure it's good.

 So I chilled a glass mug made in the Elf Workshop in the special Puffa refrigerator and poured in a beer that was also chilled.

 It bubbled up well.

 For a snack, we prepared edamame, another beer accompaniment.
 I boiled them in natural salt from the ocean right there.


 Bacchus grabbed the beer mug that was served to him and puffed it at an angle close to perpendicular to the ground and gulped it down his throat at a tremendous rate.

 Despite the recklessness of the drink, not a single drop spilled into the belly.
 The bottom of the mug makes a booming sound as it hits the table.

"One more!

 I couldn't help but applaud him for drinking so painfully.

'Just as I thought! No, it was even better than I thought it would be! It was worth the journey to the ends of the earth! I want to certify this drink as a divine wine in the name of the demigod Bacchus!

 That was already done by Mr. Hades.

'But, son of man, how do you like the vegetables served as a garnish here? It's not very crunchy and hard to chew, and it's strangely bitter...!

 But bacchus.
 You're not happy with the edamame as a snack.

 Well, I can understand if you want to be stingy with them.
 Bacchus, he's eating the edamame with the whole shell on it.

 It's a dish from another world, but you didn't explain it well enough.

 Edamame, you see, we don't eat the shells.
 They only eat the beans inside the pod.
 You take the beans out of the casing....
 Push the beans out of the side slit.........
 That's right!


 Apparently, he liked the edamame too.

The crunchy texture of the beans, which had become soft after being boiled, and the tangy saltiness! The taste and texture enhances the bitterness of the sake! It's a perfect combination!

 Eat edamame and drink beer.
 Eat edamame and drink beer.

 Empty shells were piling up in a heap.
I'm very proud of you for making such a delicious drink. I am very happy to have met you. This is a great day for me.
Ha, that's fine, but...!

 You don't look quite the same as before, do you?
 It's a subtle change that's hard to notice, but he's using a lot of respectful language...?

 The doctor answered my question.

The more you drink, the clearer your mind becomes, the clearer your mind becomes.

 You're an alcoholic.