204-203 Sake God

 A demigod bacchus who loves to drink.

 He was pleased with the taste of our farm beer.

I enjoyed it.

 Bacchus's character is slightly different and out of tune.

'This drink is made from grain, isn't it? Although there are other alcoholic beverages made in the same way in the human and demon kingdoms, the grains themselves are completely different. Hence the richness and smoothness.

 I'm glad to hear that much acclaim, but....
 Most of the credit goes to Gala Rufa, though.

'I'm sure the person who produced such a good drink must be a great genius. He must have been thinking about liquor every waking moment of his life.
No....not really...!

 As a matter of fact, Gala Rufa, the man behind the development of beer, is not that much of a drinker.

 What she really loves with all her heart is the bacteria that play an important role in brewing.

 And that's why, at the moment, she's not touching brewing at all.

 It's because she's too busy with her other work.

 Gala Rufa used to be a doctor in the land of mermaids, and her experience has led her to work in the infirmary at our farm, where she takes care of the health of the farm's inhabitants on a daily basis.
 It's more strenuous work there and she doesn't have time to do anything else.
 Naturally, she moved away from the brewery, and the brewing development on the farm stopped when she finished the first beer, and no further progress has been made since then.

 It's been a long time since we made beer, but we haven't heard any news of the development of new breweries because of this reason.

 Even so, we decided that it would be a shame if we couldn't serve alcohol on the table, so the current situation at our brewery is that our orcs and goblins only produce beer that has a certain method already in place, and that's all we can afford to do.

 There was a time when I tried to develop a new kind of beer, but that time coincided with the making of Natto (fermented soybeans), and that was a setback.

 If you touch Natto, you're not allowed to enter the brewery.

 The mermaid team has been replenished recently, so do you want to put that member in the brewery? I even suggested that....
But they rejected it with a single word, 'All the new kids are minors.

 ...That's right, we can't leave brewing to minors, can we?

 The color of Bacchus's face changed when I lightly spoke about our current situation at the drinking table, "That's not right!

That's not good!
It's not good. You scared me!

 Please don't yell out all of a sudden.
 This is why drunks act so unpredictable!

A workshop that makes this kind of booze can't operate due to lack of manpower! That's all I'm worried about!

 His speech is back to normal.
 The shock must have sobered him up.

''Saints! Will you let me deal with the matter, please?
What? Problem?

 I don't think I'm in trouble.

We can't be like this. You there, dragon!
'What? Is it me?

 He shot at Veerle from among the personnel who were drinking together.

 I should say that he was a demigod, as expected of a demigod, that he was able to see that he was a dragon even though he was in human form.

''I have a favor to ask! Will you use your wings to deliver me to the Land of Man! When I got back on my feet, it took me just as long to get there as it did to get here!
Why would I do that?

 Viel's best argument.
 You can't ask her to move without a quid pro quo.

'Do me a favor and you'll have plenty of good booze to drink later on!
The booze is good, but I'd rather have a sweet treat...

 This dragon, sweetie brain.
 Well, she's a girl and it's no wonder.

"There's something sweet in alcohol.
"Seriously? Master! I'm going to leave him in human country for a bit!

 Before he could finish, Veerle transformed into a dragon, pinched Bacchus and took off.

''What the hell is this...?''
I'm home.

 And just when I thought he was gone, he comes back.
 You actually got Bacchus back to Humanity?

The demigod asked me to come back for him. He asked me to come back for him in three days.
What are you going to do with three days?

 I felt uneasy about it, but it doesn't seem that I can stop him, so we'll just have to wait and see how it goes.

 And three days after the promise....

              * * * *

"Bacchus cult! There's more people!
''More people!''

 Bacchus wasn't the only one that the dragonized Veerle brought to the farm, there were several others.

 Except for Bacchus himself, all of them were women, and all of them were young.

'These are the priestesses who agreed to be my missionaries and became my followers! My credentials are the youngest maiden in the world!
A pagan religion?
They brought these women to help me! Saint! Can you leave your farm's brewery to me and the girls, please!

 I'm baffled by this surprising proposal.

"I, the god of alcohol, will do my best to make sure your farm is ready for brewing! I see endless possibilities on this farm! I have a feeling there will be many more, great drinks to come!

 Demigod Bacchus.

 Because he was a true drinker who even kicked his way to the heavenly realm to spread alcohol on earth, there was no one to prevent him from his passion.


 I looked at the teacher who was running to me today as if to ask for help, but he silently waved his cover off.

What do you think?

 They're the monster team working in the brewery right now.
 Let's hear what they have to say about it.

''Honestly, mainly working in the fields, exploring dungeons, weaving, oil pressing, salt making, sugar refining, paper making, fishing...!
I'm swamped with work, and if someone could take on one of those jobs, that would be super helpful...!

 I'm sorry to keep putting you guys through the ringer.

Well, we have a deal. Booze-loving demigod Bacchus! From here, we're going to introduce another alcohol innovation!

 In a somewhat intrusive way, we have a new resident on our farm.

 Finally, a god has come to live in our home.
 Well, only half of them are gods.

              * * * *

 And within a few days after the demigod came to live in our house, it paid off.

"We can't make sake yet, but we can make a different kind of drink with the barley you gave us.
Try it.

 Bacchus offered up a thick amber liquid that was poured into a mug.
 In terms of color, I think it's whiskey.

 If it's made from barley, it's even more whiskey? I would imagine that....
 But there's no way you can make whiskey in such a short period of time.

 You'll know it when you drink it.


 I boldly poured the brown liquid that filled my mug into my mouth.
 Thump! And taps the table with the bottom of his mug.

'Here's some barley tea!'

 A new beverage repertoire has been added to our farm.