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 My name is SLEEP, and I am a priestess of Master Bacchus.

 I am a priestess of Master Bacchus.

 What is a Bacchus priestess? You may be wondering, "What is a Bacchus priestess?" so let me explain it first.

 A Bacchus priestess is a priestess who serves the great demigod, Lord Bacchus, who controls the drink.
 Isn't that an explanation?

 Now let me tell you a little more about him.

 Master Bacchus is a man who has been around for thousands of years as half-God and half-human. What does he spend his long, long time doing?

 The search for and development of good alcohol.

 But the great man is not satisfied with just one person, he wants to spread the joy of alcohol to more and more people, regardless of race. He wants to spread the joy of alcohol to more and more people, regardless of their race.

 That's why we make a lot of booze, distribute it everywhere we travel, and even do some missionary work.

 But such large-scale activities cannot be done by one person.

 That's where the believers who help Master Bacchus, the founder of alcohol, come in.
 That's where we come in.

 Bacchus' priestesses.

 They are the missionaries who follow Master Bacchus and make wine and sell it in various places.
 They say that there are Bacchus priestesses scattered by the thousands on this earth.

 They are so widely distributed that even my relatives do not know the exact number of them.

 I, myself, am one of the Bacchus Priestesses, but I was born in a cold village far from the center of the former human country.
 My parents, who had many brothers and sisters, had difficulty in making ends meet due to poor harvests, so they made me join the Order of Bacchus to reduce their mouths.

 Many of the priestesses of Bacchus have that kind of background.

 A side effect of legal magic was that the land was drying up and the tax collection was getting harder and harder to collect.
 There were countless young children who could no longer support themselves due to the hardships of life.

 For such poor families, the Bacchus Order was the perfect place to reduce their mouths.
 The reason why the Order was filled with women and they were called Bacchus priestesses is probably because women were more likely to join the Order than men, who were more likely to take in the labor force.

 It is also permissible for us to charge for the alcohol we make when we give it away.

 The reason why we have been able to survive until today despite being abandoned by our parents and village is because of Master Bacchus.

              * * * *

 One day I received a notice from Master Bacchus.
 It seems to be a notice to all the Bacchus priestesses of the world.

 --Calling all those who will go with me to Paradise!
 --that's where all your wishes come true!
 --Good food, a decent bed!
 --Gather around, maidens who wish to brew with me in the best of circumstances!
 --It's a bunch of people! I'm just hoping that's what it is!

 My first thoughts on these calls are........


 ......... was.
 It's too stinky.

 But it's our beloved Bacchus himself.
 We can't doubt that, and at the same time, we're worried about what effect the end of the war between human and demon races will have on our business of selling wine.

 I've decided to take the plunge and go with Mr. Bacchus' offer.

              * * * *

 When I headed to the designated location, I found about fourteen or five maidens who had answered the same call.

''They're all hopefuls!''

 Mr. Bacchus seemed to be satisfied with the number of applicants.

 And this is where our series of surprises began.
 After all, we were first and foremost surprised.
 After all, it was a dragon that had come for us.


 All the maidens, including me, screamed.
 Some even bubbled and swooned.

 Dragons are one of the most fearsome beings in the world.
 It is said that if a mere human being is in sight, they will surely die.

 That dragon!
 Grab me!
 Flying through the air!

 I didn't feel alive the whole time I was in the air.
 I'm sure my life span has been shortened.

 I thought I was going to ascend to heaven, but then I descended to the ground again.

 Is this my destination?

 This is a quiet place with fields stretching as far as the eye can see.
 Moreover, the crops in the field are far more lush and full of life than in a human country.

 I wondered how good they must taste when eaten.
 I was surprised at that, but it was even more surprising when I realized that this was not the issue at hand.

 Monsters are taking care of the fields.

 Orcs and goblins.
 Aren't they humanoid monsters that the Demon King's army uses as soldiers!
 It's a violent creature that is rumored to attack human villages on the orders of the demon race, killing all of the men and raping all of the women as much as they can!

...Oh, you're a newcomer, aren't you? It's nice to meet you.


Yeah, how'd you do?
'Well, I'm glad to hear that you all will be in charge of brewing the sake! I have a lot of work to do. From now on, we're all part of the same farm!
Let's help each other out and support the farm!

 The monsters were very friendly and I liked them.

 Their language was also very polite. In this situation, the human race living in the old human country is much more barbaric.
 Whenever an old man of the human race gets drunk, he just stands there and pees, and that's the worst.
 The monsters here would never do such a thing! He's a gentleman!

              * * *

 ... Well, that's how our life on the farm started.

 Our work here is almost exactly the same as before.
 We just make sake.

 But the work environment is completely different.
 It's like heaven on earth.

 This farm is truly heavenly.
 It's a completely different house than the typical wooden houses that were built in the old human country.
 A beautiful building that looks like a villa for a royal lord and nobleman was provided for our exclusive use as lodgings.

 These buildings were built by the Orcs in the blink of an eye.

It's the kind of thing you'd expect to find when you're living together.

 He's a manly orc with every single thing he says.

 Is the floor tatami? The material is comfortable to the touch and you can sleep in it. It's very different from the bare earth shacks in human country.
 It's well-built, and there's no wind in between.

 And that's not the only surprising thing about this place.

 The food is delicious every day.
 Tonkatsu (pork cutlet), Chinja Orozù (Chinese dumplings), Omelette (omelet rice), and Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake)... There are so many things I've never eaten before.
 All things I've never had before!
 And it's all delicious!

 It's great to take a bath in a hot spring after a long day's work, and to drink satyr milk afterwards!
 Isn't it the best of all milk products?
 And it's chilled to the bone!

 And you can mooch off the occasional passing dog as much as you like.

 ...you're so extravagant.
 Even kings don't have this kind of luxury.

 It's true what Master Bacchus said.
 This is paradise.

 I've made up my mind.
 I'm going to stay here until I die.
 I'll make wine for these people until the end of my days!
 That is surely the meaning of what I was born to do!

              * * *

 Well, so I worked on making sake....

 We had an immediate problem.

 Here, Master Bacchus, the God of Wine and Master Sage of the Farm, and I are trying to make a new kind of wine together, but there are so many different kinds of sake to try, that the first warehouse we had for brewing sake is no longer enough.

 When I was wondering what we should do, the Orcs came up to me and asked me for advice.

They said, "If you need help, we'll take care of it.

 Oak-san quickly built two more warehouses in a matter of minutes.
 How dependable you guys are........!

I'd be happy to help you all do your best.

 Oh no, you handsome orc!
 You're in love...?