206-205 Rumors of Utopia

 My name is Shabe.

 I'm a hapless adventurer in human country.

 I'm a lone adventurer living in human country.
 I used to be afraid of what would happen to us after our country was destroyed, but now I'm able to devote myself to my work without worry.

 The demons who conquered us only crushed the topmost royalist cult, but they gave us permission to continue on with the rest of our lives.
 I was really relieved.

 So today, we're going to dive into the dungeon to make some more money.

              * * * *

 The first thing adventurers like me visit is the Adventurer's Guild.
 The first thing adventurers like me visit is the adventurers' guild, and based on the requests I get there, I decide on a target in the dungeon.

Nah, old man. Do you have any good quests for me?
How about this? "Taking down Belzebufo. Your quota is three, and you have until the end of the day to complete it.
"Not those guys again? I'm getting tired of hunting them all over again, aren't I?
But they're weak, they're prowling around near the entrance, they're easy to hunt, right? There's nothing better than being handy.

 I signed up for the quest despite my frustration.
 Apparently there is always a demand for Belzebufo's oil, which can be processed into an ointment that works well on cuts.

Hey old man, do you have any more fancy quests? Don't you have any more fancy quests? It's like my reputation is going to explode just by achieving it! ....to defeat the dungeon master?
If you run into a dungeon master like you, he'll kill you instantly. He can't even run.
''Don't just sit on the sidelines and build up your achievements one by one. After a few more quests, you'll be able to move up in rank and get into a one-star dungeon.
Really? Yes!

 It's the job of adventurers to dive into dungeons like this, defeating monsters and getting materials that are useful to people.
 The dungeons are strictly controlled by the adventurer's guilds in each area.
 They make sure that no monster escapes and that only those adventurers authorized by the guild are allowed to enter the dungeons.

 Recently I learned that the demon country - the country where the demons live - does not have an adventurer's guild.

 But they do have dungeons, don't they?
 So how do you manage a dungeon over there?

 The human country was destroyed by the Demon King, and now the Demon King is our king, that is to say, the Demon King is in charge of this area.
 Well, the human country was destroyed by the Demon King, and now the Demon King is also our king, but...

              * * * *

''The Demon King's Army uses anthropomorphic monsters such as orcs and goblins as a fighting force. It's more convenient for them to be directly controlled by the state.

 You dive into dungeons, hunt the monsters you've been asked to hunt, complete quests, and drink at the end of the day in a tavern.
 That's the standard style for adventurers.

 The old man at the reception desk has finished his work and is sitting across from me drinking and eating.
 It's a good way to learn more about the adventurer's world, and there's no one better than this old man.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on in the world. There is also talk of outsourcing the management of dungeons to the private sector and opening them up more freely.
And then...?
Maybe there's an adventurer's guild in Wonderland. And then maybe one day you can go to the demon kingdom and hide in its dungeons? The dungeons over there are still unexplored, there could be more treasures lying around than you can imagine.

 This is some exciting stuff!

 I felt like I was in the dark for a while after the human nation was destroyed, but rather than that, my dreams are expanding!
 Hail to the Demon King!

'And with that, I've got one more dream story to tell you, do you want to hear it?
'Listen to me! More drinks, sis!

 One tip for one drink is the rule between me and Pops.
 I've heard that Pops has been hitting up other adventurers to get a drink every day," he said.

It's a rumor that's been going around lately. It's somewhere in the world, but nobody knows where...!
"Saint's Farm.

 What's that?
 I'd rather hear about the dungeon than the farm, wouldn't you?

Just hear me out. I'm talking about that kind of secret place that's out there somewhere.
Isn't this just a fantasy?
Well, there are some things that don't prove it. You know what that is? The Bacchus Priestess.
It's those pretty girls peddling liquor, right?
Yeah. Yes, they are a folk religion that follows the demigod Bacchus. It seems that just the other day, they received an urgent message about this on their network.

 People going to the saint's farm, recruited.

'The head of the Bacchus Order, Bacchus, is half man and half God, born long ago. He's the only god who can see his face in person in this day and age. If it is at the behest of that God....
Is it credible?
In fact, the Bacchus priestesses who responded to the call disappeared and have never been seen again.... From what I've heard, there have been sightings of them being taken away by dragon along with Guru Bacchus...!

 That's indeed too big of a story....
 It's a bit of an eyebrow-raising impression...!

The dragon in the picture is very untrue!
This reminds me of a story I just heard. This one has many witnesses and it's definitely true.

 Pops speaks in a pompous manner.

The story before the fall of the human nation, when the human army and the demon king's army were clashing on the front line, a dragon broke into the front line, do you know what happened?
I don't know.
It's a different world to us adventurers, but you should know that it's a big deal. You have to be a good adventurer to know what's going on.
So, what's up with the dragon swooping in?

 According to the old man, the dragon said to both the human and demonic races that were fighting each other.

 --I am the servant of the saint.
 --I'll burn anyone who opposes the saint without mercy.

 I will burn those who avenge their saint without mercy.

If it's the same dragon that's supposed to have taken the Order of Bacchus, doesn't that lend credence to the existence of the saint's farm?
It smells like a complication... But if that's what the dragons said, then maybe there are at least some saints?
In fact, I heard that when the king was informed of the dragon riots on the front lines, he sent his men out to search for the saint. He said that if he sent the saint as his retainer to warn the dragons, the demons would be annihilated by him.

 However, before the saint could be found, the demon tribe launched a major invasion and the human nation was destroyed.

''Rumor has it that some of the search parties are still carrying out orders from the king and continuing to search for the saint.
'What? Why?

 The human nation was destroyed, so you won't get a reward from anyone for completing your mission, right?

I guess that's the loyalty thing to do nonetheless. There are plenty of other people who would love to go to the saint's farm.
'Cause it's a saint's farm. A land ruled by a man with a dragon in tow. They say you can get anything you want there, and any wish will come true!
Who's talking about it?
Anyway, here's the detailed wording of the call for recruits spread throughout the Bacchus Order...

 --There's something for everyone, saint's farm!
 --good food, clean clothes!
 --and most importantly, a rare drink I've never had!
 --To RAKUEN with Bacchus, maidens who want to live the most high-grade life ever!

Well that's just great.
High grade living.

 What a nice ring to the ears.
 Even I would be intrigued to hear this. It sounds like a scam.

"And then there are the dragons that I keep hearing about. I think to myself...
'I'm sure the saint's farm has them. There's a dungeon with a dragon as its master.

 A dungeon with a master is rated as a five-star top-tier dungeon by itself, right?
 The level of danger and the amount of treasure that can be deduced is far greater than that!

'The level of danger in a dungeon with a Lord depends entirely on the character of the dungeon master. Some dragons, like Lord Alexander the Glaugrintz Dragon, take the initiative in welcoming adventurers.

 I know, I know.
 The Holy White Maiden's Mountain, the mountain dungeon mastered by Master Alexander, is the largest and strongest dungeon in the land of humans and has the highest difficulty level. It's the ultimate dungeon with a six-star rating, breaking the Adventurer's Guild's rating criteria of being the best in terms of profits to be gained!

Could there be a dungeon on the same level as that one at the Saint's Farm...?
Very likely. Dragons only live in dungeons. If that dragon is a servant of a saint, then that means it's a dungeon controlled by a saint.

 A dungeon ruled by people.........
 It must be well managed and organized........

I heard that's why the guild secretly sent out emergency quests to a limited number of skilled adventurers.
"Find the saint's farm?

 To take care of any significant profit that may lie in there.

Well old man, I've made up my mind.
'What? What?
"I will find the farm of the saints! I'll go down in history as the first to discover the perfect place!

 And then I won't have to stand around here and wait for this to happen!
 Let's get on the road, we're not coming back until we find the saint's farm!

What? Wait a minute, who's paying for all this? You were going to pay for my drinks here! Hey! Wait a minute!

 Something about the old man's loud voice reaches my back, and I'm sure it's a word of encouragement to me!

 Hang on, old man!
 I'm gonna find that saint's farm and get home!