207-206 Selection of New Shitenno

 There's no end to the congratulations that Astares has given birth to Gotia, but there's another person who is about to give birth before she can catch her breath.

 It's Queen Grashara, the Second Demon Queen.

 Grashara found out that she was pregnant three months after the First Demon Queen Astares.
 The birth of the baby would be about that late.

 That's why Grashara's belly is just about bursting open in response to Astares, who has already given birth.

 The birth of her second child was just around the corner, and the demon kingdom would be more and more at ease.

 I knew it was a matter of peace, but Astares and Grashara both asked me for advice.

              * * * *

The demon kingdom may be no more...!

 I thought it would be smooth sailing for you to have an heir!
 What happened to it?

 A disturbing shadow looms over our peaceful world!

Have we got a new enemy? A new development?
No, that's not what I'm talking about...! What can I say...! The subordinate I thought was capable was even more incompetent than I thought...!

 From the fragmentary information, I shifted my gaze to the side.
 There were Astares-san's former subordinates, Batty and Verena, there.

'It wasn't us!'
'You should listen to Lady Astares more! And solve it for them!

 He said.

 Well, I already have a close relationship with the Demon King's family, and I wish I could help them if I could.

"This all started with the newly-elected Four Heavenly Kings.
The Four Heavenly Kings?

 I've heard dimly that he's a direct subordinate of the Demon King and a general of the Demon King's army class.

 Astares-san and Grashara-san, who are in front of me right now, must have originally been members of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King.
 I guess there are two more of them since they're called the Four Heavenly Kings, but I've never met them, so I don't know.

It's been almost a year since Grashara and I, who were originally the Four Heavenly Kings, became the Demon Queen. It's time to officially step down from the position of the Four Heavenly Kings and choose a successor.
Oh, wow.

 You are right, too.
 It's strange that the queen is also a general.

"Traditionally, the Four Heavenly Kings' successors are chosen from their lieutenants.
Well, then...

 Again my gaze shifted to Batty Verena.
 It was denied with great force.

'It wasn't us! That's not us!
''Even if you're a second-in-command, only a noble class with the right bloodline can be selected to succeed the Four Heavenly Kings! I'm from a commoner's home and it doesn't matter at all!

 Batty reminded me in more layers.

'I have a second-in-command in addition to Batty and Verena...'
'What? Really?

 This is the first time I've heard of it.

''Since Aeshma-sama is the one whose duty it is to command Astares-sama's direct army in Astares-sama's absence...!
It is precisely because of such a role that he must be trusted many times more than me and Verena. When Astares-sama fell to the city, he stayed in the army with tears in his eyes in order to unite the remaining troops!

 I hadn't paid attention to it before, but it's true that such a role exists.
 So you're saying that he's going to replace Mr. Astares as the new Four Heavenly Kings?

'I have been meaning to do so for a long time. Aeshma comes from a family close to mine and is fully qualified by bloodline.

 The Demon King easily gave his approval, and that Aeshma-san or something like that was appointed as the new Four Heavenly Kings.

 Now, up to this point, there didn't seem to be any problems.
 In fact, there wasn't.

 The problem was that it was nowhere near as bad as it seemed.

''Aeshma, who became the Fourth Heavenly King, said something like, 'Let's attack and destroy the saint's farm...!
"I'm so sorry!

 Mr. Astares, diving to his knees.
 Meanwhile, baby Gotia was in Batty's hands.

"Lately, rumors have been coming up in many places about Saint-sama's farm, and there's even a tail on the rumor that 'there's wealth there that rivals all the world's' and so on...!
The scary part is that it's not necessarily a mistake, but...!

 You don't think so?
"All the World" is indeed an exaggeration, isn't it?

A set of otherworldly, death-defying vegetables. A set of hardware made of mana metal. A set of golden silk garments. The finest monster materials from the dungeons of the teacher and Master Veerle. Mermaid potion, satyr milk, elven artifacts, liquor brewed directly by the demigod Bacchus...!
I'm sorry, I understand. I don't need to...!
They may not know the specifics of such treasures, but if we invade and conquer the farm, the treasures will all belong to the demon tribe....

 Mr. Aeshma says that's what you're looking for?

I'm still just dancing around the rumors, though.

 Somewhere in this world, there is a place that looks like an utopia where a tremendous amount of treasure lies.
 Find it.
 Conquer it!
 I want the treasure to belong to the demon tribe!


"That Aeshma guy has the intention of overpowering us as soon as he finds the location of the farm. I scolded him with all my might when he came to offer up a plan with enthusiasm, but...!

 The New Four Heavenly Kings.
 Even the queen's anger wasn't helped by it.

"Unfortunately, he is not the only one of the Four Heavenly Kings who is pushing this plan.

 Mr. Astares' jittery gaze turned that way.

 There, Grashara-san was gobbling up vegetables from the farm, raw and gobbling them up.
 He's eating as boldly as he looks.

'.........no, I have to eat for the baby in my belly.
'I don't blame you for eating it all up! I'm asking you to apologize for sympathizing with a stupid plan, even your recommended New Four Heavenly King!
''I'm sorry!''

 Since Grashara-san has become the Demon Queen, it's obvious that she has to retire from the Four Heavenly Kings and elect a successor.
 Are you saying that even Grashara's successor, the Fourth Heavenly King, is in favor of attacking the farm?

''With the strong promotion of the two New Four Heavenly Kings, the operation to explore and invade the Saints' farm is about to be approved! It also hurts that the Demon King-sama has been able to concentrate on his political duties and has been removed from direct command of the Demon King's army...!
''It's like the situation has been delayed by Belfegamilia's laziness, who was delegated the leadership of the Demon King's army by Zedan-sama. There's one way to look at it, though, is that he's too lazy to keep the newcomers in check.

 I understand the situation.
 What do you want me to do?

You can reprimand them directly and silence them, but they are the pillars of the Demon King's army from now on. We don't want them to repeatedly talk in such a vain manner, and they might cause trouble for the saints again.
So he wants to beat the shit out of them and show the saints how horrible it is to get them to choke.

 And, well, that's how we decided to invite the New Four Heavenly Kings to the farm.

              * * * *.

 As a result, it's even more pitiful than I imagined.


 He didn't last three seconds.

 The new and motivated Four Heavenly Kings were blown away at the mercy of the new and motivated Four Heavenly Kings, and they lost without a single good point.

 But he still said that they hadn't lost yet, so this time he let Gobukichi's subordinate, the Spartan Goblin, beat them.

 This time the decision was made in two seconds.

 He ended up not being able to react at all to the goblin's fast and furious attack.

 This time his heart was broken and he was completely defeated.

''Saints, as an apology for the inconvenience this time, I will leave these men behind, so you can use them as you wish for a while.''

 Mr. Astares said.

'I hear the farm is short on labor as well, so I hope it helps. These guys will also develop a sense of the Four Heavenly Kings through their labor.

 Well, it's true that I'm in a state where I'd like to help the cat, but...

 I've decided to accept it, thankfully.