209-208 Land of Failure

 This is how Aeshma, the new Four Heavenly Kings, came to live on our farm for a while.

 Aeshma is a female like the rest of us, as Astares-san's former second in command.

 Furthermore, her age was closer to Astares-san's than Batibelena's, and her impressions were very similar to Astares-san's.
 She had the appearance of a s*xy, evil female executive.

 She looked like she could make the person she defeated lick her shoes.
 Of course, the shoes are shaped like high heels.

'Hi, I'm the owner of the farm.'

 First of all, say hello.
 My opponent still has a puzzled look on his face.

''Are you really saying that this is a saint's farm...?

 He looks ragged after being beaten to a pulp by Okubo's men.


 and Harrison (our farm's homemade) patted Aeshma on the head.
 Batty and Verena each.
 It was a cross-bomber of Harrison by the two Harrison's that each of them had.

'What? You're Batty and Verena! Why are you here!
It's been a while. It's a shame we can't honestly say "Congratulations on your career".

 The three of them were all originally Astares-san's second-in-command, so it's no surprise that they know each other.

It's a good thing that you're here. After the fall of the capital, I was only expecting you to come back with Astares-sama, but you didn't come back at all, so I didn't particularly care about you!
"Never mind.
Even if you're lying, please say, 'I was worried about you.'

 This is the kind of thing they say to each other.

'I'm glad to see my comrades-in-arms again, but I'm afraid you'll have to wait a while longer. I'm in the middle of an important negotiation.

 She pushed past Batty and Verena and faced me again.

'If you offer the treasures here, you will not only avoid becoming an enemy of the demon kingdom, you will also be able to come under its protection. I'm not asking you to give it all away. Half. No, let's say 60 percent.

 Harrison attacks Aeshma's head again.

'Ouch! What's going on here? Beating up on your former colleagues?
You used to be a colleague, and now you're doing us a disservice. Don't make us destroy our position here.
We live in this house now.

 Aeshma's attention is entirely focused on Battyberena.

What the hell is going on? What the hell have you guys been doing while you've been missing?
''Remember. What was the mission that started it all in the first place, the mission that led to Master Astareth's downfall during the Four Heavenly Kings era?
''That's ... of course, Astares-sama told me about it. You're going to capture the princess from the mermaid kingdom who has been disrespectful to the demon race, aren't you?

 It's a nostalgic story now.
 In the meantime, Aeschma was in charge of Mr. Astares's direct army and served as his housekeeper.

'I hadn't heard who the little mermaid princess was said to have married.

 Aeshma meditated with an expression on her face, as if she was scraping through the mud of her memories, and eventually opened her eyes with a snap.

By the way, that woman over there who's preaching to the human princess is the little mermaid in question.

 I'm not going to be able to get a good look at it," he said, pointing at Prathi, who was lecturing Lettuce Rate.

"What? The mermaid? Huh? The Princess of Humanity...?
You heard about how we came back from that mission, right?
'Of course I remember! It was a big deal that I'll never forget! You and Master Astareth, how you and Master Astareth flew to the battlefield in the grip of a dragon...!
Then Master Dragon said something. What did he say?

 That's all I've ever heard.
 A dragon, I mean, my Veerle said to me.

I'm a servant of the saints, so if you bother the saints, I will destroy you.


'Master Aeshma~?'
'Didn't the word "saint" remind you a little bit of that? Didn't you have any idea what it was?

 Maybe it's the comfort of being a former colleague, but don't get involved with those two people at the drop of a hat.

It's a good idea, but...! A saint is a rather common title. I wondered if there were many others...! I didn't think it was the same person...!

 That moment.
 Aeshma looked at me with a huff and stared at Batty Verena again.

 Bati and Verena nodded unhappily.
 Then Aeshma turned to me again.

'Then this saint is that saint too!
'Yes, yes,'
'Incidentally, this is also where Master Astares was forced out of the Four Heavenly Kingship and went into hiding for a time.

 Aeshma's eyelids widened as if her eyeballs were about to pop out.

'The saint is a tremendously tolerant person. He has welcomed us, who were once his enemies, with open arms.'
After that, Astares-sama was able to return as the Demon Queen thanks to the support of the saint. And for many other things, we are indebted to you, saint.
By "we" I mean the entire demon race!

 Batty and Verena come to the fold.

''It was only with the help of your saint that we were able to destroy the human nation in the first place, and the debt our demon race has received from your saint is immeasurable.
''Demon King Zedan also pays tribute to the saint, calling him his 'greatest friend'. It's no longer a good idea to antagonize such a saint...
"Rebel Against the Demon King.

 That's a good humor.
 However, that declaration seems to have stung Aeshma in a good way, and her face is pale.

"I beg your pardon!

 In the end, the situation was settled when Aeshma got down on her knees for diving.

              * * * *.

'Master Astares! Why didn't you tell me this earlier? You know everything!
I don't have the luxury of saying anything.

 Astares-san, who had been putting Gotia-kun to bed in the mansion, rejoined him.

''Mostly, Verena and the others would have pointed out that we can successfully guess if we assemble the information around us. It would be a problem if the Four Heavenly Kings, who organize the Demon King's army from the top of the mountain, can't even turn that much wisdom around!

 Aeshma couldn't help but gag and get into it.

I think it would be better to have Aeshma receive proper training to become the Four Heavenly Kings. ......Sage.

 I have a bad feeling about this.

"I'd like for that Aeshma fellow to stay with us for a while. You can do me a favor and make it up to me.
'Yes...? Well ... yes ...
''In the meantime, I'll make sure to teach you the ins and outs of being a Four Heavenly Kings. I'll show you that there is a difference in the mindset between a second-in-command who organizes a squad and the Four Heavenly Kings who lead an army of troops in several levels of preparedness!

 If this is the case, by having Aeshma over here, it gives Mr. Astares an excuse to come and play?
 I've been coming to visit you for less than three days without an excuse.

'There are already Batty and Verena living in this place and working day and night to repay the debt that has accumulated. You will join them and make up for this blunder by working!

 It was something like that.

"Yeah~? Are you going to work here too, Lord Aeshma~?
You're taking it so easy, aren't you?

 A former colleague who doesn't seem to be disagreeable.

 Nevertheless, it seems that Aeshma is clearly a higher-ranked person in terms of trustworthiness and competence from his superiors, and is he a difficult opponent for Batty and Verena to work with, even if they are also former deputies?

''You say you work here, but what do you do for the Four Heavenly Kings? You just took office.
''That's why this is a training program. After I atone for my indiscretion here and cultivate my mental attitude as a Four Heavenly Kings, I'll bring you back to the Demon City again.

 That's fine.

 Beside them, Aeshma and Batty Verena were greeting each other again.

''Bati, Verena. Unexpectedly, I'm going to be working with you guys again, so please take care of me. So what exactly do you do for a living? I should be doing the same thing you guys are doing, right?
No, it's not that simple.

 Batty and her team described their work on the farm.
 Batty's responsibilities, in particular, could not be imitated by anyone else.

'Making clothes? Come to think of it, you said something like that often when you were in the Demon King's Army...?
Surprisingly, you remember it...!
''But you, are you really able to make a proper outfit without professional training from a Demon King's Army soldier? On the contrary, you haven't been bothered by all the failures, have you?

 Aeshma's concern was understandable.
 But it was a needless worry.

'Well what kind of clothes do I make? To give you the most direct and straightforward explanation.
That's what you're wearing right now.

 It seems that the clothes that Aeschma wore today were made by Bati.
 It's probably one of the items that flowed to the demon market through Mr. Shaks.

You can't tell me what you're talking about! This is the most popular brand of clothing in the Demon City right now! I bought this item at great expense because Master Astares said he would take me to a special place!
''That's why that brand is my own work. Also, if the Four Heavenly Kings are excited about it, don't buy a ready-made one, just get a custom-made one.

 When Aeshma returned to the Demon Kingdom, he was to make her a ceremonial dress suitable for the Four Heavenly Kings.