210-209 Shitenno Homestay

 Thus, one of the new Four Heavenly Kings, Aeshma, came to live in.
 With a fixed term.

 I'm not sure if the person who is the most powerful vassal in the Demon King's army will be able to learn anything new by living in our home, but I'm not sure I'll ever be able to.
 I'd be happy if there was something to gain, even if only a little.

              * * * *

"Gahahahahahahahahaha! It's a fight!''

 Something about Veerle had returned to his dragon form and was rampaging.
 His opponent was Horcosfon.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more information on this.

I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not going to be able to do anything about it. Come play with me, bird-woman!
I'd like you to be quick about it. I'm going to try hikiwari-natto today.

 Holkosfon, who is pouring his heart and soul into making natto, is rather serious about hitting Manakanon on Veerle, who is interfering with it.
 There was hatred in the attack.

''Doh, the dragon........! The dragons are fighting...!

 Aeshma was shaking from her knees at the sight of it.
 Is it really that surprising?

''Veerle has a previous record of breaking into the battlefield of the Demon King's army and the human army. You should have expected him to be there, right?
There are shocks that are predictable but not acceptable!

 I know what you mean.

'I couldn't even take a dragon! What is that winged being? He's evenly matched with a dragon!
The Holkosfons are an ancient tribe of angels. They say they're as powerful as dragons.
Even Steven?
Come on, I'll give you a tour of the farm. We'll find you a job.
What else? Aren't we supposed to do something about all these fighting dragons? If we don't do something about it, they'll get caught up in the conflict and destroy the world!
We'll stop when we get bored.

 In fact, Holkosfon, who wanted to make fermented soybeans before he got bored, became numb, and ended up blasting Veerle with a full firestorm of extreme power Manakanon.

'It's not fair! It's just for fun and you're getting serious!'

              * * *

''I understand why Master Astares-sama tried to stop us from attacking this place at all costs.......!

 While showing me around the farm, Aeshma had a pale look on her face while following me.

''The forces we possess are too different. If we attacked a place like this, even with the full force of the Demon King's army, we would certainly get beaten back.
I don't think it's that bad...!
"So did the orcs and goblins we fought before...! That unit had clearly mutated...! Speaking of Warrior Orcs and Spartan Goblins, they are said to be equivalent to an army in one piece. Not just dragons, but even such a threat...?

 I wasn't sure if I should say anything, but I did.

''Actually there are a hundred of those mutated orcs and goblins in our farm.
Are you trying to destroy the world?
I don't mean to destroy the world, but... Also, ten of those one hundred have mutated once more, which means they're two-stage mutants...!

 What did I tell you?

'Oh yeah, did I mention Legatus Orcs and Brave Goblins? Well, we're all surprised that we grew up without knowing it, aren't we?

 I laughed jokingly, and my shoulder was tapped, thumping.
 I turned around, and there was an orc under Oakbo's man, an orc.
 What's up?

'Um ... I was listening without asking. I didn't mean to be rude, but please follow me. My Lord, haven't you noticed?
Hmm? What?
''The Legatus Orcs and Brave Goblins' squad leader class........ Among them, the Orcbo Leader and Goblins leader are mutating even more again...!
''It's a three-stage mutation. Julius Caesar Orc and Takehaya Susanoo Goblin. According to my teacher, their battle power is now comparable to the two greatest plagues in the world...!

 Okubo and Gobukichi...
 Those guys are getting pretty dignified...

 I see.
 I guess I've mutated even more.

 Is it true that children are born without parents?

 Next to me, who was getting very emotional, Aeshma was fainting while standing there.

              * * * *.

Please forgive me.

 Aeshma once again got down on her knees to me.
 I have a feeling that the demon race is a race that often gets down on its knees.

I was a complete fool to attack the great saint's land. This is my own decision and not the consensus of the demon tribe. Please........!
'There's no need to be so awed...'

 On the contrary, if you've scared me so much, I wouldn't say "invading the farm" again.

''Do you think the relationship between the farm and the demon kingdom will be safe?

 I'd be all over the place if that happened.

''I'm not so sure about that.
'What? Who!

 Before we knew it, a strange woman was standing in front of us.

 You can tell from the color of her skin that she is a demon, but her face is not familiar.
 Her bangs are long enough to hide her eyes, and she gives off a hint that she's going to be remembered for that alone.

'You're Leviatha! Where have you been!
''He's a newcomer to the Four Heavenly Kings at the same time as me. I used to be Lady Grashara's second in command!

 Speaking of which, didn't you say that there were other Four Heavenly Kings besides Aeshma who were advocating attacking the farm?

 I think I was blown away by orcs and goblins with Aeshma...?

''We meet for the first time. I'm Leviasa of The Grudge, the new Four Heavenly Kings on behalf of Grashara-sama. Please get to know me.
Oh, oh...

 It's funny.
 Even though she came to our house with Aeshma, I didn't notice her presence until now.
 Are you saying that's how low your presence is?

Hey, Leviatha! You too, come over here and apologize to the saints!

 Aeshma is the crown.

''You insisted on deploying to the farm as much as I did, so you'd have to bow together or you wouldn't be able to give credit to the saints!
'The reason I put forward the idea of going out is to incite the Aeshma...'
I knew right away that Lady Grashara was hiding something. He's not a very good liar. So I thought if I could get Aeshma fired up and making a scene, I could get some answers...

 And an unexpected answer.
 Then what?
 So the whole sequence of events up to this point was all according to her plan!

''I finally found out what the Demon Lord and the others are hiding. Now we can help Lady Grashara.
Oh, oh...?
My saint, you're always a pleasure to work with.

 Leviatha gave me a pecking order and bowed my head.

 What is it........?
 What's the vibe that's completely different from the old and new Four Heavenly Kings so far?

''Hmph, talking like that, do you have the power to properly help the Demon King and the Demon Queen? You can only talk big if it comes with competence, right?

 As the same New Four Heavenly King, Aeshma is a thorny thing to say.

 Just like the previous generations of Astares-san and Grashara-san were rivals, are they also in a position to compete with each other?

''........Then let's see? The new 'Grudge' four Heavenly King Leviasa's abilities?

 She thrust her tightly clenched right fist at us.

 The one in her fist was a catnip.

 The thing in her fist was a catnip.

              * * * *


 Veerle is in a bad mood after losing to Holkosfon just a few minutes ago.
 I'm in human form now.

'What do you want? Because I'm in a terrible mood...?

 Veerle's gaze is drawn to a point.

 It is the catnip that Leviatha is swaying to and fro.

 When the catnip goes to the right, Veerle's gaze goes to the right.
 When the catnip goes to the left, Veerle's gaze goes to the left.


 Finally, she couldn't hold back and jumped on him!

 But Leviatha, with perfect timing, dodges with a flutter.

Meow! Meow! Neeeeeee!

 Viel relentlessly chases after the catnip.
 ..........I thought you were becoming more and more cat-like lately, but to this extent......?

 But Leviatha immediately sees through it and takes Veerle by the hand.


 Another person was added to our farm that we couldn't underestimate.

The first time I saw it, I had to say something. An agitated Veerle has transformed into dragon form!
"Everybody out! Somebody calm Veerle down!