211-210 A woman who can work

 Aeshma and Leviatha, the new Four Heavenly Kings, who will be staying at our farm for a short time.

 I've talked about Aeshma a lot, so I'll put her aside for now.

 On the other hand, let's talk about Leviasa.
 One episode quickly occurred that shows how capable she is.

              * * * *.

 That day.

 Grashara-san, who came to visit the farm, was being crowded by the elves.
''What kind of combination is this?'' I didn't understand at first, but as I listened to the questions and answers, I gradually came to understand the story.

''Demon Queen-sama!''
''When will you start selling our work!

 The elves protested to Queen Grashara, the second demon queen.
 At the forefront of the protest is the pottery group leader, Elon, and the woodworkers' group leader, Myron. The leader of the pottery group, Elon, and the head of the woodworking group, Mieral, are in the forefront of the protest.
 The elves, whose job it is to make crafts, are divided into small groups like that.

 Why do these two men fearlessly attack the Queen?

 It was a long time ago now, but the elves "want to sell their work to the outside world! I said.
 At the same time, the clothes made by Batty sold ridiculously well in the Demon City, so they must have been inspired.

 In fact, the leather goods made by the Maerga Group and the glasswork of the Poel Group were sold by Astares-san through the merchant Shax-san, and now the sales are said to be steady.

 And yet.

 Although they are also part of the Elf team, the pottery of the Elon team and the woodwork of the Mieral team have not been sold at all.

 Why is that?

 Grashara-san, who is the same demon queen as Astares-san, side-swiped me.

''It's not fair that only Astares is acting as an intermediary! 'I'm in!' And.

 By distributing the farm's good products under Astares-san's name, Astares-san's reputation from the entire demon tribe would also rise as a set.

 As the same Demon Queen, Grashara-san, who feared that she would make a difference, interjected.

 After much discussion, it was decided that out of the four types of products produced by the elves, they would be divided in half, two in harmony with each other, and opened up to the market.

 Mr. Astares was put in charge of the Maerga group's leather products and the Poel group's glass products.
 Mr. Grashara was assigned to produce pottery from Aileron and woodwork from Mieral.

 If I had told you this much, you would have a clearer picture of what we were talking about.

 For the elves, it was a clear distinction.

'The work at Maerga's and Poel's place is well marketed! Why isn't our stuff on the market yet?
You're being held up by the Grashara! Why aren't you putting it out there? Sell it! Quick!

 That's what it means.

 Both Mieral and Elon are really unreserved in their dealings with the Demon Queen. As expected of a former anti-authority bandit.

''........well, calm down and listen to me.

 Grashara-san, who became the Second Demon Queen, also seems to have become calmer than when she was the Fourth Heavenly King.
 She opened her mouth with an appropriate amount of dignity.

I can understand why you guys are angry. I know what you're thinking," he said, "I know what you're thinking, my colleague's books are selling like hotcakes through Astareth, but the books you've entrusted to me have never been released. And that's because of me.
"When you say it that clearly...! Grashara-san alone is responsible for this...!
In fact, I haven't made any progress because I haven't done anything.
'Your fault!

 That's a lot of fun, that's a lot of activity.

Listen to me some more. Why aren't we making progress? Tell me why and you guys will understand!
'Yes! You heard the man!

 The elves are getting desperate.

This work intermediation. It's true that this is a match between me and Astareth. It's a contest to determine your status as a demon queen.
Well, well...
The more you sell, the better the Queen of Evil! The world will give him that kind of recognition. I can't let Astares beat me, that's for sure! He's a feuding partner from the days of the Four Heavenly Kings!

 In order for Grashara-san to win against Astares-san, the same method cannot be used with Astares-san.

 In other words, he should put Shax-san, the Demon King's purveyor, as an intermediary.

 If he followed up, it's only natural that Mr. Astares, who already has a proven track record, would be more impressive.

 The only way for Grashara-san to achieve an upset victory is to use another route and create a bigger movement than Astares-san's side.

''So I tried various new routes, but I couldn't find any.
Enough! We'll be sold by Mr. Astares, too! I want all the works I gave you back!
Don't be stupid! That's just going to result in my downfall! Can you lose to Astareth over Attachi's willpower?!

 It finally turned into a fight of wrangling.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

 I'm watching from the side like that and letting out a sigh.

''You're still a bad, bad boy, Grashara-sama.

 The one who appeared there was the new Four Heavenly Kings, Leviasa.
 Before taking office as the Fourth Heavenly King, she was Grashara-san's second in command.

''Grashara-sama, if you don't mind, the elves' craft sales route, would you like me to find it for you?''
You're gonna do it for me?
I can't say for sure until I see it in person. Well, unless you're an expert, you should be fine. Elvish artifacts are a luxury item.
'Yes! I'll leave all that to you, Leviatha!

 Mr. Grashara throws everything to his subordinates without hesitation.

'If it's not Mr. Grashara already, I'll take anyone!
Please! Please take care of our work!

 The elves immediately agreed, and the conversation quickly turned to Leviatha's custody.

              * * * *

''Lady Grashara is someone who has risen to the Four Heavenly Kings almost solely on the merits of actual battle.

 Leviatha says in a calm tone.

''Originally, even in the inheritance family of the Grudge Sacred Sword, I'm a branch family line and my rank is low. Even so, he fought his way through from infantry, defeated a number of brave men, rose through the ranks, and was finally selected to become the Fourth Heavenly King, which is a terrifying career.''

 There was some boastful heat in his calm tone.
 He must have respected his boss, Grashara, while saying something like that.

'For that reason, I'm not very good at handling practical matters outside of the battlefield. It was my duty as second in command to support him there.

 In other words, he's very good at these kinds of negotiations.
 It's a pity that Elon and Mieral don't make good progress as well, so can't you please proceed with them as soon as possible?

''The things are........dishes and wooden statues?

 Aileron and Mieral squads.
 We went to the warehouse where each of them had their work thrown in.

'You can assume that the sample I gave to Grashara-san is roughly like this.
''I don't know what's good or bad about these things, but even I have an overwhelming vibe about them...!

 Leviatha looks at the wooden statue by Mieral and says, "This is the statue of Hades, right?

'This is a statue of Lord Hades, isn't it?
Yeah, yeah.
I knew it. I didn't need to be told how it happened!

 I can't help but think that's true.

 Because that wooden statue.

 It was carved after the model of the real Dark God Hades who was summoned some time ago!
 Oh, well, you'll want to be the real thing!

''The genius air emanating from this statue. If the real Lord Hades the Underworld God descends, I'm sure he will make you believe that he will look like this.
'Yeah. ... haha.

 I had to chuckle.

'I understand. I know an ate that would pay a lot for these things. Let's visit them tomorrow.
You're going to sell directly to him?
Well, the fewer the intermediaries, the better.

 It's Leviatha-san who rarely seems to be capable of anything.

 Anyway, she went back to the Demon City once to negotiate.

              * * * *

 The next day.

Sold. All stock. For more than the target price.
Too soon!

 Leviatha was really capable.