213-212 Achievement

So it's sold.

 Our farm was in an uproar after receiving Leviatha's report.

"No way!
"It's sold out!
"And it cost far more than I expected.

 The most excited members of the team were, perhaps unsurprisingly, the ones who worked directly on the wooden sculptures.
 They must have been very happy to see their work being recognized. They hugged each other and even shed tears.

And this is the payment.
Oh, wow.

 It's a big sack with more than a handful of bags in it.
 What's inside. Are they coins or something else?


 The elves' cheers are no longer confined to the realm of voices.

''You bought it for a lot of money. Who in the world paid so much money........
He's just a drunk.

 Leviatha didn't say much.

 It's just that later I realized that they sold my statue and even the statue of the No Life King's teacher among many god statues, right?

 Was that really a good idea?

 A statue of the teacher would still be divine, but wouldn't a statue of me be completely out of place?
 You even bought that thing as a set.
 You can get a free gift now! Is it a target position?

'Well done! Well done, Leviatha!

 Leviatha's boss, Mr. Grashara, is pleased!

'With sales this high, we can't lose to the Astareth side! That's a huge boost to Atashi's stock too!

 In front of a satisfied Grashara-san's eyes, the elves threw Leviatha up in the air.

''Leviatha-san, you're capable!
Really good!
"Everything will be fine with Miss Leviatha!
Dr. Leviatha!
"Teacher Leviatha's Four Heavenly Kings!

 The elves' vigor in praising Leviasa was not half bad.


 Grashara-san looks at it.

''........Hey, did my stock really go up? Isn't it Leviatha's stock that went up?
No, it's not.

 Leviasa landed with a splendid shtetl from a raised body stance.

''This I am still a loyal subordinate of Grashara-sama. The credit of the subordinate is the credit of the boss. This is the common sense of the world.''
'Right! You're right! I'm lucky to have a good subordinate!

 I looked at Grashara, who was well rounded, and thought, "Leviatha, you're really talented.

              * * * *.

 But not everything was coming full circle.

 Some elves puffed out their cheeks next to the elves who were full of joy.

''What the hell! I've been selling a lot of Mieral's stuff!

 The one who is upset is Aeron.
 He is the head of the Elf Team, the pottery team.

 This time, Leviatha accepted to sell two kinds of pottery, the woodwork of the Mieral team and the pottery of the Aileron team.

 Only one of them was sold this time. The other aileron product was completely untouched and the item remained with us.

 The other two groups are Maerga's leather goods and Poel's glassware, which are sold through Astares-san's route, but it seems as if only one group was left behind.

 I can understand why you are sulking.

You can't be so upset. There is an order to things.

 Leviatha says to Elon to quiet him.

'The pottery you guys have made is very well made. That's why I have the task of handling it at the price it deserves.

 Why don't we stop calling Leviatha-san 'competent' as it is?

''That's why it's in order. The other party trusted me a lot with this statue of a god this time. They said, 'There is nothing out of place in what this guy produces. We will use that trust to sell the pottery at a high price!
You're not a bad guy, are you?
'I need to talk to the saint about something...'

              * * *

 According to the detailed story I've heard from Leviatha, the value of pottery is uniformly low in the demon kingdom.

 Currently in the demon kingdom, the value of tableware, which is considered to be the main use of pottery, is uniformly low.

 For example, there is not much difference between the plates used by ordinary people and those used by princes such as the demon king for parties.

 Such a trend is pervasive throughout the life of the demon kingdom.

 --I'm not going to be the only one.

 The idea that tools are only as good as the tools they can use is said to be the dominant one.

 Moreover, this idea is also prevalent in the former human country, so it's safe to say that it's a common value.

 Even in such a world, women's desire to be beautiful was enduring, which is why clothes sold well and Poel's glasswork was highly prized as it reminded people of crystal jewelry.

That's why we have to be very careful about selling the pottery made by the elves.

 The capable Ms. Leviatha says.
 Before I knew it, I was wearing a "san".

When I first saw the pottery made by Mr. Aaron, I was surprised at how unusual it looked.
See what I mean?
''Plates and cups that should just be usable are painted in a variety of colors, green, red, black, blue, and even patterns on some of them. Some of the shapes are distorted and warped, but somehow they don't seem like failures...!


 It was, you know, a cartoon I was into when I was in my old world, and it gave me the desire to make those artistic vessels.
 I ordered a lot of things and aileron was interested in it.

 I tried all kinds of glazes and modified my furnace.
 I got into the swing of things and just made things....

 I just went with the flow and made all kinds of unusual tableware.

If we can find a way to sell them, they will be far more valuable than just ordinary tableware. Therefore, I would like the saint to teach us how to sell it.
What do you mean, competent?

 What do you want me to teach, professor, competent?

What was in your mind when you set out to make this? I'm going to use it in my sales pitch, so give me some details!
Explain it in detail!
Fine-tuning it to a fine point!

 Don't you think we should ask him about that?
 Don't they know I was the one who ordered the big one?
 You know?

 .... Thus, I was forced to perform the embarrassing act of being forced to explain my state of mind during the creation of my work.

 And then.....

              * * * *

 The next day.

All sold.

 Leviatha's rapid progress was unstoppable.