214-213 Hyouge's dining table

 My name is Babygit.
 I'm a potter of the demon tribe.

 I have a kiln on the outskirts of the Demon City and I never stop firing dishes.
 Kneading and firing, kneading and firing, kneading and firing, kneading and firing.

 I have been working as a potter for 40 years.

 I'll keep firing and firing plates!

I have a dinner party planned for today. Please leave the on-site work to us.

 Why not?
 Even so, I have to get the heat from the kiln at least once a day or I'll be out of shape!

Even so, your opponent for the dinner is the Great Demon Lord. I don't want him to be rude and destroy our workshop, so please leave early so that you won't be late.

 So it's the Great Demon King Baal.
 That hermit old man, what do you want to call me for after all this time?
 Ever since I was the active Demon King, you've been criticizing my cooking. I can't stand the smell of that!

 Now that he's retired.
 I'll dare you to beat him to death if he tries to do something undeservedly reckless!
 And then we cry to Master Zedan, the current demon king!

 Go ahead!
 I'm going to show you the spirit of a craftsman!

     * * * *

 It's been a long time since I've been to the Daimyo-sama's retirement home, but it's still overflowing with eccentricities...?

 What's with all the wooden statues?
 Why are there so many of them in one room?

You have already attracted the attention of these statues, as expected of a man with a keen eye.

 The one who appeared saying that was the owner of this retreat house, the old man from the Grand Demon King Baal.
 He has handed over all the responsibilities of being the king of demons to his son Zedan, and is now living a carefree life in retirement.
 It's all very easy, isn't it?

I have always wondered if you have the aesthetic sense to call yourself a potter. But as long as you can appreciate this statue of a god, I think you've passed the test.
It's the same old, same old, talking shit...

 This old man has always been nagging in a strange way.
 He has always been a bit of a nuisance to me, always complaining about the food I make.
 But I knew you couldn't resist the head of the Demon Kingdom, and now you've retired and you're going to be quiet, and now you're going to become the Great Demon King and you're going to be poking your nose into my mouth?

''I bought this statue from a source. ''This statue was bought from a source, each one of them must be a replica of a real god. From now on, the demon kingdom will have to pay a lot of money for these things.
'You brought me here to brag about that? That's the great demon of boredom, isn't it!

 Well, it's true, the statue is very nice.
 I couldn't very well please the Great Satanic Motherf*cker, so I didn't give him a free pass.

"Babygit. "Babygit," he said, "you have not grown up at all, despite your being one of my mentors. The world would be a more beautiful place if you could put some beauty into your work.
Don't talk like you're making tea with your navel. We're making plates and cups. We make plates and cups, everyday tools. We make plates and cups for daily use.
'I'm telling you that you need that bustle. You won't learn after all these years.

 That's why I don't like this old man, because every time I see him like this, he gets annoying.

 There are many people who appreciate the dishes that I make, but this old man is the only one who demeans my work by pointing out incomprehensible things.

 Is it beautiful?
 Too much noise?

 And you think that's what the dishwasher needs?
 You don't think so?
 Dishes put food on them and don't spill it.
 As long as they serve that function, the rest doesn't matter!

I don't want to hear it. In the first place, I've come here today to have dinner with you. Go ahead and eat your fill.
I'm just going to grab a bite to eat...?

 But why is this a dinner party at this time?

 There was no way that they would just end up eating and drinking.
 However, I can't think of anything that would be personally gifted to me by the Great Demon Lord at this time of year.

 What the hell is Grandpa Grandpa's purpose in bringing me here?

    * * *

 As soon as the dinner began, the purpose of the great demon king was discovered.

 Seeing the food that came out on the table... or rather, the plate with the food on it, Ila was taken aback!

What the hell is this plate?

 These plates are completely different from the ones we make in our kiln!

 What's with the color and the shape?
 How can you call that crockery?

Did you notice that right away? Otherwise, would you have the gall to call yourself a potter?

 Are you trying to say you're right?
 The old man of the Great Demon King smirked.

''First of all, as a basic rule, the plates you make at your place are all pure white and round. They all have the same shape and color. There's nothing interesting about it.
'It's the most efficient thing to do, so of course it will be! What else do you want?
I'm just playing with these dishes.

 The plates that the Great Demon King brought out were all different colors, green, blue, black and earth colors, and they even had detailed patterns on them!

 Moreover, the shape itself is not only round, but also square, oval, or indescribably distorted...!

 But why.........?
 This distorted form. It's totally inefficient and looks like a joke....

 How fancy does it look...?

"This is the dish I've been waiting for.
"The Great Satan?
"Just take the food. You don't need decorations for that. When it comes to just getting food to eat, you don't need decorations; you just need to follow the most efficient form. But these plates venture outside the bounds of that efficiency!

 Lively colors.
 Eye-catching shapes.

 The colors of the foodstuffs are even more vivid on such cluttered tableware.
 The dining table becomes more gorgeous.

The future of the demon race can't just eat and live. The war with the human race is over, so the demon race must become richer at heart.
So what's the point of all this fancy tableware?
I bought this dish from Leviatha to show this idea. I paid a lot of money to spread the word.
A lot of money. How much money?

 I was surprised to hear the price.

 That's hundreds of times the price of the plates we sell!
 A plate with this vibrancy is worth enough money to build a whole house on?

How about the best potter in the demon tribe? Why don't you make a plate as good as this one for that title?

 That's why you called me here today, isn't that why you're here?

 You wanted to fire up my craftsmanship by showing me this masterpiece...!

 Very well.

 I'll make something even better than this one with my own hands!