215-214 With all the money


 The new Four Heavenly Kings, Leviatha, brings an oversized news every time they come.

''The dishes made by Aeron and the others are very popular in the Demon City. It's all the rage.
""Oh, yeah!"

 The aileron group, enthusiastic.
 They felt left behind while the rest of the squad was steadily being evaluated, so their joy would be even greater.

''Until now, the concept among the demon clans was that eating is just a matter of taking in nourishment, and the same goes for the vessels, so the visually stimulating tableware made by Elon-san and the others seemed to be a rare treat.

 ''I see.

''It's become popular among the senior demons, and the prices are high. The Pottery Guild is also inspired to make similar tableware, but they are having a hard time because the colors don't look as good as they would like and the distorted shape of the tableware is breaking.
Of course! It hurts on one side to try to imitate our technology so easily!

 Elon is on a roll.

'The plates we burned are a masterpiece, a combination of the elves' skills accumulated over generations and the wisdom of the saints! Even if it takes a thousand years for the demon race to catch up with you!
Mr. Aileron, pull yourself together for a moment.

 It's true that I helped with the mixing of the glaze and asked for the shape of the pottery, but..." "Anyway, it's all the rage in the Demon City now to enjoy stylish meals with farm-made tableware.

Anyway, it's all the rage to enjoy stylish meals with 'farm' tableware in the Magical City now, and it's selling like hotcakes.

 That's the brand name we put on our products.
 It's all over the product line, just in case.

''After receiving Baal-sama's approval, we entrusted Pandemonium Trading Company to sell them in a big way, and they're selling like gangbusters at a premium price. .................So, hi here.

 Another large leather bag....

"For this one.

 You're making a hell of a lot of money, as usual.

 Every time Leviatha takes the elves' work, she turns it into a tremendous amount of gold coins and comes back.

 Even the elves' eyes were shining golden at that pile of gold coins.

''Such an amount of gold coins.......!
I've never seen anything like it, even when we were thieves...!
Because I'm not going to get away with this much.

 It wasn't just the Aileron Group, the Maerga Group for leather goods, the Poel Group for glass goods, and the Mieral Group for woodwork should have saved a considerable amount of money by selling a lot of high prices to both sides.

 It was good that their efforts were appreciated....

''Making so much money........!

 The elves tried to gather the gold they each got in one place and pile it up in a pile.
 The result was another pile of gold that was worth looking up at.

What shall we use it for...?
Of course.

 And then I ran into some new problem again.

 It's a revolving door of the world.

 The system is designed so that when it comes into your hand, it goes out of your hand.
 That's how money circulates and the economy turns.

 Here on my farm, the market economy does not work.

 Why is that?
 We have enough food, clothing, and shelter from what is produced here.

I want to eat good food!
'Isn't the food made by the saints the best in the world?'
I want to wear something nice.
Batty's guy sews clothes that are comfortable and stylish.
I'd love to live in a big house.
"Elves are a race that is proud to live in the forest!

 They can't seem to come up with a single use for all the extra money they have.

 As for me, my motto on the farm is to be self-sufficient.
 We eat, we wear, we spend. I want to make everything I sleep and wake up in my own house, and I want to be creative.
 I'm glad to see that the elves who live here have come to that conclusion.

 Everything you need is made here.
Our farm doesn't even have the idea of buying anything! I always wanted to say with a smug look on my face.

 So it was only natural that the elves would have a hard time finding a use for the money they made.

 It seems that Bati, who made a fortune by entering the market before them, was also having trouble using the money at first.

 It seems that she spent her money by buying all kinds of fashion-related materials, which is her domain....

''I don't do that anymore.

 Bati's partner, Verena, suddenly said to me.

''He's just now saving up the rewards he got from selling the clothes.
What are you going to do with all that money?
Wedding funds...

 With that elite soldier who says he's in the demon country?

 After finishing just saying it, Verena left with a blank expression on her face.
 ......................That girl is pretty much lost in character too.

 Batty's one has an established effective use for it, so it's fine, but how are the elves going to break down this pile of gold coins?

We've been thinking about it, and we've discussed it with you.

 On behalf of the elves, Elon and Maerga came to me.
 They were originally the head and deputy head of the elven bandits, and should be considered the representatives of the elves living in our home.

 They were a group of thieves who used to raid the lands of demons and humans, and after running away from their pursuers they ended up at the end of the earth at our farm, where they were caught trying to steal as well.
 As a way of making amends, she began to work at home.
 That's how he came to live in their home.

 I almost forget about it these days.

'Do you remember your saint? How we became thieves. I think I told you before...?
Yeah, the forest where you guys used to live is dead and gone, isn't it?

 The elves are people of the forest.
 They cannot live without the forest.

 When the forest dries up and the elves have nowhere to live, they have no choice but to become thieves.


''I heard later that some of the legal magic used by the human race consumes a great deal of nature's circulating mana and has an adverse effect on nature.
"If our forest was destroyed because of the influence of the human race, then now that the demon race has destroyed the human nation, and legal magic has ceased to exist, the bad influence should have disappeared.
Our dying forest may be coming back to life!

 I see.
 With the magic of the human race gone and the expropriated natural mana returning to the surface of the earth, the wasteland of the human nation might be restored.

''Then I'd like to use this money to help with that!


'With all this money, I think I can do something! Help us revive the forest we were born into!
'If we just let nature take its course, it could take hundreds of years, but with the help of people, it could come back even faster! If I can prompt that with this much money!

 That would be a good use of money, wouldn't it?

 The first thing that comes to mind as a way to revive a dead forest is, of course, planting trees.
 Planting tree seedlings and growing them up.

 If we encourage the growth of trees by human hands, they will grow steadily without dying, and we will be able to revive a dead forest earlier than leaving it to nature.

For this to happen, we need people to grow the seedlings and plant them...

 If we put the money earned by ailerons to pay for hiring such people, wouldn't that be a healthy splurge?

'You're a saint! Good ideas are pouring in like hot water!

 When I explained it to them, the response from the ailerons was good.

 Our farm elf team funded, Elf Forest Revival Project has been launched!

 You've come up with a good use of money.

'So who's going to lead the planting then? Are you guys going to do this by yourselves?
Well, not yet. You need to get away from the farm to do that. I'm not gonna do it.

 Aileron and the others have become completely accustomed to living on the farm.

'Good food is available every day and there is work to be done here that is worthwhile. This place is a true paradise!
'And if you miss the forest, you can go into Master Veerle's mountain dungeon!

 The elves have become so accustomed to their home that they have lost their wildness.

 I don't care.
 I'm not going to be able to get rid of them.

I'm sure there's someone else who'll do the job.

 Then he came into my sight.....

 Leviatha, the new Four Heavenly Kings, has been impressing me with her abilities lately.
 She was in the middle of devouring my special reward pudding, which was given to her in recognition of her series of work.

"Would you stop calling me 'competent' instead of calling me by my name?

 She is the Fourth Heavenly King.
 When it comes to using people, there is no one better than her.

 And the Demon King's Army is said to have no more manpower after the war with the human race is over. In addition to being able to make effective use of the manpower they have been lacking, the cost will come from another source, so isn't it a win-win situation for both parties?


 In response, Leviasa responded with no words, just a sour expression.
 Where that expression speaks in silence is definitely........


 It was...
 As expected, planting trees is a huge undertaking, and it's a hundred times harder than selling the goods.


 Then Leviasa. Then she talks to Aeshma, the other Four Heavenly Kings who are training on the farm.

"I think you should do the tree-planting.
What? What are you trying to do, hand your job over to someone else?
Don't you think the Four Heavenly Kings should cooperate with each other from now on? I've already taken enough credit. Now it's your turn.

 True to form, Aeshma trembles with tears of emotion.

''I'm sorry...! I guess I was wrong about you. I thought you knew that I had a character that was easily taken advantage of and that you were trying to manipulate me into doing what you wanted...!

 If you know so much, why don't you question it?

''It's fine. We just need to understand each other better from now on, as the new Four Heavenly Kings.
Thank you. I'm going to complete this mission for you!

 Thus, the Elf-funded, Elf Forest Restoration Tree Planting Project was to be led by Aeshma.