216-215 Anxious tree


 In order to revive the Elven Forest, which was once left to wither away due to the tyranny of the human nation, a project is planned to plant and nurture tree seedlings.
 A project to plant and grow tree seedlings is planned.

 The elves who live in our farm invest in the project, and the Demon King's Army is in charge of the project.

 The elves would be able to invest in a large sum of money that they have no use for, for their own homeland, and the Demon King's Army would be able to secure employment without hurting their own pockets.
 They talked about the mutual benefits to each other, and things proceeded at a brisk pace.

 Is there anything I can do to help?
 For example, I can give you some wisdom.

 Planting trees and reviving the forest is a lot of hard work.

 It takes a lot of time for a tree to grow, and if you do it right, it will be a project of decades, not years. If we do it properly, it will be a project that will take decades, if not years.
 If we don't do it right, we could shorten it a lot.

 Let's put that aside for a moment.

 The first thing we need to think about is what kind of trees we're going to plant. I guess that's what it means.

 There are many kinds of trees.

 Big trees. Small trees. Trees that have a lot of leaves and then fall off in the fall and winter. On the other hand, trees that have leaves all year round. A tree that produces leaves as thin as needles.
 A tree that produces delicious fruit and beautiful flowers.

 What kind of tree will you plant? This is the story.

 Since the purpose of this tree-planting project is to restore a forest that was magically devastated to its original state, I think it's best to plant trees that were originally there.

 And not just one kind of tree.
 Several kinds of trees.

 Trees of different species mingling with each other would be the natural state.


'No! If I'm going to plant one, I want this maple tree! The sap that comes out of this thing tastes great!
'If you say so, this cypress is much better! It's solid and sturdy, perfect for tool material!
The better the fruit, the better!
This apple! It's more like an apple tree!
Don't you think it's too clever to plant bamboo?

 The elves are struggling here in the dungeon orchard...

 There are dozens of trees planted here for my various uses, cutting them down to make wood, picking fruit and loving the flowers.

 The forest people, the elves, also frequent the dungeon orchard far more often than the other farm residents, and they know what kind of trees grow there.

 Each of them must have one or two trees that they are not guessing about.

 They are now arguing and debating about planting their favorite tree in their former hometown.

I definitely think we should plant loquat trees! It produces edible fruit, the leaves are medicinal, and it's good for wood!
'Yuck! Listen to me, the ex-head!

 But the elves?

 All you want to do is restore the natural forest, right?
 And yet we are allowed to decide which trees to plant as we see fit?

 ...Is it okay?

 It seems to be difficult to draw a line between natural and artificial in that area.

 But I think it's better to plant trees that were originally alive in this world in their natural state.

 The tree here in the dungeon orchard is a tree from my former world, sprouted by my ability.
 In other words, trees from another world.
 I don't want plants that don't belong to this world to invade it, to flourish and take away the native species' place in the world.

 That's why I still think it's good to plant trees in the Elf Forest with trees that are originally from this world.......

''Oh no! I want maple!
I'm telling you I prefer loquat, you don't know what you're talking about!

 The elves are completely unaware of this.

 Do they not understand my profound thoughts?

"What do you think, Saints? What tree do you think we should plant?

 He even asked me for ideas.

 Isn't that right?

 Whether or not you actually do so, 'What kind of tree would I want to plant?' If we assume that.........


 Cedar is a very useful building material.
 Unlike other trees, it grows straight and is easy to process.

 That's why, even in the world I was in before, there are mountains that have been planted on a large scale, and there are mountains where only cedars grow.


 However, the cedar has another important feature that should not be ignored.
 In the early spring, they scatter a tremendous amount of pollen.
 It's not an exaggeration to say that the pollen causes the national disease.

...hay fever...


 A cedar forest flourishes in a different world, thanks to the planting of elves.
 Pollen flying from them.
 The cedar pollen that covers the other world.

It's terrible...

 Now it's up to me to decide whether or not this world will be subjected to the onslaught of cedar pollen.
 On top of that.........

'What do you think the saint should plant?'

 I can't get rid of the feeling that I'm somebody else's problem because I don't have that disease myself.

 It's true that you can't sneeze or itch your eyelids if you breathe in cedar pollen, but it's not your business.

 It's true that cedar is a great building material, and I feel like giving hope and despair to the people of the other world by planting a Pandora's Box of cedar.

 ... no.
 Let's not do it after all.

 Like my first thought, I feel it's not a good idea to intentionally spread plants from another world.
 Let's grow the trees that are originally in this world to seedlings before planting a tree.

 I feel like I've gained some virtue.

    * * * *

 Well, having said that.........

My Lord.........
Hmm? You're an orkbo. Did you guys come over here too?
I'd like to cut down a few cedar trees, if that's all right?

 We've been growing cedar trees in the dungeon orchard, and they've been very useful when we've built mansions and bathhouses.

 Cedars are really useful.

 I can't stop planting them just because I'm afraid of hay fever.

 I don't have hay fever myself, so what's more important is that I don't mind!

".........but what a mess!


 A big sneeze?

I'm cutting down a cedar.

 The Orcobos put the axe into a well-grown cedar and cut it down.
 Naturally, the branches and leaves shake.

 .........no, no.
 It's not possible.
 Didn't you just imagine it?

 It must be.